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    I have been employed in Iraq for the last 5 years and have been listening to people talk about Thailand since I started working here. I have never been very attracted to Asian women and I could not understand why all of these people kept going back. I had some unexpected vacation time come up and I could not go back to the U.S. for tax reasons and I could not decide where to go. I have been to Dubai many times and do not care for it, Costa Rica many times but did not want to travel that far. I had 10 days off coming so I finally decided to spend 6 days in Thailand and 4 in Dubai. I was not that interested in Bangkok so I chose Pattaya over Phuket only because it was easier to get to and cheaper. I flew in on Emirates, had a pleasant flight with great service. I had arranged to be picked up at BKK by Mr T's Taxi service, they were at the meet up point holding a sign with my name when I got there. The driver spoke no English but was pleasant and the car was newer and clean. The trip to my hotel was 1000 baht and I gave him a 300 baht tip. I had reservations at the LK Metropole hotel, when I arrived the hotel looked as I expected but the area made me feel uncomfortable. I was expecting something in a newer area and I thought that maybe I had made a mistake. The staff at the front desk and the bell hop were VERY friendly and attentive and the room was very nice and clean with a well stocked mini bar so I started feeling better about my choice. I had scheduled to have a physical exam done at the Bangkok Pattaya the following morning so I had to fast my first night. I walked around the area ( I now know that this is the LK Metro area) and felt very comfortable and safe despite the scooters buzzing in and out of everyplace. I was tired and had to get up early for my exam so I managed to stay out of the bars and GoGo's and went to bed early. I did stop at a 7-11 and bought a bottle of Chivas for the next nights...and I was really starting to take notice of the lovely Thai women walking around the area.

    Day 2: I woke early...very hungry but could not eat. I had the hotel get me a cab to go to the Bangkok Pattaya hospital, I paid 1400 baht at the front desk for the ride. It was quite a distance to the hospital so I got to see more of Pattaya, I still thought it looked kind of dingy. When we pulled up to the front entrance to the hospital I was impressed by how clean it looked. As soon as we arrived a very attractive young lady in a short tight pencil skirt with high heels came up to the cab and opened the door for me. She asked what I was there for and I gave her a copy of the email confirming my appointments and who I was to see. She led me inside to the front counter and stayed with me while I did the paperwork. All of the women at the counter looked about like she did, young and very attractive. When I finished the paperwork She led my to the second floor where I was to begin my exam. I had pretty much expected to see something similar to what I was used to in the States, a bunch of older, overweight nurses in scrubs and sneakers. Boy...was I wrong. I also expected a lot of waiting time to see anybody, wrong again. I was taken right away to a waiting room to have my blood taken, a very young, friendly and beautiful nurse in a short tailored uniform with white high heels came in, she was not only beautiful but very skilled, I never felt a thing when she drew my blood ( that might have been because I was mesmerized by her). At each stop I was taken right away and treated very well. At mid morning I was given a coupon to go down stairs to eat something and then I came back for the rest of the tests. In the States they would never have thought about you being hungry, such great care in Thailand! At the end I saw the doctor to go over the results, he was also very friendly ans professional, told me to loose a few pounds bit that other than that I was doing good for the ripe old age of 59! They also gave me a printed out report of the exam with all of the results of my tests. I was quoted a price of about $550 U.S for the tests but when I went to pay it came out to just a bit over $400, they said they were having a special!! Try getting that in the States. I went out to the front of the hospital to get a cab back, they had a valet service there to get one for me. Again, I paid before getting in the cab but the return was only 800 baht...quite a bit less than the hotel charged me for the trip over.

