Heading To Jakarta In Less Than 24 Hours.. Help

Discussion in 'NightLife Asia' started by overkill, Aug 17, 2013.

  1. overkill

    overkill New Member

    Hey Guys,

    I am heading to Jakarta in less than 24 hours from Singapore to stay there for a few nights before I go back to my home country.. But I haven't had a chance to plan anything at all.. Help.

    First off, going throuhg the posts in this forrum on Jakarta I noticed the dates of alot of the posts is quite quite old so not really sure if alot of the information is relevant..

    Where is a good hotel to book that places me in a good overall location? I am thinking Sparks Hotel from looking at the posts. Would this be a good choice? Was also thinking about Novotel but I have absolutely no idea if that is a good overall location though. I have preference to visit the Disco scene (Discos attached to the big 4-5 star hotels). Will visit CJ's, Novotel, blok M.. Any other recommendations guys have here whilst there for a few days?

    Are there any links to any good maps (reasonably up to date) for the bar scene in Jakarta?

    Taxi fares. What should I be paying? I rang Sparks hotel & they advised around 150 thousand Rupiah from Jakarta airport is the top end price I should pay. Any thoughts? Is it fairly easy to get a taxi from the airport? I assume I will be inundated with many taxi services offering a very inflated price as is the case with Bangkok Airport..

    & probably most important, what is the charge of the Visa on Arrival? I am coming from Singapore so can I pay it in Singaporean Dollars? I hold an Australian passport.. I know I can get a Visa on arrival at Batam but have no idea about Jakarta (I assume the same)

    Thanks alot in advance for ANY help guys you can give.. I will definitely provide some detailed fied reports in return for all to read..
  3. overkill

    overkill New Member

    Also, if anyone is in town & wants a partner in crime to go out to the Bars/Discos I'd be more than happy to oblige.. Its more fun (& probably safer) than going around by oneself..
  4. danibbler

    danibbler New Member

    First off, you need US$25 for the VOA. You cannot pay it in any other currency.

    Second, when you leave the terminal go to your left and head down the row of taxi companies. Yes, each company has a spot in the line up. Go down until you get a Blue Bird. Think Silver Bird is also good (they're all Mercedes) but of course much pricier.

    Third, Sparks is in a good location but very loud from what I've head. The Swiss Belhotel is a much better hotel and location is just as good. Novotel is a great hotel but I don't know if there is a disco attached to it. The Swiss Belhotel/Sparks location is also a bit more central than the Novotel and so closer to Blok M which is in the center of the the city.

    You're very lucky to be able to get a flight in! I was thinking first week for a return visit but all flights are booked.
  5. overkill

    overkill New Member

    Well just thought I would post an update on how I am finding Jakarta..

    I guess if a few words could sum it up I would say, "I hate it"

    - All the places I wanted to venture to such as the Disco scene in the Kota area appear to be closed due to Ramadan this month. I am a fairly young guy still & I think I would have really liked that.

    - The places that are still open (Bats, CJ's, Blok M) I wouldn't exactly call the selection the greatest. Slim Pickings is the best way of putting it. Comparative to say a Freelance place in Bangkok these places didn't have anywhere near as much choice. Infact the amount of old ladies in Blok M was a bit astonishing to say the least.

    - Went to the massage place known as Hotel Alexis.. Got totally screwed.. The price for a 2 hour service (including one soft drink) ended up being over 2 million rupiah... The cost for the the girl was a massive 1.6 million. From what I could tell 90 percent of the clientle were Koreans & Japanese. I was told most of the price upfront. Tried to haggle it but could tell there wasn't going to be much of a discount so figured i would do it just the once as it was pricey & also figured I would get a really good service.. I chose foreign (a NEW Vietnamese girl). Her service was TOTAL shit. Covered blow job & basically I was too big for her. Once the relatively boring session was over she wanted my phone number. Don't know why really but I gave it to her. & THEN she asked for a tip. Not a small tip but 500K tip. I basically laughed. She insisted. I said no way, u sucked etc etc (And she knew I wasn't happy with the service). Then she falls on the floor & starts actually crying her eyes out. I can't believe it but I gave in & gave her 300K then just stormed out of the shithole. Summary, yes the choice of girls is EXCELLENT. The price is NOT cheap. I won't be going back there.

    Can anybody recommend somewhere with a GOOD price that has a similar type setup to Hotel Alexis?

    Last couple of days I have been trying to get a normal priced flight oout of Jakarta to get to Thailand or Ho Chi Minh City.. but all the tickets are really expensive at the moment to leave her (Don't know why). Perhaps everyone who isn't into Ramadan simply wants to escape here for a break.. That I could appreciate fully...

    Nothing above is proof read... I just typed what I was thinking, so apologies for any bad grammar..
  6. flyingman

    flyingman New Member

    Sorry for the bad experience you have... :(
    There are Spa called Tematik...
    Actually it is not a spa...
    But the place for having sex...
    They have their blog...
    I don't know if we are allowed to put the link or not...
    But I will try to put just a picture here...
    They are known have many young and pretty girls there...
  7. marvin

    marvin New Member

    you can try classic hotel next time, a lot of young girl, you can trisome in rp. 600.000, Alexis have import girl from Uzbek rtc, so the price is not cheap, but if you want a local girl, bungker club in classic hotel is the best

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