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  1. Escort
    "Artistic" name:
    Eva Sexy
    Nationality (or probable origin): The best of Tenerife.
    Age(In appearance and/or advertised): Young and pretty.
    Fake photos or with too much post processing?: Real. Gorgeous.
    Face description: Beautiful eyes, very pretty and with beautiful hair. The most beautiful face I've seen.
    Body description: Athletic, brunette, she takes care of herself and smells very good.
    Description of her personality: Friendly, nice, she likes making you enjoy. She does magic.
    Clothing: Black lingerie and high heels and garters, I love it and on my request she always receives me dressed like this because she knows that I love it.
    Smoker: No.

    Mobile phone:
    +34 671740870
    Web/Ad: -
    Address: Diagonal / Corte Inglés - Barcelona
    Opening Hours:

    Ambience/Ornamentation: Big room with the bathroom nearby.
    Assessment: Clean.
    A/C:: No need now.

    Date of the service: 13-11-2018.
    Hired rate (en €): One hour 150 €
    Other advertised rates: Check her advertisement.
    Duration of the service: She doesn’t check the time.
    Kisses/French Kisses?: Yes, she devours you.
    Oral sex (With/Without Condom)/ Deepthroat?: Without / GP and very intense. She loves getting you hard and feeling you and looking at the mirror while she does it.
    Cunnilingus?: Yes.
    Anal sex?: No need.
    CIF/CIM?: I ended up in her boobs and don’t know where else.

    We meet at the agreed time and I arrive to the agreed address where she is waiting for me behind the door with her sweet voice and a big hug since we had not meet since the summer. I go for a shower and once I come back, there she is in bed waiting for me, dressed in lingerie and garters, super sexy as she knows I like it. We chat a bit and then she starts a fantastic blowjob which makes me horny, and she tells me to stand up, now you will see she says, takes my cock, me standing up and she looking at the mirror. She loves doing the blowjob like that.

    I was thinking about putting her up against the mirror and fuck her like that but I was so horny that I preferred not to end up that fast. We went to bed and she was on the top, then we changed to doggy style. I fucked her hard. She loves it and then harder and harder and faster and faster. She put her legs on my shoulders and we fucked like never before. Then she took the condom off and told me to lay down in bed where she masturbated me between her boobs in Cuban style and I ended up all over her tits. We took a break and the second round was between the bed standing up in the chair, hard and sweet at the same time, she told me to stand up and she looked at the mirror to see her tits full of my cum.

    I already told her that next time I’ll fuck her hard standing up while she will be looking in the mirror to make her feel even more horny. Once again it was pure porn and good things end soon. I washed myself and said goodbye with a big hug and with a “see you soon”.

    Assessment of her involvement: Very sweet. She makes you feel great and great sex hard to forget. She gets you hooked in a good way.

    Final Assessment: (The best/worst) More than 10. She makes you feel so horny that you don’t want it to end.

    806980_1543240070_attach.jpeg 806981_1543240070_attach.jpg
  2. Escort
    "Artistic" name:
    Nationality (or probable origin): Catalan/Senegalese.
    Age(In appearance and/or advertised): She says 19. I would say around 20, she is young.
    Fake photos or with too much post processing?: It's her on the photos.
    Face description: “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder”. I found her face very pretty. Beautiful eyes, thick lips, small nose.
    Body description: She is tall, 1.70+. She has a soft and beautiful skin color. Big natural boobs, long legs and medium size ass. She has a little belly as you can see on the pictures but in general her body is super powerful and attractive.
    Description of her personality: Very friendly, natural ... no complaints.
    Clothing: White lingerie.
    Smoker: Not as far as I know.

    Mobile phone:
    +34 631893540
    Web/Ad: -
    Address: Muntaner X
    Opening Hours: She has a schedule a bit complicated, posted on her blog.

    Ambience/Ornamentation: The apartment is fine, everything clean including the bathroom, bed linens ... no complaints.
    Assessment: Approved.
    A/C:: Since we are in winter I´m really not sure, but I would say yes?

    Date of the service: End of November.
    Hired rate (en €): 70 euros x 30 minutes.
    Other advertised rates: 120 euros/hour.
    Duration of the service:30 minutes.
    Kisses/French Kisses?: Yes, we started with them. I did not look much for them during our appointment either.
    Oral sex (With/Without Condom)/ Deepthroat?: Yes, without ... deep without becoming GP.
    Cunnilingus?: Yes.
    Anal sex?: I did not ask for it, please check.
    CIF/CIM?: In her blog she says in her mouth yes but we did not do it. On her face please check.

    She receives me, a couple of kisses. I pay the amount and go for a shower.

    Once back in her room we started with kisses, I got very impressed by her super soft skin. She gave me a blowjob and I really enjoyed it a lot. She did not use her hands and I got very horny till I couldn´t resist anymore and asked her to change to cunni.

    I took my time for it and she got very wet and seemed to enjoy it. I ask for a condom and we started in the missionary position. I was already quite horny so I knew I would not last long time. I did what I could and asked her to change to doggy style. The views were outstanding so I could not help but finished within a short time in this position even though I really wanted to enjoy her French until the end. But this will be next time...
    I went for a shower and went home.
    Assessment of her involvement: High. She was very kind and friendly, and made her best of the situation.

    Final Assessment: (The best/worst) Good experience. I would have stayed longer but things are like that. What can we do about it…
    The best: Her blowjob and her skin.
    The worst: The time was too short.

  3. Alain71

    Alain71 New Member

    I'm headed to Barcelona in a couple of weeks. Can anyone recommend a relax club with sexy girls? Thanks!
  4. Alain71

    Alain71 New Member

    I finally visited Felina and Apricots because they were the cheapest place. They offer my favorite girls, with big asses.

    In Felina I was with Jassmine and in Apricots with Bruna. I highly recommend both of them. Some of the best asses I've seen.

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