    With the physical over with I was free to do as I pleased...I got back to the hotel and changed and went lookinf for lunch...and a cold beer! After that I walked around the LK Metro area som more then went back for a nap. Feeling refreshed and showered ( it was hot and muggy) I went out looking for adventure. It was still early, only about 9 PM and a walked around the corner and noticed the Oasis GOGO, a few pretty girls outside so in I went. I had no idea what to expect but there were about 8 girls dancing on stage in various stages of undress, some in panties and bras, some topless and 1 was wearing nothing but high heels and a big smile. I ordered a drink from a sweet looking hostess and sat at a table a few feet from the stage. I saw that the girls were wearing numbers but I had not figured out how to operate yet. The dancers changed and a new group of lovelies came out. I saw that some of the girls were sitting with farangs (the first Thai word I learned) getting pretty friendly. I was smiling at the dancers and saw that several were smiling back...the secret to success in LOS is to smile and be opens all kind of doors for you. There was one in particular that I liked and I kept my eye on her while she danced..and she kept watching me a smiling. I had another drink and was feeling pretty excited! When they changed dancers again the one that I had been watching came over and sat with me, I was not sure what the procedure was so i asked her if she would like a drink, which of course she did. She looked a little more mature that the others which I liked. As I said I am 59 and did not feel comfortable going around with 19 or 20 year olds, just my each his own. She said that she was 33, she was really attractive but what really had my attention were her breasts...small but with nipples like pencil erasers!! She was trying to talk to me with her very limited English and she kept her hand on my thigh and was taking a few liberties with my pecker...I did not complain. I was trying to decide the best way to get her to my hotel when she asked if I would pay her barfine. I did not want to appear over anxious so I asked her how much the barfine was and how much she wanted. The bf was 500 baht, she wanted 1000. That seemed good to me so I paid up, bought the hostess a lady drink while my BF changed clothes. She came out in a pair of painted on jeans, a tiny tube top and red heels..WOW. I was nervous about going into the hotel and what the desk staff would think, but nothing was going to stop me. She walked right up to the desk and gave her ID, spoke briefly to the clerk, she smiled back at me and I smiled at her...again a smile goes a long way in LOS!! We got to my room and she gave me a deep kiss and then undressed in front of me..then off to the shower. She came out dressed in the proverbial towel and I went in to shower. When I came out she was sitting in a chair still in the towel..I did not bother with one and there was no way to hide my excitement! She stood up, dropped her towel and went straight to her knees, she was a pro, she could have finished me off in a couple of minutes but she stopped before I came and went to the bed. I came over to her and she climbed on me...turned around and dropped her pussy on my face and we started a great 69 session. I had never considered that I would eat the pussy of a prostitute, but it happened pretty fast and she tasted soooo sweet. We continued on like that for a while...she was still stopping before I came. She got off me and laid on her back...she put her legs up on my shoulders and was ready for mo to go in bareback but I stopped and went for a condom. She seemed disappointed at that but she put in on me and away we went...her pussy was very wet and tight. It did not take me very long to get to the promised land. After we finished I expected her to get dressed and leave but she snuggled up to me and tried her best to talk a bit. After a few minutes I started playing with her amazing nipples and started kissing them...she moaned that I make her horny and climbed back on my face for another ride! After she came she relaxed for a few minutes, I gave her a drink of Chivas that she seemed to like, she showered and kissed my goodbye and was gone. I fully expected to be back at the Oasis in the next day or 2 to see her again but ohhh how things change in Pattaya!! More to follow
