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  1. Aquarius

    Aquarius New Member

    Angeles City is the Philippines' equivalent of Pattaya. A small city located near Clark, former US military base, about 85 km from Manila.
    Two possible ways to get there: fly directly to Clark or fly to Manila and take a car to AC from there. I took a car
    (Beware! Book in advance and only trusted hotel cars, there have been robberies set up by unknown drivers!) and
    it was about 2.5 hours to get there. Manila traffic is horrible, most of the driving time goes there. If you find the right flight schedules,
    fly directly to Clark to save your time and nerves!

    My expectations of the place itself were not so high. I have been to other places in the Philippines and everywhere the quality
    of hotels, cleanliness and feeling of safety are below Thailand levels (when comparing tourist areas).
    AC has a strange gloomy feeling, especially when you arrive there in night time - driving from dark highway through dark alleys and
    hoping there will be something pleasent to find.. Even if nothing surprising happened, for some reason I had a constant unsafe feeling.
    Street beggars and sellers are in every corner, as well as moms with children or children wondering alone. This is where the poverty really shows. the main subject, LBFM's! The entertainment street in AC is called Fields and that's where most of the go go's and action is. This strip has
    copied its name from Pattaya "Walking Street" and so many of the bars have similar names. The difference is that there are no topless or nude dancers
    (maybe further down the street?), the girls are in their bikinis and mini skirts. Size of the go go's vary from 10-200 girls. What's amazing some of
    the places are open 24h! Based on looks, bigger places categorize their girls to normal and models, barfine being diferent for each group.
    Genarally I found the medium sized go go's to be the most fun and value.

    In AC there are so many young and sweet girls who speak perfect English (no communication problems).
    Many of them are quite inexperienced (don't expect much talent or a good BJ), more like friendly neighbour girls than hard core professionals.
    Although in the bigger go go's the model girls tend to be strictly for business and many times they can be runners (as happened to me).
    In AC you pay barfine upfront, which includes payment to the girl (+after a good service you give a small tip to the girl).
    This system means scammers try to get advantage of it by just losing their tip when running. LT price was from 1500 PHP in normal places, up to 3000 PHP to show/model girls in high end places. Normal tip is 250-1000 PHP. On average,
    in AC you get a sweet go go girl for the same price as an average beer bar girl in Pattaya. That's good value for money.

    Among other catches, I happened to find a nice and friendly little 20 yo / 40 kg spinner who was tight enough to make me easily cum multiple times with
    a condom (pics 1 & 2). My model girl had one of the best big b cup boobs I've ever seen..and she really liked how I squeezed them hard during the action
    (pic 3).

    All in all, I wouldn't want to spend more than 5 nights in AC. A good strategy would be to spend couple nights there for finding a nice girl for
    GFE and then head for some quality time in the nearby beach destination Subic Bay. Choose your hotel well in AC beause that's
    where you will be spending all your day time. I stayed in Wild Orchid Resort, which was quite quite perfect with large swimming pools, good
    service and close to action. Don't expect much sunshine in AC, it was rainy and cloudy there - compared to Thailand were it was fully sunny during the
    same period.

    To conclude, if you haven't been to AC, give it a chance (like I did) - and you might get addicted to it as well! Attached Thumbnails
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  3. kevlee

    kevlee New Member

    My fren, the breast seems C cup for me.........

    Great to hear that u enjoy your day there...GFE is a TIPS when u hanging around Ac, this is what i seldom have in LOS....Girls in LOS is a bit too PRO for me, and most of them can't speak good English.....Just my 2 cents....
  4. ThaiMax

    ThaiMax New Member

    Great report Aquarius, and nice pics.
    I agree with kevlee though, look like c cups .

    I prefer the smaller and medium sized gogos in AS too, those are better value and often the girls from those places have great attitude.

    What I wouldn't do is take an AB bargirl to Subic, there are plenty of bars there. Wouldn't it be a shameif you miss out on that just because you brought a girl?
  5. Aquarius

    Aquarius New Member

    Thanks for comments! Ok maybe those boobies are close to C then, natural and excellent anyway for her slim body Otherwise that girl was full of bola-bola.

    You might be right about Subic, haven't been there yet so no idea about the bar scene.
  6. ThaiMax

    ThaiMax New Member

    So what's the situation like, are you still on the PI?
    If you haven't been to Subic, I strongly recommend that you go there.

    Angeles is fun, but I agree with you that's it's not the place where you wann stay very long. 5 days or a week is enough.
    Except for the bars and thehuge number of available chix, there's really nothing good about Angeles.

