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  1. millard

    millard New Member

    Hi all,

    In looking through web sites like http://www.angelesbars.com and http://www.jimmyregina.com, I see some topless pictures that may be 2 or 3 years old. Some place I read that topless was not legal in PI. Was there a crackdown? Did sheer tops replace topless? The barhop page of angelesbars.com says about Club Rio "The uniforms are school girl skirts with very see through tops" Does that still apply? What are the better places for fools like me that enjoy breasts more than beer?

    Thanks for any info.

  3. Fat_Jesus

    Fat_Jesus New Member

    Go to Pattaya mate , Tits everywhere and pussy too.

    No nudity in Angeles, NONE, ZERO,ZILCH.

    You may get the odd flash but thats all folks.
  4. kevlee

    kevlee New Member

    Dipdip...Maybe you miss that.....there have....with body painting....they are topless....
  5. woofiee

    woofiee New Member

    Perhaps, but they're not crawling across your lap naked, or blowing you in the corner of the bar.

    I think Pattaya wins.
  6. Fat_Jesus

    Fat_Jesus New Member

    Kev, one night a week in the Dollhouse isnt exactly the sexual revolution.
  7. millard

    millard New Member

    Hi all,

    Thanks for the fast replies. Sorry dipdip, Pattaya is out. My (soon to be ex) wife is from Bangkok and my young son is there with her for the summer. I want absolutely NO chance of an encounter. (She was never a bar-girl.)

    Kevlee, body paint is a good diversion but not enough to make a long airplane trip. Here is what looks like a recent picture that is more in line with my interests. Very sheer is almost as good as topless.
    Is that a current costume?
  8. agentbond007

    agentbond007 New Member

    That's right.

    BTW....Fuck the costumes, I like to see tits and pussy, not cheap tacky poorly made lingerie.
  9. ThisGuy

    ThisGuy New Member

    Exactly! You want costumes? Go to a Halloween party. If you want to see tits and pussy go to LOS. There is pussy galore in Pattaya. Bangkok doesn't even come close and PI doesn't even register at all.

  10. Fat_Jesus

    Fat_Jesus New Member

    Yes millard it is current , I called a girl down for a drink in KOD and She wore same same.

    Shit bar though 300b LD beer. Voodoo next door was even worse I could not get out of the place fast enough, the women were dog rough.
  11. ThaiMax

    ThaiMax New Member

    They either wear a costume like that or they wear Bikinis.
  12. agentbond007

    agentbond007 New Member

    You got the right attitude.

    There is nothing like sitting stageside in Oaisis,Silverstar, or Champagne or several other Pattaya venues with a fresh set of cuntlips and perk sets of nipples just inches from licking distance, and not much to stop you from pulling them within licking distance.

    Pattaya is still the Wild West which is why the Farrangs return time and time again. In Pattaya , anything goes, all other places blow. When you want to get down and get dirty, Pattaya is like a Porsche, There is no substitute.
  13. ThisGuy

    ThisGuy New Member

    Amen and Amen. And there isn't anything better than being the new sheriff in town.

  14. kevlee

    kevlee New Member


    The picture you shown is from a bar in AC, I can surely tell you that almost all or majority of the bar in AC hve this type of costume...
    I think u like something sheer, "see a bit, not se a bit..."
  15. Fat_Jesus

    Fat_Jesus New Member

    It just might be the King of Diamonds, Kev
  16. millard

    millard New Member

    Thanks for the info. It is not just King of Diamonds. Here are a few more pictures ...

    Well that is good enough. It would be a crying shame if the place is full of modest prostitutes.
  17. Fat_Jesus

    Fat_Jesus New Member

    Bloody hell millard , are you trying to give us nightmares
  18. kevlee

    kevlee New Member

    Hely Millard:

    It seem that you like AC very much....Let's cheer....
  19. kay

    kay New Member


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