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    Day 3. I woke up feeling pretty good about Pattaya after my night with the girl from Oasis. I got dressed and decided that I needed to do some shopping for some more appropriate clothing for a tropical paradise. I had a great breakfast at a little restaurant near my hotel and wandered of looking for the beach and some place to find some clothes. I was admiring the beautiful brown Thai women everywhere I looked. The women that I thought that I was not attracted to had my undivided attention. I also found that almost all of them responded to a friendly smile with a smile and a hello...Land of Smiles, how true! I found my way to the Mike Shopping Mall and after wandering around in it I had most of what I needed. When I looked out the other entrance I was treated with the sight of Beach Road and the beach. I decided to get my things back to the hotel and head back that way. While wandering down Beach Road I was amazed at what I now know as "freelancers". Literally dozens of gorgeous women hoping for a customer. I walked down farther and saw the sign for the world famous Walking Street and had to keep going. I stopped at a restaurant on a pier and had an enjoyable meal while watching the boats on the ocean. On the way back I was very tempted to try my luck with one of the lovely freelancers along Beach Road but decided to head back to the hotel. After a nap and double shot of Chivas on my balcony I decided to head out for the night. I stopped in a beer bar and had a drink but felt like a couple of the girls were too pushy so I left ( I am sorry that I do not remember the names of some of the bars and restaurants I found, or do not know many of the street names). I was going to go more into the LK Metro area but stopped in another beer bar along the way, right at the entrance to LK Metro. I sat down and had a beer and found the place to be very friendly. None of the ladies caught my eye but it was a nice relaxed atmosphere. The mamasaan behind the bar had a little dog that she kept putting on the bar and everyone was talking to me. I asked what the bell was for and she explained it to me so I rang, people came out of the woodwork!! The mamasaan saw the look of surprise on my face and said that it was OK, you don't have to buy drinks for everyone but I laughed and said I rang it, I'll pay. I had a lot of new friends all of a sudden...go figure! One woman showed up behind the bar with a sexy black dress and a beautiful smile, she got her lady drink and came by to thank me, I said it was my pleasure and smiled back. She stayed in front of me, behind the bar and we started a conversation. Her English was better than the GO GO dancer from the night before and we were having a nice time. She came out from behind the bar and sat with me...the mamasaan was smiling and saying that I was hooked. She was 35, a little heavier than most Thai's but not fat. I liked her and felt that old familiar stirring in my loins, I was pretty sure that a barfine was coming soon. We were talking and I asked about the shrine they had, it was a picture of an old king that was the favorite of the mamasaan's. While they were explaining it to me an old street urchin ran up and grabbed the shot of whiskey that was there for their "king" and downed it. The mamasaan started yelling at him so he ran up to the bar and put 3 1 baht coins on it and took off, a 3 baht shot of whiskey, best deal in Thailand. Meanwhile my new friend has stroking my thigh and saying that she wanted to go with me, I agreed that it was a great idea and asked the million dollar question..."how much?" She said that the barfine was 300 baht and that I could give her what ever wanted to give her....hmmmmm, sounds like a trap! I was too excited to argue so I paid for my bell ringing, not bad, about 800 baht plus the 300 BF. I left a 500 tip and off we went. When we got to my room she went to the shower and undressed there, came out dressed in what you ask....a white towel. I think next time in Pattaya i will hide the towels! I showered and came out sans towel, she unwrapped hers and I was pleased with what I saw. A very nice, mature brown body. We had some great sex, she was very energetic and wanted to please. I was expecting her to leave after but she made no attempt to get dressed, I poured myself a drink and offered her one which she accepted. We talked for a while, she had been married to a Thai man, divorced with 2 children that were with her mother. I guess that's a common story in Thailand. She made no attempt to give me a sob story or to ask for money for something. She snuggled up up me and I was feeling like an encore but she fell asleep in my arms, she looked so peaceful that I could not wake her. I woke up in the morning to an empty bed and the sound of the shower running, god these women are clean! She came out of the shower wearing???....not a thing, beautifully naked. Now I got my encore! She was a sweet lover, very satisfying. She showered again and then I did. I was not sure what to give her so I gave her 1500 baht folded in half.I asked her if it was OK and she smiled and said yes without looking at it. She left a very happy camper in the room when she left and i was thinking that I would have to look her up again before I left, just like the girl from Oasis....well, wrong again. The reason will be following. BTW, I have pics of her but not the one from Oasis. I am not able to post them from where I work in Iraq but I will be sure to add them when I can get to a civilian computer.
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    Should of been under 100-200 baht Max groom anywhere in Pattaya to the hospital just so you know for next time.. Just get in to a metered taxi
    Also tipping is NOT custom in Thailand so skip that to

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