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    Originally written by Fabio-Barcelona

    "Artistic" name:
    Nationality (or probable origin): Catalonian
    Age (In appearance and/or advertised): In the best 20 something I have seen.
    Fake photos or with too much post processing?: Real, except some elegant, discreet and well placed tattoos. She’s now tanned with a golden color without marks of her bikini, I wonder which nudist beach she visits? I want to go there too...
    Face description: Her face reminded to a more balanced and younger Paula Vazquez, Long curly copper colored hair serving as a frame for an almost perfect face, warm but fine lips and white teeth that sincerely accentuate her beauty. Her eyes, in the darkness of the room seemed to me brown colored.
    Body description: If her face is beautiful, her body of more than 1.75 meters tall it is scandalous, with a uniform tan, her skin embodies long unfinishable legs with a round ass that I have ever touched in my life. Even you won’t find a bit of body fat in her body she’s still feminine and her breasts give her a teen-like aura with a rebel nipple piercing.
    Description of her personality: Elegant, sweet, attentive and not a diva at all even if she has all the physical attributes to be one. We barely crossed words to have enough time to exchange body fluids to maximize our date, enjoying our limited time together.
    Clothing: She received me with a long semi transparent robe that reached her heels which allowed me to see an ochre colored thong, something that wouldn’t allow me to blink.
    Smoker: No

    Mobile phone:
    +34 631932107 (the madam will answer the Whatsapp)
    Web/Ad: -
    Address: Bailen crossing with Caspe street
    Hours of operation: monday to saturday from 11am to 18pm


    Ambience/Ornamentation: You will need to arrive a bit earlier because the elevator is busy. Small, dark room with the bath outside, a fan to dissipate heat, a deep blue courtain blocks the light from outside world. There’s a mirror but it is weirdly positioned to be used to watch yourself do wonders with this beauty. Clean bathroom, the shower rug was wet from previous usages.
    A/C: No, just a fan.

    Date of the service: 07/10/2018
    Hired rate (en €): 30 minutes 70 euros because she couldn’t do the hour because she had her schedule at full, she particularly prefers 45 minutes as a bare minimum though to enjoy.
    Other advertised rates: 120 euros 1 hour
    Duration of the service: 29 minutes 31 seconds because of the busy elevator...
    Kisses/French Kisses?: We had the barely needed kisses to feel comfortable though she wouldn’t refuse to be kissed.
    Oral sex (With/Without Condom)/ Deepthroat?: Yes without condom correctly performed, she gave all of her self to give me the maximum pleasure in the short we had, personally I don’t like when they do a handjob with their mouth on my dick, I prefer when they lick it and enjoy it like a popsicle, melting in her mouth. But the views of Lara’s mouth eating me were enough to liquify my brain with some kinky gaze from her eyes that I surely don’t deserve.
    Cunnilingus?: Lara’s feminine perfection was incarnated in her pubic area, she barely shows any labia which gives her a young aspect and minimize her almost imperceptible clit. Being that we didn’t had much time, it was more of a testimonial oral sex on my behalf trying that my tongue wouldn’t leave her subtly defined canal.
    Anal sex?: No
    CIF/CIM?: Yes, she offered me to finish in her mouth, but I declined to fulfill the fantasy of impregnating her even if I was using a condom.

    Being that I don’t like to be neither too early or late (I prefer to be sharp) I arrived to the building to ring lower ring bell, without inferring it would mean having to deal with the slowness of the elevator. At last I am in front of her door and Lara opened the door, hidden behind the door with a smile of unimaginable beauty and 2 kisses which uncorked the expecative of having sex with a beautiful woman.

