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    "Artistic" name:
    Nationality (or probable origin):Catalonian
    Age (In appearance and/or advertised): 21
    Fake photos or with too much post processing?:Real
    Face description: Cut she's hot
    Body description: 100-60-100 she says, to me she lacks ass.
    Description of her personality: Extroverted/Charlatan
    Clothing: fishnet teddy
    Smoker: Yes, the room smelled like tobacco and full of smoke.

    Mobile phone:
    +34 645446827
    Address: Amposta 4x Street/ well that's what she says, sometimes you can see her around the Camp Nou
    Hours of operation: 24 hours I went at midday


    Ambience/Ornamentation:Small room, messy and shabby. 6/10
    A/C: heater.

    Date of the service: 02-17-2018
    Hired rate (en €): 1 hour 100 euros
    Other advertised rates: I don't know (better ask her)
    Duration of the service: 50 minutes
    Kisses/French Kisses?: Yes
    Oral sex (With/Without Condom)/ Deepthroat?: With condom and deepthroat
    Felatio to her?: yes
    Anal sex?: Yes, pasive I doubt she can get to be active in an encounter.
    CIF/CIM?:I have no clue.

    I contacted her via whatsapp to arrange a date with her in one hour, she replies immediately but when I propose to book her she cuts the reply. She has 2 phones so I suppose she answers each phone whimsically. In the hour we agreed she replies she will be available whenever I tell her. (when I arrived I knew a client cummed in 5 minutes and went away). Once in the place she gave me a kiss and to the room we went, what a mess.. She's hot and my hopes are high, we started to talk a bit and she lights a huge joint and starts smoking it. We then got naked and kinky, she put me the condom and starts sucking, I touch her and we get hot, I remove her thong and to my surprise her penis was small and flaccid (she advertises 18 cms, if she has 18 cms I have 28 cms) she gets hard when I suck her but it isn't even 10 cms. So forget about she fucking me which is what I wanted. She sucks dick well so well to exchange mutual BJs I came. During what happened before she told me she didn't like her balls and her anus to be licked/sucked while she answered her phone (while we were at it). We spent some more time talking and telling me her misfortunes and we went back to our stuff. Second round in which I want to fuck her, because she's too passive, when I tell her she says it has to be doggystyle and when I start penetrating her she tells me it is going to hurt too much and she gets off the bed and later it entered (narrow butthole) because her body is hot I am pumping at my own will, she is in her own world and feels horny and starts to get involved, until this moment she didn't show any kind of involvement, her face has a kinky expression while I fuck her grabbing her tits until I cum again, I dressed up, said goodbye and good riddance.

    Assessment of her involvement:5 I won't repeat
    Final Assessment: (The best/worst)
    The best:
    She's hot
    The worst:She lies about the services offered

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    "Artistic" name:
    Pamela Kiss
    Nationality (or probable origin): From Venezuela
    Age (In appearance and/or advertised): Around 19 years old
    Fake photos or with too much post processing?:Each and everyone are authentic in person you can see the face of that little body
    Face description: She’s a cute woman, kinky girl face, sensual mouth with lips which are perfect to be kissed. Pretty eyes to see them and fall in love with them, she has a natural beauty which has no need for makeup
    Body description: Great, teen like, young, slim, precious, around 1.5 meters, her muscles are tight, flat abs, small waist, natural medium sized breasts, reactive nipples. Her ass is lifted and hard, her pubic area is shaved with small labia.
    Description of her personality: She isn’t very talkative, but her sensual voices captures you with her sweet way of talking, always with a smile, she didn’t stop smiling during our date. She’s sweet, funny and loving, charming.
    Clothing: Grey colored elastic teddy which highlighted the curves of her body, red and bra thong.
    Smoker: I would say no, but I don’t know.

    Mobile phone:
    +34 631315175
    Web/Ad: -
    Address: Dos de Maig street 2xx in Barcelona (she will give you the full address once you set a date with her)
    Hours of operation: Monday thru Friday from 9:30am to 21:00pm, Saturday and Sunday 12:00am to 21:00 pm


    Ambience/Ornamentation: Flat which is centric with everything needed for the date, bathroom with bathtub, a bit uncomfortable to take a shower there.
    A/C: I think I remember she had a small heater, in reality we didn’t needed it we gave each other the heat of our bodies.

