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Discussion in 'Main Thailand forum.' started by sukhuman, May 12, 2013.

  1. sukhuman

    sukhuman Member

    Since a butterflys life in the LOS can be backbreaking I just thought to write down some thoughts you may have to consider while living the butterfly-life...based on years of expertise in this field.

    The best thing to have is giks who do have boyfriends, since they are less likely getting attached and give you the freedom and space to look for the never ending quest for new giks... Also...the ones who are taken care of, wont bother you with persistent phone calls, permanent wining why you dont have time for them...no need for justification where you go, who you meet and why you did not pick up the phone.

    That would be the perfect scenario. However, at this point in time most of my giks are single, keep getting attached/falling for me + I happen to have a GF. This makes things pretty complicated as I do not want to lose or hurt any of them.

    Most important thing to enable a somewhat smooth butterfly life is to make your giks/GF understand that your job require a lot of travel/business trips. Also, always keep your story straight (excuse, travel destination) for all giks...one time I fucked up and told different giks different stories, got confused and mixed it all up. If you indeed do travel always buy some spare gifts from the duty free (chocolate, perfume, etc.) which you store at your office and hand them over as you return from your virtual trips. Taking spare pictures also works fine as Thai girls are crazy about staring at photos. Also...accidentally leave some foreign currency on your table to bolster up your story. Of course...always keep your passport at a safe place (office).

    A great virtual travel destination is India. Bad internet infrastructure and phone coverage. Also...complaining about what stinky shithole it is, expressing your longing coming back to Thailand seeing her you may even sponge some sympathy.

    Have different MSN and skype accounts with your giks, so you can remain online at the office being available for your friends and clients while you are on your virtual trip.

    Another very important thing to remember is: Keep you place clean!! Watch a Thai girl entering your room...they dont just look around...they fucking SCAN your room and wont miss a damn hair!
    Since they like marking their territory by accidentally leaving a hair slide, tooth brush, lotion, lactacyd, bra or whatever in your room, you need to thoroughly inspect all corners (my GF keeps a small Buddha booklet between bed and wall in which she reads before praying and sleeping) and store away their belongings. Dont mix those up!!!!!! I have different decorative boxes tucked away in my wardrobe where I keep their shit.

    Hair is a big problem. My GF has extremely long brown hair, my giks have short black, long black and medium dyed hair...and they all shed hair like a cat in springtime. 3M anti-static cloths work best! And a small vacuum cleaner for the sofa...since their hair kind of sticks to the bolster and pillows.

    Dont fuck any when having their period! You never get rid of the blood stains!

    Make sure you buy the same perfume for all of them. They have very keen scent and will figure another girl has been in the room. Having air freshener in stock goes without saying.

    Whatever you do will not remain unnoticed. Keep a good relationship with your security. I used to buy them some beer and occasional shit (like chocolate Santa Claus after Christmas) to keep them on my side. They actually get a kick out of it..me showing up with different girls all the time...whereas the female building management look at my with disgust.

    Any other tips, advices...please feel free to add to this thread!

    Happy Butterflying!


    By the way: Shagging BGs is much less hassle, headaches and much cheaper as well. I for one prefer shagging girls who genuinely like me
  3. testicle

    testicle New Member

    Great tips, love the Michael angles when trying to keep one's innocent image untarnished.

    Juggling girls is not hard, they are everywhere to pickup. It is the stories, MSN, phones, hair brushes and all the other things that you 'think' you have to keep straight. Fuck it, just tell the girl when you meet her you have other giks. Why put yourself through all the high school drama if you don't have to. You think you won't get all the giks you want because if she finds out about the others...but if you are asked, then don't lie. You know she is doing other guys anyway.

    As for pure BGs, I have found its best to tell them the dirty dog you really are. You are going out to tap some more asses so don't ask me my phone number or what I am doing tomorrow. Be the boss, and you will end up respected, be submissive and you will end up played and on the way to broke.
  4. ozi_guy

    ozi_guy New Member

    That sounds like alot of hassle just to get a root that you can get anywhere in thailand. I dont have a gf anymore but when i did i had a couple of giks but i told them not to ring me and that i would ring them. I still see them but now they can ring anytime as i dont have to worry about the gf. i tell every lady that im a butterfly and i expect them to be (as its there job) so they can take fone calls from sponsors or who ever if they want, when there with me.

    I met a nice lady on my last trip but ended up staying with her friend for a few days who i informed i was a big butterfly and for some reason she didnt believe me. After 2 days she said that i am more of a butterfly than she thought and couldnt believe it. i told her the truth from the start. Maybe she just dint want me to be a butterfly.

