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Discussion in 'Pattaya' started by Pervert, Sep 10, 2015.

  1. Pervert

    Pervert New Member

    For first time visitors :

    You`ll come across these words and although obvious to most, maybe not so to someone new to
    Pattaya/Thailand and boards related to such.

    Some places, only a few(in Pattaya anyway) will
    charge you extra when you bring back a lady to
    spend the night, or a couple of hours with you in
    your hotel room.

    Hence the expression guest charge or joiner fee.

    "guest friendly" - more or less the same thing,doesn`t relate to whether they are friendly to
    you as the booked guest but as to whether
    they charge you extra for bringing back a companion for the night, but can also give an
    indication as to how your "friend for the night"
    will be received/treated.

    Then you`ve got some that may indicate an
    "extra guest/joiner fee".
    If you`re feeling energetic and want to bring back
    2 companions for the night/hour or so some places charge extra for that although some don`t always apply their rule.

    One thing I`ve noticed is that a few hotels
    that come as part of a package holiday
    sometimes are not guest friendly.

    Only an observation and certainly not written in stone.

    How do you find out your chosen place` policy?

    Send an email asking them,they`ll have been asked before.

    Post up on here, someome will likely know the answer.
  3. krimsonwow

    krimsonwow New Member

    good post paul..........

    never stayed in a place yet that has charged me for guests.
    Ask me if you like...............
  4. TravMan

    TravMan New Member

    only 1 place has tried to charge me a guest charge the windsor suites (nice hotel )soi22ish suk bkk , our holiday plans got a bit messed up by the tsunami as we were meant to go to phuket on dec 27th but the terrible events on the 26th meant we had to find alternative hotels in pattaya which was a nightmare and we forgot to book our last 3 nights in bkk later in january so we managed to get into the windsor suites at 3500b a night

    when we checked in the bird on the desk announced we had to pay 500b to bring a lady back , every night we told security to sling his hook when he tried to tax us for the 500b on the last day the duty manager muttered something along the lines of i had 5 birds to pay for = 2500b when we checked out there was a mob of them at the desk i piont blank refused to pay ordered a beer and waited for my cab in the outside bar & i'll never forget it as there was an earth tremor whilst i was sat out there which spooked me , the manager even tried bartering with me before i left in the taxi

    i always check now if i book a new hotel to save hassle it's nothing more than a rip-off in my eyes or a stealth tax as it's known here , i booked a double room cos i'll be doubling up if i was staying alone i'd book a fucking single
  5. Pervert

    Pervert New Member

    Only one place has ever charged me a joiner fee.

    Siam Bayview

    My first trip to Pattaya,friend of mine booked it,
    not his fault, he didn`t know any better.

    2400 baht for a 500 baht room plus 500 baht
    for daring to bring a girl back to my "double" room.

    tried to sneak her in but security caught me and demanded 500baht.
    to Siam Bayview again.
  6. Pak2f

    Pak2f Member

    Yep, thats one angle... to book a double and argue the point later. Had a couple of places try to hit me up for it....don't think I've ever paid.

    Whitehouse on Soi 13 - has a charge for two or more girls (1 charge for each additional girl). Usually not a problem, but turned down an offer to take 2 birds back there because of the charge - so now just stay elsewhere in case the mood ever takes my fancy.

    Royal Cruise (Soi 3?) - very very anti thai girl in company with a farang imho. Stayed once a few nights and never again. Basically went alone to check it out, said yes room available - they told me to checkin when I came back with my bags (I offered to checkin then and there). Came back with bags and TG in tow, suddenly the room was no longer available (20 minutes later). Made quite a point that I wasn't going to accept that crap and finally the room was available again. That was before the new extension, so don't know if they have a different attitude to that part - but I doubt it.

    Bangkok: (May be out of date)

    Manhattan (Soi 15, I think) - had the night manager try to stitch me up one night, told him to get nicked of course as I had booked a double...he insisted and I said give me a receipt and tell the day manager to take it up with me tomorrow - he wouldn't give me a receipt so I walked off. Never heard anything after that and no extra charges at check-out...thieving little prick. (18 months old)

    Amari (Soi 5) - Apparently rooms if booked as a double allowed guests - guy use to sit at the elevators with a clip board each night checking room numbers. (3 year old info here). Had 2 girls with me one night and no problem.

    There was another hotel with similar policy (cheaper hotel just off Suk)...I thought I had made it clear at the time of check-in that I was booking a double yet when bringing a bird back was hit up for it and told I had only booked a single room. Long story short, compromised the situation by agreeing to change to the "double rate" which wasn't more than a 100 baht difference (much less than their joiner fee). Fine by me as I would have paid that rate anyway.

    Bit out of date these days with hotels - but the principles should be sound and I can't imagine the little routines they try on, changing that much. Been asked a couple of times when checking in where the "other half" was as I had booked a double...just told them she was coming later on...stand your ground is my view...but be prepared to walk if need be as I think I said to one hotel that I would just go and stay at another hotel if they want to create a problem with me staying there (don't try that in High Season).
  7. Casanova

    Casanova New Member

    A lot of the confusion and angst regarding joiner fees comes about due to the way the guys have made the booking. If it is part of a flight/hotel package the small print generally states that is for those named on the original booking form or those registered at check-in ........ anyone else is treated as an additional guest. The rule of thumb nowadays is to always book flights/hotels separately. package tours are OK until you have a problem and then everyone starts to point out that your contract isn't with the airline or hotel but with the travel agent.