    Date of the service: Saturday march 3rd 2018
    Hired rate (en €): 100 euros 1 hour
    Other advertised rates: 80 euros 45 minutes and 60 euros half an hour.
    Duration of the service: A bit over of the hour, without any rush from neither of us.
    Kisses/French Kisses?: Totally, she devoured me. At first sweet and shy, but later as the sexual temperature rises they turned into passionate french kisses. Her name says it all Pamela Kiss
    Oral sex (With/Without Condom)/ Deepthroat?: Without condom, to be so young she had a good domain of how to do a BJ, she uses saliva, her tongue moves in a skillful way, the best is that she doesn’t helps herself with her hands. Facefuking to eat all my dick she didn’t licked my balls.
    Cunnilingus?:Of course, vegans don’t know what they are missing, my two ears were stuck to her thighs
    Anal sex?: No, exit only, my tongue enjoyed her sexual asterisk.
    CIF/CIM?: Came in her mouth, she did a golden minute (continued to suck my dick a good while after I came)

    After having arranged a with another escort in friday, the next day she sen’t me a whatsapp message to tell me she wasn’t feeling well to have an encounter that day.

    I believe in how destiny connects people because it led me to meet Pamela, it could be Karma, chance, I don’t know… But holy chance.

    Sweet session (I needed it) with a charming girl, really good sexual service and relaxed company with this gorgeous venezuelan girl, young, attentive and awoken, she has a lot of spirit and likes to be involved to fuck you.

    At first she was a bit shy, distant, she keeps a sweety shyness of her youth, as the date advanced she builds more confidence, in that moment is when the little beast inside her wakes up.

    On the bed: Kisses, caresses and good conversation to get to know each other a little, after that each poses we liked to do, on top, below, to the side until we used all the repertoire.

    I liked very much her savoir-fair and manners, she adapted herself perfectly to what I was looking for, she was mindful during our date. Relaxed sex but passionate and involvement if you give her good reasons and know how to excite her.

    Really commendable because of her good and expert GFE. She shows a great sensuality, intelligence, fineness, culture and education. If what you want is fast paced hardcore fucks better to look elsewhere.

    Assessment of her involvement:

    In some instances destiny makes you cross path with special beings. I had the luck to find it that day, in the sexual part 10/10 in the personal part 100/10. I am a person who likes to talk a lot, when we finished fucking I was speechless.

    I enjoyed it so much I didn’t knew what to tell her, I was breathless and my heart was at 1,000 rpm. I was fascinated by her involvement and savoir-faire, even as young as she is.

    When the so called “feeling” appears between 2 people, you know instantly because of how comfortable you feel on the bed with that person. Even if out of the bed we are polar opposites. The spark ignited between us, the attraction, the high involvement, the empathy, respect, how relaxed we were, we both let ourselves to be carried away.

    Final Assessment: (The best/worst)
    The best:
    Excellent sexual and companion experience with this gorgeous venezuelan, she’s an expert in love making and sex. Really young but with the experience of a veteran.
    The worst: Nothing, a good option when you don’t have to leave in a hurry and to enjoy a venezuelan candy.

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    "Artistic" name:
    Nationality (or probable origin): From Alicante, Spain
    Age (In appearance and/or advertised): 27
    Fake photos or with too much post processing?:Real, in person she shocks because how tall, cute she is and also because of her involvement during the date.
    Face description: Brunette, cute face, big eyes that watch and melt you while she sucks your cock, totally kinky.
    Body description: She must be around 1.75 meters tall, with high heels taller, she's tall and slim, perfect ass, her sex is pure joy, tons of tattoos and piercings and breasts that seemed nice but she had protected because they have been augmented recently she told me to be careful and I was careful, her new breasts are medium sized.
    Description of her personality: Charming, she told me she was here because she was doing porn scenes and also told me where I could find her, this turned me on even more, to be honest the experience while short it was hardcore oral sex like a porn movie.
    Clothing: Black boots, thong, sports bra.
    Smoker: No