    If I had to define sex with Lara I would say it is absolutely beautiful, beyond pleasure itself and of course around the corner of kinky. There was mutual oral sex and various postures focused on enjoying the views rather than just fucking. In no moment I went to reach her pleasure, because I didn’t felt worthy (because of the time restriction and her beauty and youth) I tried to make an imaginary photo in erotic positions, knowing I was treasuring a moment it would be hardly comparable. When there were 4 minutes before the end of our date Lara asked me to cum in her mouth, I declined because I wanted to cum inside her in the most deeply and intimate way. Like she would stick some of her beautiful attributes to me by doing that.

    Her likeness to Paula Vazquez has made a fantasy a reality (to imaginarily have sex with Paula Vasquez)

    Assessment of her involvement: Correct, effective and professionally handled being that we had a limited time, Lara molded herself to my petitions to find a posture to reach an orgasms even if my indications were less than stellar.
    Final Assessment: (The best/worst) Absolutely a beautiful woman, she can be compared to a model or a miss universe too.
    The best: Without doubt the power to drive a Bugatti Veyron even if it was for a few kilometers
    The worst: Having doing all we did in such a dark room which kept me from appreciate all her splendor and with such little time we didn’t had enough time to intimate more, for me an essential part of sex.

    A woman to repeat each time you lose faith on the beauty of humankind.


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    Originally written by pitufo2012

    "Artistic" name:
    Nationality (or probable origin): Russian raised in Seville (Spain) her physical appearance is that of a Russian her accent is that of a native of Seville.
    Age (In appearance and/or advertised): 1 8, credible no more than 20.
    Fake photos or with too much post processing?: Some of the photos are real some have too much makeup and photoshop.
    Face description: Super cute, face of a model, young like aspect.
    Body description: Also model like body, tall, sculpted, slim, flat abs, rock hard ass, magnificent small tits, silky smooth white skin. I could cum by just watching her (which is what almost happened)

    Description of her personality: I found her likeable. She doesn’t smile much (or almost nothing) she isn’t very affectionate, but she isn’t cold, she’s polite.
    Clothing: I don’t remember.
    Smoker: Yes, I know because after the service she asked me if I smoke (most likely to ask me for a cigarette) but I didn’t noticed tobacco odor.

    Mobile phone:
    +34 931657915 / +34 687132918
    Address: Leiva Street near Plaza España, Barcelona, They will give you the full address when you call.
    Hours of operation: 24 hour, I went late in the night.


    Ambience/Ornamentation: It is a place with a discreet entrance, you won’t have a sign on the door, it looks like an industrial place, like a repair shop or something readapted into a luxury agency. But it has everything you need and it is clean. Low bed, light was OK.
    A/C: Yes.

    Date of the service: June 21st
    Hired rate (en €): 120 euros 45 minutes hour.
    Other advertised rates: 80 euros 30 minutes, 150 euros 1 hour.
    Duration of the service: Less than 20 minutes because I cum fast.
    Kisses/French Kisses?: lips closed kisses.
    Oral sex (With/Without Condom)/ Deepthroat?: Without, fine.
    Cunnilingus?: I couldn’t do it (read below)
    Anal sex?: I didn’t asked her.
    CIF/CIM?: not even paying extra (at least this was my case)

    At the late part of the night I didn’t had any luck with my usual places for legally teen escorts (they were about to leave for the day) and I decided to try this place. I called to ensure to have a lineup of gals. They gave me the OK. They told me there were a lot, but she couldn’t assure they would be all be available when I arrived (totally understandable) From those who were available I found Aynara (I had already seen her in photos) and I decided to try my luck.

    In the line up I liked Cristina and Aynara, Ayanara the most so I didn’t doubt to choose her.

    We took a shower (separately), we touch each other and I had a closed mouth kiss and then we went to the bed.

    Before she started sucking me she told me to not cum in her mouth (Of course, I already knew I couldn’t) I was really, really horny. She started and almost immediately I noticed I was about to cum, almost like a PE case.

    So fast I was about to cum that I didn’t know if I would have time for her to put a condom without cumming while she was putting it on my dick.