    Subic has beach, not as stunning as some beaches in LOS, but they're ok for a week or two. The bars in Subic bay are great too.
    You would love it after dirty and loud AC.

    The bola-bola girls you find everywhere, and you can't always tell upfront.
    But I guess you had a great time anyway.

    Which club did you get the model girl from and how much was the EWR for her, is she the 3000 PHP girl?
  7. biggles

    biggles New Member

    A nice report and I do agree with your comments. It is not likely you will see any public displays of nudity in Ac, no matter which bars you go to. Sometimes girls will give you a look and feel (quite often actually) but the local authorities take a dim view of nudity in public and the bar could be closed down.
    Like others have said tho I wouldnt take an AC girl down to Subic. Once they "have" you their attitude can change and its a bit like taking sandwiches to a banquet, lots of girls in Subic and most have an even nicer attitude than those in AC
  8. melvin

    melvin New Member

    nom suay
  9. Aquarius

    Aquarius New Member

    No, unfortunately I'm already back at home. AC was the first part of my trip, spent 4 nights there and then continued to Pattaya.
    Subic sounds fun, have to try it next time!

    Model girl is from Atlantis, EWR was 3000 PHP.. Would recommend her only for short time fun, she will run anyway so no need to spend any extra peso for her. On the other hand, why not take a girl with a better attitude for the same or less price. Don't know if all the stunning show girls are the same, higher risk for bad service?

    I had great time anyway and my holiday with two destinations was really memorable.
  10. ThaiMax

    ThaiMax New Member

    Go visit Subic next time, you'll like it.

    3000 PHP plus ladydrinks plus tip...that's too much.
    You might have to search a bit, but you get pretty gals with good attitude for 1000-1500 plus some tip.
  11. travelling_bob

    travelling_bob New Member

    Fully agree ...
    Subic, ... Take a look around, better attitude, lower prices.
    Or in AC, stay out of the real big bars, vist the ones on perimeter road, or smaller ones on fields like
    Dirty duck , spearmint, ...etc,...
    Mostly good attitudes there. Treat em nice, they treat you like a king in return.

    You can also stroll around in santos road, in the BJ bars. The nice ones are even more rare to find, but
    There are some there. I can recommend Ann out of one of the last bars, on the right hand side.
    One kid, nice boobs, good performer, excellent oral skills.
    The EWR is very low and they are really Enthousiastic if you BF them, instead of doing a quicky at the bar.
    (unless that is ofcourse exactly what you want)
  12. Aquarius

    Aquarius New Member

    Thanks Bob and Max for tips!

    Sure have to try it out so Subic is in my to do list now.

    I actually barfined one bigger boob girl from the BJ bars (can't remember name), she was friendly and had a great techique.
    But I was too wasted, it wasn't her fault that I didn't cum. In the morning I didn't remember for sure what happened
    and she told me "No, you didn't cum but I did many times when we fucked one hour"
  13. ThaiMax

    ThaiMax New Member

    If it wasn't for the ST bars in Santos and also Raymond street I wouldn't got to that part of AC at all,
    Fields sucks!!!

    I'll be in AC in early May, booked myself into the Seinpost hotel which is an excellent location for Perimeter bars,
    the jeepney stop to go down to Santos/Raymond is just a short 2 minute walk away.

    Can't wait to get back, especially cause I got 4 weeks of LOS before and after that.
  14. kay

    kay New Member

    wow! nice report. ill be heading to AC this sept.

    guess i need to do more homework since this is my 1st time in AC. hope 4nights are enough to find the best action.

    Im used to the Thai and Indo scene, does AC offer somewhat different?

    Newbie in AC looking for good tips.
  15. manoj kumar

    manoj kumar New Member

    Great to hear that you did visit AC. I been there once and put up 2 nights. It was a fun night. My question is how to get a good looking girls there. Any contacts or any ideas where to go.. one more thing is i cant see your attachment images of your girl. where can i see those pictures ?
  16. Brian Hope

    Brian Hope New Member

    AC is amazing I booked a Holiday to the Philippines with Gentlemen's Tours and at first i was bit concern as you would with any tour company you use for the first time. But I have to say the level of service was at the highest I ever experience. They have AC on lockdown as they know everyone who's somebody making my tour feel safe.
  17. Brian Hope

    Brian Hope New Member

    I recently booked a Holiday to the angeles city with Gentlemen's Tours and at first i was bit concern as you would with any tour company you use for the first time. But I have to say the level of service was at the highest I ever experience.

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