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Discussion in 'NightLife Asia' started by Gory_Palaya, Aug 17, 2013.

  1. Gory_Palaya

    Gory_Palaya New Member

    Hi guys & gals......
    I'm planning a short vacation in jakarta. My friend suggested i stay at Hotel Sparks. Any info abt this hotel? Cos whatever info i'm able to find on the web is only abt the hotel's description. But i'd like to know more details abt how good it is for a reveller.

  3. hotcam

    hotcam New Member

    I had a friend stay there, he highly recommended it. Nice balance of cost and facility.
    Bonus is that you're in Kota, easy to find girls of much better quality than in Blok-M, nothing against the Blok girls but they tend to be too old or too young (and personally, looking at the average punter, I don't want to go where they have been).
  4. eric07

    eric07 New Member

    spark hotel is near to kota entertainmen complex, one of them is lokasari where bars/prostitutes are easily found. Kartika body message is also just around the corner. Strategically located hotel for those who are hunting for sex.
  5. holymoney

    holymoney New Member

    I was in Jakarta in early december. Stayed at Sparks hotel - awesome place. They had a massage/gogo bar/ bordello on the 2nd floor called 'The Spa'. You could either go to a room in the Spa or take her back to your hotel room (in Sparks hotel) don't know if you could take her outside though. Many gorgeous women to choose. Mine was named Nevia. Totally fuck machine. Very pricey. 1,000,000.00 rupiah!! I got in late that night so I didn't feel like venturing around the neighborhood for action. One problem is the girls don't speak much english and you got these guys translating for you who are also taking in part of the money. Very odd form of mongerering. Nevia said 3 sentences to me.
    "Why you like me?"
    "I love you."
    "Can I go now?"
    The next day everything shut down for the muslim holiday Hadji! Don't go to Jakarta during Hadj.
  6. MaRz

    MaRz New Member

    Hi Guys,

    Well i've been there.. its true there is a spa down i second floor. but never tried it. since our friend said its gonna cost me 1m rupiah.. haishh..better i go club and try my luck there. yea, there is sexentertainmant in sparks
  7. Shimasu

    Shimasu New Member

    fellas, heard that the room massages have their own motives, like a hospital, a classroom even a bus. of course every is +++ thinking of going there this saturday. let you know and will post some pic of the room wish me luck!
  8. meyermeyer

    meyermeyer New Member

    We stayed for two days in Hotel Sparks and I can also recommend it! Especially the Spa&massages center were great, so don't hesitate.
  9. marvin

    marvin New Member

    nice spa, but i prefer choose malioboro or alexis, bit expensive but the service much better, malioboro also have Uzbekistan girl, Thaigirl, viet girl, even Mexican, i am Indonesian and I live in jakarta
  10. RoughRider

    RoughRider New Member

    Are there any issues bringing girls to Sparks hotel like joiner fee or need for ID? I am hoping to pick up some girls from dating sites and wonder if they will be offended when asked for ID like a "professional" - or they may not have ID with them. Of course some of them will actually be professionals using date sites to get clients.

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