    It may be useful to list those hotels that do go out of there way to charge joiner fees (i.e. to actively discourage mongers). In BKK, The Rembrandt on Suk Soi 18 and The Asia on Phayathai Rd are the only two places where I've had a problem in the past. As for Pattaya, The Asia, Siam Bayview/Bayshore, Orchid Lodge and Woodland all fall into the category of never to be used again.
  8. TravMan

    TravMan New Member

    i've booked the amari palm reef resort in samui for january and they not only stated it was not guest friendly but they wanted the birds name on the booking or she would not be allowed in which i suppose is fair enough as they are giving me all the rules up front
  9. SwanDan

    SwanDan Administrator Staff Member

    So far only a few bad experiences:
    Royal cliff Hotel ( jomtien) / tight security and good hiding place when you have trouble with a few banghead lb's and a dodgy barowner. But difficult to take friends on the room unless you bribe security
    Areca lodge: not a bad hotel but charging 300 bath for a visiting friend ( my first lb was charge free) staying 30 minutes at the pool was too much.
    stay away from family hotels or resorts outside town

    My good experiences in thailand


    Pattaya bay resort: no charge and you can take an army on your room. Check Id yourself because their check is crap.
    Marriot: overpriced but no charge / always use the side or back entrance

    Marriot: see Pattaya
    Landmark: take an army in there
    Majestic suites: dirty but everything up to you
    Majestic grande: take as much as you like/ only I dcheck at entrance then it is up to you

    always say two persons and surprise them with more if you like only one by one. Not everyone at once.
    Watch out for thai speaking hotels only/ they sometimes try to scam you thinking you are a stupid farang. Learn a few words Lao and amaze the staff. A good english speaking friend in combination with that does magic. Or simply book out and go across another hotel nearby and make clear what you do. One time a manager in distress came running back to me sudenly speaking english

  10. Casanova

    Casanova New Member

    You don't have to go to Isaan or Thai speaking hotels to be introduced to that particular modus operandi. Plenty of farang run hotels in Pattaya playing exactly the same game.

    To be fair, many of the problems I've witnessed at hotels out in the sticks would seem to give the "stupid farang" observation some degree of accuracy. Some folk just aren't cut out to be world travellers.
  11. Casanova

    Casanova New Member


    Are you still staying at The Atlanta during your BKK trips?
  12. Pervert

    Pervert New Member

    Blimey tom
    Where do you find them?

    Thanks but No Thanks.

    What on earth would they make of Winnie and his
    entourage then?
  13. vuziel

    vuziel New Member

    The following information was listed after clicking the 'CAVEAT' link on The Atlantic's Web site. So would I be able to bring a bar girl back there or not? I'm a bit confused... _

    The Atlanta is run on conservative principles and fosters traditional values.

    The Atlanta does not hesitate to refuse rooms to persons unsuited to the prevailing ethos of The Atlanta. _

    The Atlanta does not welcome SEX TOURISTS and does not try to be polite about it.

    Borderline cases are not given the benefit of the doubt, but are treated as sex tourists.

    Those who are borderline cases should stay elsewhere.

    Guests who attempt to bring in bargirls, catamites and their like will be told in plain language to settle their bills and leave.

    Remaining on the premises after being told to leave will be treated as a police matter.

    The Atlanta does not ask for or listen to explanations or excuses, and does not apologise for the manner in which miscreants are thrown out.

    The Atlanta also does not apologise for any mistakes it may be accused of having made with regard to the identification of sex tourists.

    To keep The Atlanta private, secure, wholesome and sleaze-free for the kind of guests we welcome, room guests are not permitted to take visitors / outsiders upstairs into the bulding and their rooms, or into the garden and pool area.

    Exceptions may be made in appropriate circumstances at the management's discretion.
    Suitable visitors / outsiders may be entertained in the restaurant.


    'Zero tolerance' means that the police are called without advance warning to the miscreant, without hesitation and without apology.

    Visitors who object to any of The Atlanta's policies or who intend to spend their time in Thailand whoring _ and indulging in alcohol abuse and illicit drugs should stay elsewhere. The Atlanta is not that kind of place.

    Tourism is not about going on a rampage _ through other people's country: those who cannot travel abroad without behaving badly should stay home.

    On these policies, The Atlanta is not interested in dissenting public opinion or what the business world calls 'customer feedback'.

    The Atlanta caters to a certain kind of clientele and that is the end of the matter.
    No discussion. No compromise.
  14. krimsonwow

    krimsonwow New Member

    I like to go on holiday to have a good time, I won't be darkening their doors!
  15. SwanDan

    SwanDan Administrator Staff Member

    So is that the pub thats becoming Secrets Bangkok?
  16. vuziel

    vuziel New Member

    Think it's true Winston, I remember hearing something like this a few years ago about the Atlantic along these lines. They must be trying to fill a niche market in Bangkok.
  17. Casanova

    Casanova New Member


    I think we should use the Atlanta's caveats as a template for our board rules.
  18. vuziel

    vuziel New Member

    The rules here at P-R are definitely weak, there's no question about it. The members here could use a strong set of them imo Tom.
  19. SwanDan

    SwanDan Administrator Staff Member

    Figjam stayed at my place the other night.

    He had a TG with him.

    How much should I have charged him?

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