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Discussion in 'NightLife Asia' started by ebox, Nov 26, 2012.

  1. ebox

    ebox New Member

    Has anyone used the escorts agencies in shanghai before ? Heard from friends that girls from are pretty good.
    Personally tried shanghai escorts from a few agencies, some excellent, some bad... so the quality varies depending on who you contact.
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  3. The Nice Guest

    The Nice Guest New Member

    My friend uses this website. Those girls are making only sensitive massage and only a few can do BJ or something like that, but for extra cash. They look good and act good, but it's too expensive, in my opinion. But for the first experience it is rather good.
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  4. Thailander

    Thailander New Member

    I'm also interested in this question, cuz I've never been to Shanghai before (nevertheless, I'm travelling a lot to Thailand), and would love to hear some more from anyone who knows it for sure. Thanks in advance :)
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  5. ebox

    ebox New Member

    Wow.... lots more new shanghai escorts sites has suddenly sprang up... many pics in it doesnt seems real. Anyway know which sites that the pics are real.. no need to look like models or actresses just real not too bad looking and can give reasonable shanghai massage.
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  6. boynick

    boynick New Member

    Agree with you, bro. Most escort ads do not use real photos and some are expensive.To find a good escort in Shanghai, I'd like to share shanghai escort find with you. It is a useful escort guide including the recommendation of escort agencies, independent escorts and the tips of finding an escort etc. I tried one of the girls it recommended, and had a GFE.
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  7. Nightlife-Guide

    Nightlife-Guide New Member

    I can tell you very clear, that less than 1% of all the escort girls in Shanghai will use real pictures. There are only two agencies I know who work with real pictures and clear face, another one work with real pictures, but cover the face. And all the directories like the ones mentioned above are floated with ads of agencies and faked profiles, so it is hard to find the real one. One way to check is to find the picture source (for example with google picture search), because most agencies use japanese erotic model pictures, so easy to find out the profile is a fake, but unfortunally now more and more agencies work with faked profiles of "real" girls, where they could grap the picture from a weixin profile, and here you can not find the source in the web. Even the old rule: if the picture look to professional, it`s a fake" don`t work any more, because less professional pictures bring more customers in China (because they look less faked), so now more and more of the agencies also use the "private styled pictures". I can recommend you the shanghai nightlife guide page, where we check all girls with a video interview to find the less independent escort girls who work with real profiles. You can check here, if there is a "checked seal" on the picture, you can be sure, wysiwyg (what you see is what you get ;-))
    Have fun and enjoy: Shanghai Sauna and escort guide
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  8. Admiral

    Admiral Guest

    Personally tried, the girls there are ok and happy to please. Shanghai is not such a great place to hook up with girls, many free shanghai escorts can be found in large night clubs. Look for those carrying big bags.
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  9. boynick

    boynick New Member

    nice report, gals worth a try. BTW, why some independent gals in your link share the same phone number? Do they work for the same agency instead of being independent?
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  10. spsp

    spsp New Member

    Hi, members from

    I am an independent escort based in shanghai. When we meet, you will discover a beautiful young woman, well-traveled (to U.S, Europe, Southeast Asia), well-educated, artistic and creative, full of passion and positive energy.

    If you are a gentleman of discerning taste, accustomed to the finest of what life has to offer, and one who truly appreciates quality over quantity, your search has come to an end. If you think my photos are exquisite, you should definitely see me in person.

    Check my personal website to view more pictures and to read my bio.


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  11. boynick

    boynick New Member

    The other day, I went to Shanghai again for business and was luckily enough to read about Brittany , she was available then. I sent her sms and got quick reply. I told her my address and she promised to arrive on time. When I opened mt door, I saw a girl in classic dress. She was highlighted by not only her amazing looks but also her erotic sexual behavior. Gotta repeat her again next time in Shanghai.
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  12. Girls Service

    Girls Service New Member

    one i before i use this site. they changed there site structure but i remember some girls which i see at this site.
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