Have you ever punted with a pornstar escort in Barcelona?

Discussion in 'NightLife Europe' started by KyleThompson, Mar 3, 2015.

  1. KyleThompson

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    I recently begun punting, so this is a new discovery for me. Did you know there are some hotels where you can find pornstar escorts? Has anyone tasted them already?

    I've tasted them. It's some kind of mystical experience, seriously. I thought nobody would be better than a escort, but pornstar escorts are the most incredible chicks I've ever fucked. At the beginning, I didn't know where to go, but fortunately, some good friends of mine recommended me going to La Vie en Rose and Perla Negra. I didn't hesitate for a second and ran to find some pornstar escorts. At Perla Negra I met MAIA and CLEO. The following day I visited La Vie en Rose and met PARIS, she is not a pornstar escort, but a top model. Anyway, it was a good experience too, but I stand for pornstar escorts, because they are so open-minded and they are used to do the most kinky things in bed. :p

    Experiences as mine are welcomed, thanks for reading!


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