    Mobile phone:
    +34 691567074
    Web/Ad: -
    Address: Padilla street crossing with Corsega, Barcelona
    Hours of operation: 24 hours


    Ambience/Ornamentation: Her bedroom is small with a 1.5 meters bed, but I didn't need anything else, the bathroom was just next to the room, everything really clean. 7/10

    Date of the service: Today
    Hired rate (en €): 50 euros 30 minutes
    Other advertised rates:1 hour 100 euros
    Duration of the service: 1 hour
    Kisses/French Kisses?: Yes
    Oral sex (With/Without Condom)/ Deepthroat?: It was one of the best BJ I have felt, this is why I decided to enjoy it to the max and not do anything else, CIM an image which will last forever in my memory.

    For those who believe they are porn actors, which isn't my case, offers a special service which is to allow you to record her while she sucks your dick. So for those wannabe pornstars here you can put your skills in practice.

    Cunnilingus?: Delicious, really wet, she enjoyed it a lot cumming.
    Anal sex?: Nop, she tells she doesn't do anal when you call her.
    CIF/CIM?: Her top skill, she performed a BJ in the shower while I watched her on the mirror like a porn scene.
    I found her ad by sheer luck, she seemed cute and I can assure you comrades that in person she is even more.
    Tall, slim, smiling, with eyes that will make you fall in love with her, when I arrived I told her I couldn't be for a long time there, she asked me if I wanted to take a shower and I went to the bathroom.

    When I was drying up, I heard the doorbell, then I went back to the bathroom again, while I heard her room mate was receiving a client, we would be in the bathroom for a while while her friend's client arrived.

    She asked me why was the towel still wrapping my body, she removed it, kneeled and sucked my dick, one that still make my legs tremble, totally kinky, in the bathroom with the mirror on one side, looking her twist her tongue y and how she totally ate my dick, in that moment I decided I didn't want anything else more than her BJ.

    Once her friend's client was ready for the shower we went to the room, she asked me where I saw her add, I told her in a classified website, I asked her if she had more ads and there she told me she is a porn actress, the reason she was here in Barcelona is because she was filming some scenes, she told me where I could find her movies and that's the first thing I did when I arrived to my house.

    We made some jokes, she is a sex devil, cunnilingus in different positions, great BJ, deep and her tongue was twirling non stop.

    I will come back, for more than half an hour.

    Assessment of her involvement:Really high, very good a sexual bomb
    Final Assessment: (The best/worst)
    The best:
    Her BJ
    The worst: She only will be available for 3 days, but she told me she comes to Barcelona often, so sooner or later I will repeat with her.

    Video link:


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    "Artistic" name:
    Nationality (or probable origin): Spanish
    Age (In appearance and/or advertised): She advertises 18, I didn’t asked but she’s super young.
    Fake photos or with too much post processing?: Real but they don’t show how pretty she is.
    Face description: Small rounded face, she’s cute.
    Body description: Slim, tanned color skin, nice legs, cute tits and a beautiful ass, round a wonderful thing, really pretty teen archetype.
    Description of her personality: Shy, silent, timid, she will allow you to do but don’t expect a lof of interaction on her behalf.
    Clothing: Sweater and white lingerie beneath.
    Smoker: I dunno.

    Mobile phone:
    +34 632616020
    Web/Ad: -
    Address: Muntaner street with Gran Via, Barcelona.
    Hours of operation: 11 am to 15:30 pm


    Ambience/Ornamentation: new flat from this teen agency, old building which is being refurbished, the flat is big with 4 rooms, reformed, high ceiling, the room I was with her is big, with a good bed, sofa, hanger, heater, indirect light, background music, mirrors, clean towel, disposable slippers, the bathroom is in the hall outside the room, refurbished with bathtub, gel soap and mouth wash, a bit complicated to operate the shower, every time this tap shower things are weirder. 8/10
    A/C: I don’t know

    Date of the service: 13-03-2018
    Hired rate (en €): 70 euros half an hour
    Other advertised rates: 120 euros for an hour
    Duration of the service: 30 minutes
    Kisses/French Kisses?: Kisses, but no french kisses, pretty full lips, but she wouldn’t let loose.
    Oral sex (With/Without Condom)/ Deepthroat?:Yes, half the pole, with rhythm, she uses disposable towels and abuses the use of the hand. No ball or perineum licking.
    Cunnilingus?: Yes, her small pussy was wet and it was delicious but she wouldn’t let loose at all.
    Anal sex?:No
    CIF/CIM?: I don’t know, I doubt it.

