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    "Papa San,

    JD here, I'm an American who's been all over the Pacific pretty much everywhere you can think of.
    Anyhow I've got a good 1997 Pattaya story.
    Me and a friend, after a day and evening of raising hell decided to stop at McDonalds for some food.
    I ordered something and then my friend stepped up the counter and said" I'll have a cheeseburger, some french fries, and the Frygirl."
    The cashier gave him a weird look and turned around to the Girl making the french fries(who was smokin hot), and said something in Thai (probably, "hey, this guy wants to date you").
    She immediately dropped her apron and jumped over the counter, and latched on to his arm(we forgot
    our food).
    She was very, very, talented and really was a good time , she took us to a beer bar and hooked me up with her friend, not that it was necessary.
    One of the funniest things I ever saw, we still laugh about it when talking.

    Thommo says :

    I really can not believe this story of JD's. No girl would jeopardise her job for a 'date'. She was key personnel , cooking the french fries. Meeting her after hours would have got the same result. Thais understanding of English isnt all that good right now , 2010. In 1997 even less so. I doubt very much if cashier understood him when he said "Fry girl". Unbelievable story JD : )
    How many "smokin hot girls" have you seen cooking french fries ? I have not seen a single one in my 73 yrs on the planet (2010). She might have been hot standing so close to that boiling fat and the smoke might have surrounded her , yeh. Could believe that , JD : )
    A remote potential in the Western World , no chance of happening in SE Asia , I assure you.
    Shows you some peoples imagination 'runs wild' : )
    Left it online as an example of a "Tall Story" : )
    Sorry JD , but with regular Thailand experience since 1978 , I just dont believe your tall story. Amusing , but unbelievable : )
    I placed these comments online as a warning to Newbies. The sort of things described by JD just does not happen in the SE Asia lads. Western world , remote possibility , SE Asia , no possibility : )
    Which reminds me , next time I am in Pattaya I will order french fries at McDonalds : )

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