    I told her to stop the oral sex and to do a handjob (I could have stayed a bit longer but I didn’t want to scare her) I lasted a minute to a minute and a half.

    She took a shower and she went to my side on the bed. Two minutes later she told me if I wanted to take a shower, I told her time wasn’t up yet, with a laugh she said:
    “What are we going to do? be in bed for 45 minutes?” (she didn’t sound mean when she said it)
    Well I already paid 45 minutes so that was my plan… maybe not 45 minutes but at least 15 minutes more… Oh well.

    I was tempted to ask her (as a joke like she did) that maybe then she would return 40 euros of the difference between the half and hour and the 45 minutes rate. But I didn’t.

    We were on the bed and I was touching her but I wasn’t that comfortable anymore so I went to the shower. When I left I thought the madame would ask me if there was a problem, since I was leaving before the time was up, but nope, I don’t think she even noticed it.

    Assessment of her involvement: Correct, what she said wasn’t nice, I consider a gal should know that if the client wants to be with her for the time he hired she shouldn’t indicate the service is over if you cum. But I didn’t give much importance to this incident. I took the 45 minutes rate because I didn’t think I would cum so fast and I wanted to have more than enough time to be relaxed. Once I came it was more or less the same.
    Final Assessment: (The best/worst) I liked the gal a lot, face and body. It was a shame I came so fast and not being able to enjoy her more. But this was 100% my fault and mostly because she made me super horny, so I also enjoyed the date (short but intense). I think I could repeat with her.

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
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    Originally written by journeyman

    "Artistic" name:
    Angy & Luna
    Nationality (or probable origin): Spanish
    Age (In appearance and/or advertised): Angy looks 20/21, Luna 19
    Face description: Angy: the most beautiful face! striking lips, high cheekbones and eyes to get lost in, Luna: beautiful sallow skin, cheeky smile, awesome piercings that enhanced the experience no end...
    Body description: Angy: about 160cm, gorgeous taut, lean frame yet so soft to the touch. Luna: same height i think, cute adolescent frame with small firm breasts.
    Description of her personality: Both are wonderful, have good english and cheeky friendly demeanor

    Mobile phone:
    +34 652072386
    Address: Casp Street, 5x

    Spacious apartment full of character in the modernista area. Shower is modern and clean. 9
    A/C: Yes

    Date of the service:
    July 31, 15.00
    Hired rate (en €): 180 (with promotion)
    Duration of the service: 1 hour
    Kisses/French Kisses?: Deep and loving.
    Oral sex (With/Without Condom)/ Deepthroat?: Without. Incredible work from both of these beauties
    Cunnilingus?: Yess
    Anal sex?: Didn't try but Angy will with an extra.
    CIF/CIM?: Did not happen. I was too lost in making love to Angy and kissing Luna.

    Rest of story:

    Very simple arrangement. Contacted on WhatApp and appointment booked in. Turned up on the street and got the final instructions. Walked up a few flights. Nice and discreet residential building. Met Luna and Angy at the door and escorted to our room. Formalities dealt with and on to the main event... which i am still processing. Kissing Angy while Luna takes you whole! Then into a blur of torrid lovemaking with both. Angy likes to take control and sort of a teaching role to Luna. But the 'pièce de résistance' was finishing with Angy in missionary in what I can only describe as an 'oceanic' orgasm. This girl is the bomb! If you treat her with respect you totally 'click' with her. Luna watching on beside us was just heaven! An unforgettable experience.

    Assessment of her involvement: 10/10

    Final Assessment: (The best/worst) what an episode! I've not experienced this feeling of deep sex in 20 years. I am returning today to meet Angy alone. mind - blown! Thank you girls! :euforia:


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    Originally written by barrytea

    "Artistic" name:
    Anita BR
    Nationality (or probable origin): Brazilian from Rio de Janeiro.
    Age (In appearance and/or advertised): In her ad she says 25, that’s probably her age.
    Fake photos or with too much post processing?: They are real, she´s is outstanding.
    Face description: She’s pretty, I liked her.
    Body description: Her body is pretty too, she’s a bit taller than 1.6 meters, surgical enhanced breasts, but you can barely notice they aren’t natural. Really soft skin and with an ass to be displayed in a museum, even when I like smaller asses, but it is beautiful nevertheless. Gym worked muscles, she is IMPRESSIVE.