    I wanted to see this new agency it wasn’t my first option but the escort I chose wasn’t present that day and I was told the rest I already knew them, so I opted for the novelty.

    Her little body is an authentic preciousness, it is worth to contemplate and touch it, but in the sex side it is a little bit borderline, she is too fresh, one month only and thus too shy.

    Some little kisses, I remove her lingerie, and I eat her small cute tits, the ass I was watching on the mirror was marvelous, I touch it well and it is hard. We went to the bed and it was mecanic and kind of cold sex, a bit of BJ, touching, cunnilingus of a youthful and tasty small pussy, but she’s absent.

    So I fucked her in 3 positions and I concentrate in that I was fucking a young and really pretty body, but without finding that feeling and involvement that I think, we all want.

    Another shower, dress up, some chit-chat, she’s more relaxed and Ciao pretty.

    Assessment of her involvement: Well I would leave it in a “barely approved”
    Final Assesment: (The best/worst)
    The best:
    Her body, it is really pretty
    The worst:If she doesn’t loosen up regardless of the good material her body provides I don’t see a stellar future for her in this job.

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    "Artistic" name:
    Cristi Tantra
    Nationality (or probable origin): Spanish
    Age (In appearance and/or advertised): She advertises 26
    Fake photos or with too much post processing?: Real photos
    Face description: Reaaaaaally pretty, I loved it, she is the kind of girl that drives me crazy.
    Body description: Hot body! slim well taken care body with a great ass and spectacular breasts. IMHO a fantastic body you will desire to do the massage to her.
    Description of her personality: Massages won’t open up any conversation any time soon, but she was kind and attentive during our date. A natural gal.
    Clothing: Sexy robe.
    Smoker: I don’t know.

    Mobile phone:
    +34 657378204
    Web/Ad: -
    Address: In the Raval zone, near the Sant Antoni Market.
    Hours of operation: From 10 am to 20 pm


    Ambience/Ornamentation: Small flat but nice ornamented. Big room with separation for the Tatami and a shower. Candle light, incense and lateral mirrors.
    A/C: It wasn’t needed.

    Date of the service:
    9 of March
    Hired rate (en €): 1 hour 100 euros
    Other advertised rates:A lot, better ask her.
    Duration of the service: 1 hour.
    Kisses/French Kisses?: No, but I would love to kiss her.
    Massage Technique: Really good.
    Would you recommend her?: I will repeat for sure!

    In the morning I contacted with Cristi to check her availability, and she confirms her availability for that morning. She gives me the address and I arrive sharp on the hour we agreed. I go up to her flat and when the door opens, I find a really cute gal, the first impression is outstanding.
We head to the room, which is big and with shower inside of it, soft candle light and relaxing music. I take a shower and I position myself in the tatami. She undresses and goes on her knees to start the massage. The technique is really good, she does it on all the body: foot, legs, ass, back, arms… She has strong hands to work all the body, she isn’t rubbing you, she really knows what she’s doing.

    At one moment she focused on the shoulder and back, like if she knew I had a tense muscle which needed her help. Awesome.

    She asks me to turn around y and I was laying down on my back and the erotic part of the massage stars. She uses her body and her breasts to massage my penis, which is harder and harder. She sits down on my abdomen and stretched her arm from her back to start massaging me. Mi breathing starts to accelerate because I feel the orgasm near. I twist my body trying to hold my orgasm as much as I can but the excitation is at its peak and end up with a pleasurable orgasm. She cleans me softly and allows me some time to recover. After that shower and we say goodbye to each other.