    I find it alot easier to tell them up front than to try sneak aruond and keep them on the line wondering if im a potential long termer, not going to happen, so dont bother asking.

    Allthough i did enjoy the sneaking around to see how much i could get away with without being caught.
  5. sukhuman

    sukhuman Member

    funny enough I wrote that guide and just got busted last week...

    even though my place is spit spot clean and everything nicely tucked away...you can't even take a shower without your fucking GF going through your wardrobe.

    GF stayed over night...in the morning she took a shower first...came back to the bedroom and I left to shower...with a bad feeling that she is up to something...and so it was...out of the shower she was all shitfaced and asking whether I have girls staying? I was so pissed...cause the only way she could have noticed was going through my wardrobe...asking her what made her assume that she won't admit...just kept saying she got a feeling and wants to know...so without her admitting, I denied any accusations...

    So we got on our way to work...both of us pissed...when I dropped her off at her bank she was almost back to normal and won't say anything any more.

    Later the day I called her...not mentioning anything first...she told me about some problems she had with customers in the morning and that she was mad at her customers...so I was kidding her...you were also mad at me right? That actually got her all hyper again and she continued bitching about me having girls staying over...so I wanted her to admit that she went through my wardrobe...

    - what makes you think I have girls staying over?
    - I have a feeling
    - what feeling?
    - I just know
    - how you know?
    - I know!
    - how?
    - there is girls stuff in your apartment!
    - in my apartment?
    - yes!
    - where in my apartment?
    - in your apartment!
    - yea...but where? I did not see anything!
    - yes...it is there!
    - where? I don't know...
    - you know!
    - oh...so...you went through MY fucking wardrobe?
    - aeh...
    - you don't know what privacy is do you?
    - aeh...
    - it's stuff from my gik before...I told her I have a GF now and I can't see her anymore...but she hasn't picked up her stuff yet..
    - hmmmmm....
    - so...what is next? you check my bank accounts? credit cards?
    - aeh....noooooo.....
    - now I am pissed! bye!

    I hang up the phone leaving her taking the blame for this argument. Usually that strategy works best if you get busted. Wind the story so you have reason to be angry at her and pretend being the sulking one.

    Did not call her again that day...neither did she...so...I gained another undisturbed night with one of my giks plus the next day she eventually called me...with the sweetest sound in her voice apologizing for making me angry and not mentioning this incident again ever since.
  6. Beefy

    Beefy New Member

    You lucky devil Mike! You got busted and she wanted you back after a day humping another!

    Hats off to you Mike! Cheers!
  7. sukhuman

    sukhuman Member

    It's not me who deserves credit...it's them. They let you get a way with a lot of shit...

    But compared to what they put up with with Thai men (beating them up, stealing their money) they should be grateful being with the likes of me
  8. agentbond007

    agentbond007 New Member

    Busted but still alive for another round. They can get real nasty if they think that you've been fucking about. At least there were no meat cleavers involved.
  9. fasteddie

    fasteddie New Member

    With years of experience you have this down to a fine art.

    Monger of the month nomination?
  10. melvin

    melvin New Member

    bank employees ought to know about privacy
  11. gtrron

    gtrron New Member

    Still surprised how matter of fact the girls can be about you seeing some other girl then turning in a flash into a murderous jealous rage....then forgetting about it like it never happened....maybe it is a culture of suppression or the constant reminder of their karma or fate that determines everything ....but whatever the reason it seems more pronounced in the Thai girls than any other I have ever known....
  12. marquis_de_sade

    marquis_de_sade New Member

    organisation is everything in life !
    being prepared for shit coming on, and knowing how to counter it, is worth a lot !

    what's the next step ?
    getting them to pay you for services rendered ?
  13. agentbond007

    agentbond007 New Member

    Dinner and a movie would be a good start.
  14. marquis_de_sade

    marquis_de_sade New Member

    any special recipy other than "gin hoi" and "gin ham" ??
  15. sanuk_mai

    sanuk_mai New Member

    All hail the king.
  16. jamesxgatz

    jamesxgatz New Member

    I can't help thinking:

    What if they look in your passport and see that you've never been to India?
  17. sukhuman

    sukhuman Member

    no worries..my passport is locked away safe in my office
  18. sukhuman

    sukhuman Member

    another piece of advice based on recent experience:

    If you have a gik staying over who is on the rag (what's dull to begin with..since she could have told me before we went out so I could have come up with a plan B) make sure you check the loo seat for blood stains.

    how I got out of that one?

    "aeh...you know...this morning...aeh...I shaved my crotch...and...aeh...I cut my balls...here 'm gonna I show you na..."

    I know...lame excuse...but it worked perfectly dragging my GF's attention from the blood stains on the loo to my balls and have her give them a very devoted treatment

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