Five Great Ways To Meet Thai Women In Thailand

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    Over the past few decades many western men have been lucky enough to stumble upon a little known secret that Thailand has been hiding from the west for centuries, namely its women! Thai ladies have become so sought after that you might be tempted to classify them as one of Thailands biggest exports of late!

    Gone are the dark old days of western guys being given the run around and treated as mere second class citizens by the women in their home countries. Farang men can easily jet off to Asia and find themselves a nice Thai bride. And who can blame them? This of course hasnt gone down very well with the average farang lady who looks upon her Thai lady counterpart with great disdain and contemptuous envy!

    So what sort of Thai ladies can one hope to meet in Thailand? Moreover, just how does one go about meeting Thai women here in the land of smiles?

    The Thai bar girl / Thai go go dancing lady

    This is the first type of Thai lady your average Thailand tourist is going to meet when he makes his maiden voyage to Thailand. She usually works the go go bars or bar beers of Bangkok, Pattaya, Phuket or any of the other well trodden tourist destinations in Thailand.

    Where will I meet Thai bar girls?

    Youll most likely encounter her shaking her ass in the bars of Patpong, soi cowboy or on Patong beach. All you need to do is show an interest in her and shell stroll on over and chat to you. After that if you decide to take her back to your hotel for some fun then youll have to pay a small bar fine and decide upon a price between the two of you. The price will vary, youll either take her out of the bar for (long time, all night, or for short time, a few hours).

    Ease of pick up: 9.5 / 10 Easy meat! If you cant score with a bar girl then give up bro! Youre never gonna score period! Easier than picking up doggy doo on your shoe.

    Overall comments Warning! Not suitable for marriage / long term girlfriend boyfriend type relationships. She can seriously do damage to your wallet. (You need memorize one word only, NO! To be as used often as possible) Good for short term holiday fun only!

    Thai college / university students

    If youre staying in Bangkok youll have definitely noticed many young Thai girls dressed in rather sexy short black skirts and white blouse like tops. These are Thai university students and Ive been assured that the uniform they all adorn is in no way aimed at making farang men rise to the occasion! However, one must admit that those tight tops and short mini skirts are really quite a turn on.

    Thai college and university students range in age from 18 years upwards and are in most cases quite friendly especially with foreigners with whom theyre more than a little curious about. Dont worry too much if your Thai isnt quite up to scratch, English is one of their compulsory subjects. So the communication barrier shouldnt be that hard to penetrate!

    Where to meet Thai university students?

    Best places to meet Thai university girls are at noodle shops, coffee shops in and around their campuses. The one great thing about meeting Thai university girls is that there are so many private and public universities in Thailand. A few of the more famous universities in Bangkok which you might want to try are Ramkhamhaeng university, Chulalungorn university, Mahidol university, Silpakorn university and lots more smaller institutes.

    All you have to do is to go and sit in one of these establishments which are frequented by university girls and make eye contact. Its really a numbers game, but have no fear! Theres lots of students in Thailand so the odds are mostly in your favour. You might also wanna try getting a business card printed up with your cell phone number on it. This way the girl gets your telephone number.

    Another tip and Im sure this has been done here in Thailand on frequent occasions is to become a teacher at one of these establishments. Youll require a degree and no morals. Nuff said!

    Ease of pick up: 5 / 10 A lot will depend upon your age and approach. Being able to converse in Thai will increase your chances tenfold. A decent clean tidy appearance and a subtle approach normally works over a few well worn pick up lines, a bottle of vodka, a pint glass, and an aggressive drink up!!!

    Overall comments If youre into the younger Thai girl 18-24 years old, then a Thai university student might just be what youre looking for. Be warned if your a mature gent then you might be viewed as a bit of a dirty old man in a raincoat. Still no harm in trying!

    MK restaurant & fast food girls

    The good old Thai fast food girls are a favourite of mine. These girls are aged between 18 30 . They are all very friendly and single! A really big prerequisite here is being able to speak Thai. Most of these girls have not attended University and only have a very basic Thai high school education. This is the reason the take up low end employment in Thailand.

    Thai internet & online dating a revolution for singles!

    Another way to meet Thai girls is via the net (ThaiFriendly). Yes, why not go high-tech? There are many web sites out there on the world wide web that specialize in hooking up lonely western men with the Thai beauties of their dreams.

    Some of these Thailand dating internet web sites are full of pictures for you to browse through. They normally go in categories. Starting with age. So for example the first category might be girls aged from 18 years old up to 20 and so on. The girls will usually give a small blurb about themselves, along the lines of non smoker, non drinker looking for kind hearted guy for marriage & passport.

    A word of warning about some of these Thai internet dating sites! A large number of the Thai girls are not available or most likely will have been taken already. However their pictures and profiles remain on those sites in order to draw potential clients to sign up.

    You should also be very cautious! Over the past few years enterprising Thai bar girls and other unscrupulous Thai women have been posting their profiles on Thai dating web sites in order scam potential clients out of money!

    Ease of pickup: 8 / 10 Just sign up send a picture of yourself, some details, bank account info will generally go down well. Sit back and wait to be snowed under by a barrage of enthusiastic friendly Thai ladies wanting to make your acquaintance! So long as you dont look like Quasimodo and can conduct yourself in a befitting manner then youll have no problems.

    Overall comments Some of these online Thai internet dating services charge vast amounts of money just to introduce you to girls. Many of these girls can be somewhat economical with the truth to say the least. Your Bangkok university educated high flying girl, might just turn out to be an unemployed, uneducated Iisaan Nana plaza hooker looking for an easy meal ticket!

    A cheaper option might just be to get a few hundred business cards printed out with your contact number on and give them to girls you meet on the BTS sky train! A friend of mine used this technique and he swears by it!

    Thai online internet chat programs

    Want to meet a Thai lady online? Dont want to pay an agency huge amounts of cash for introductions to common bar girls? Then you should be using a Thai chat web site. Over the past few years a lot of foreigners have found their Thai sweet hearts through internet chat rooms!

    ThaiFriendly for meeting a Thai girl

    A few years ago ThaiFriendly was one of the best places for picking up Thai ladies. Youd just create a nice Thai friendly user name such as farang dii thii sut = the best farang farang jai dii farang with a good heart and then sit back and wait for a torrent of fast furious clicks from interested Thai females.

    ThaiFriendly was also known amongst foreigners and expats alike in Thailand as a place where you could go to meet Thai girls for casual fun. A common scenario would be that a foreign male would meet a Thai female at a local mall take her out for a nice Thai meal and if he got lucky, itd be back to a cheap hotel or his apartment for no strings attached casual sex.

    There were always lots of interested takers. They ranged from Thai university students to Thai office girls and not forgetting enterprising Thai prostitutes that had just started to discover new ways to meet lots of potential customers in Thailand through the web.

    Alas ThaiFriendly chat is not what it used to be. The room has gotten a lot quieter over the last few years. It tends to exist now as just a forum. But in its heyday it was certainly a great place to meet lots of Thai girls. Food for thought!

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    Nice general information. If anyone wants the real details, please go ahead and read through our forum.

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    Here is the easiest way to meet girls in Thailand and especially in Pattaya. Try walking out of your fucking door. That'll do it.

    When in LOS...KISS....Keep it simple stupid.
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    What a brilliant response Mr. Bond!
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    The line that works for me is: "Can you speak English?" and take it from there!
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    You don't even have to open your mouth or say a thing.

    1) Open up your wallet and flash cash

    2) Ring a bell at a busy bar.

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    I wonder... does the OP also have a chapter on "5 Great Ways to Get Rid of a Thai Woman"?

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    Now that would be worth reading.

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