How to buy Melanotan 2 from China ?

Discussion in 'NightLife Asia' started by sukhuman, Sep 6, 2016.

  1. sukhuman

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    Hi, guys. Can you help me. I want to buy melanotan 2 peptide for tanning from China or may be other asian country for best prices. You live in asia and may be do you now good soource of melanotan :)
  3. Massimo

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    Hey, I want to share my experience using Melanotan 2 10mg which I've bought on website. First of all, I want to admit that the price of Melanotan II on this website is very affordable: I was actually looking for the cheapest reliable Melanotan II source, and one of my friends has told be about this site. I had trouble trying to pay with my credit card, but they seem to not accept the cards temporarily. My friend purchased it for me using Bitcoin, and that was the only issue. They send it via U.S. Postal Mail, in a fine package. It's legal to use and own Melanotan II in U.S., so I have had no problems with the law. I have received the peptide in time, it took less than 3 days to ship it to me.

    It's a common practice to use substitute photos for the product; melanotan2bulk, however, doesn't stick to that practice. The peptide I have received is totally identical to the photos they expose. Its effect is great: I have never used Melanotan or other drugs for sunless tanning before, and I'm impressed how fast and good it has affected my skin tone. It got bronzed in weeks, faster than I could ever get it sunbathing. In general, I had nice experience with this Melanotan II online pharmacy, and I'm going to buy from them again.
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    Хорошие новости.

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