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Discussion in 'Main Thailand forum.' started by Vegas702, Sep 30, 2015.

  1. Vegas702

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    Hi guys, 31 yr old man from vegas headed to thailand December 6-16th and looking for some advice from those who have been there before I'm traveling solo and want to spend my time with as many girls as possible, drinking, laying on the beach, and eating good food. I land in bangkok on the 7th and planned to stay at majestic grande hotel for two nights, then heading to pattaya for 5-6 nights before returning back to bangkok for two nights before I fly back.

    Is the majestic grande a good choice for a girl friendly hotel near nana plaza and a good place to stay for my first few and last few nights when I'm in bangkok?

    I need hotel recommendations for pattaya I'm not on a budget so I'd like something fairly upscale with nice amenities but more importantly I want to be within walking distance of both girl and ladyboy bars as well as the beach and must be girl friendly. What do you recommend? Does anyone know where I can find a map of pattaya gogo/massage/ladyboy bars so I can visually see where everything is?

    Also what are the chances of having multiple girls at once? Are the thai girls into that kinds thing?

    Thanks for your help
  3. Vegas702

    Vegas702 New Member

    I want to add that a hotel in pattaya with a balcony looking out to the beach would be ideal.
  4. PumpuiLing

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    I stayed at LK Empress which was fairly central, being a tightwad i chose one of the cheaper studio rooms which didn't face the beach, but that didn't worry me as Pattaya beach isn't exactly one of the worlds most beautiful ;)

    There's a Hilton above Central Plaza which may suit considering you're not on a budget.

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