    Description of her personality: A bit bossy in the first part of the date, mechanical and cold. I suppose she’s like that since she doesn’t talk a lot of spanish it could give that impression. In the end of the date really charming and likeable.
    Clothing: thong and bra.
    Smoker: It seems she isn’t.

    Mobile phone:
    Address: Provença Street crossing Nicaragua Street in Barcelona, near Sants Station.
    Hours of operation: 11am til 23 pm from Monday to Saturday


    Ambience/Ornamentation: Big flat although her room is small. Bed is OK and the room was fine for what we were going to do.
    A/C: Yes, portable AC, Sincerely I can’t imagine doing what we were going to do in summer without AC.

    Date of the service: August 8th 2018
    Hired rate (en €): 30 minutes 60 euros (now she asks 70 euros for 30 minutes)
    Other advertised rates: 100 euros 1 hour (now she asks 140 euros for 1 hour read below)
    Duration of the service: More or less what I hired.
    Kisses/French Kisses?: yes with tongue from the start.
    Oral sex (With/Without Condom)/ Deepthroat?: At first yes, but I asked her to use a condom later.
    Cunnilingus?: I didn’t do it.
    Anal sex?: I didn’t think of doing it.
    CIF/CIM?: I didn’t asked for it.

    For quite a while I wanted to hire here, but between my schedule because of work and personal stuff is a bit complex, or I complicate it myself, I couldn’t get to know Anita. Her holiday at Ibiza and the days she didn’t work were the obstacle to meet her. She mentioned she was going to raise her rates and that she was active, I tried to contact her quite a bit via mobile call without success before it happened even when I wasn’t in the best spot to do it, lucky me she told me via Whatsapp that at 19:15pm we could meet and I agreed. I arrived on time to our date, I messed up with the address and luckily I realized my mistake before ringing the wrong building. After my mistake I went to the right building, I go up and she opens the door, the first impression was BINGO hot girl, young pretty gal with a nice rack and ass, beautiful feminine shape. She takes me to the room where I see the new portable AC, without it I would have died. I pay her and she takes me to the shower, I took a shower alone, once back in the room clean she starts the carnival of french kisses. I am quite the kisser so that was something important for me. She turns her back on me and rubs her ass at the height of my dick, while I am touching her breasts with her bra still on her but it only lasted on her literally seconds. She turns around and we kept kissing each other, this time on the bed. After some minutes eating each other with our kisses, she puts me the condom and performs a pretty reasonable oral sex, while I enjoy the touch of her hard ass with my hands. After the fellatio she sets herself on top of me and rode me, Geeez!!!! I had to stop her because I was about to cum, we continued kissing each other and I dedicate myself to enjoy her breasts by eating them. After that I ask her to lay on the bed belly up to do a missionary, she grabs my ass while I penetrate her and in less than a minute I cum. Awesome.

    After that she takes me to the shower (alone again) I told her about my solitude in the shower, but with good vibes she told me she only takes a shower with the client with the 1 hour rate. In the end we were talking about her country and some other stuff, the gal is quite likeable, after her initial cold way of being. I hope that if I come more often to visit her the dynamic of our date will be better in the future. I dress up, she says goodbye with a smile and I went pretty happy.

    Assessment of her involvement: It went from low to high, her involvement is high.
    Final Assessment: (The best/worst) I liked her, she is gorgeous, the best is that she is hot and fucks well, the worst the coldness at start of the date, I suppose because of the language barrier. I think that if her rates don’t spike up too high I will come back.


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