    It was an excellent massage. I hope I can repeat soon with her and may try a prostatic massage. My personal experience is that whenever you have more affinity with a gal the massages are better. I am looking forwad to visit her again and again, but I have to conform with them being once in a while, that while being when my personal economy allows me to do it.

    Assessment of her involvement:

    The best: Cristi si a gorgeous gal, she offers a fantastic massage.
    The worst:Not being able to kiss her and maybe I was a bit shy and allow her to take the reins and I felt I was missing an interactive part with her. In the massages if she doesn’t says anything I will remain to the limit of what’s happening in the moment.

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
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    Originally written by notevayaspaloJo

    "Artistic" name:
    Nationality (or probable origin): Spanish
    Age (In appearance and/or advertised): Advertises 26 years old, she seems younger.
    Fake photos or with too much post processing?: Real, better in person.
    Face description: Really cute, attractive, with precious smile and lips, she is an spectacular gal in many aspects.
    Body description: A piece of art, like you see in her photos. Short around 1.6 meters, thin, with an ass the way I like it, perfect natural breasts, a Diva
    Description of her personality: Spectacular too, the best of the 3 descriptions of her I can make. She has her feet on the ground, she isn´t a diva. Talkative, sincere, happy and really nice. I liked her a lot, a shame I was bit shy.
    Clothing: Black lingerie with high heels.
    Smoker: Ex Smoker she told me.

    Mobile phone:
    +34 688473929
    Address: Carrer Sant Ramón Nonat.
    Hours of operation: Ample, she is there until midnight, but it depends on how tired she is, she told I was the last client for the day (around 22:00 pm)


    Ambience/Ornamentation: Room with bathroom and glass around the bed. Everything correct and clean.
    A/C:Yes but we didn’t used it.

    Date of the service: 04/10/2018
    Hired rate (en €): 60 euros for 30 minutes.
    Other advertised rates: 90 euros for 45 minutes and 110 euros for 1 hour.
    Duration of the service: More than the rate I hired because I had to wait her 30 minutes.
    Kisses/French Kisses?: yes with tongue
    Oral sex (With/Without Condom)/ Deepthroat?: Without condom, really well performed
    Cunnilingus?: Didn’t ask for it
    Anal sex?: Didn’t ask for it
    CIF/CIM?: Yes in her mouth.

We agreed on a time for our date and she didn’t answer at the time we had planned, I decide to wait a bit, until I was about to leave she asks me if I can wait 10 minutes more. It was worth the wait, because in exchange for the time I waited she gave me a nice massage.

    I went up the stairs with the madame and wait for Laura to come, when she arrives It was shocking because how much I like her. And to top it off she’s super nice so a total bullseye.

    After the shower we kissed each other and she performs a really good BJ, She puts me the condom and we start to fuck, first in missionary, then doggystyle with incredible sights of her ass. Because she didn’t had lube and my dick size, she tells me to cum in her mouth, she is really active during sex and she wants to actively enjoy the client, wonderful!.

    Like she promised, she performed a massage to help my contracted muscles, which was good, after that an almost surprise which I won’t explain to not put her in a problem.

    Assessment of her involvement: Really high, It was worth the waith, I will repeat with her I hope she stays there.
    Final Assesment: (The best/worst)
    The best:
    She was the best part
    The worst: Not being able to taste the surprise.


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    Originally written by Ezio Auditore

    "Artistic" name:
    Nationality (or probable origin): Brazil
    Age (In appearance and/or advertised): Around 28-30
    Fake photos or with too much post processing?: Real hotter in person
    Face description: Attractive face, voluptuous lips and an ample smile.
    Body description: Hot body, like it was taylormade.
    Description of her personality: Really likeable and close
    Clothing: Dark bodystocking with thong and high heels
    Smoker: I didn’t noticed it.

    Mobile phone:
    +34 651410558
    Web/Ad: -
    Address: Avenida Sant Ramon Nonat crossing with Collblanc
    Hours of operation: from 10am till 24pm


    Ambience/Ornamentation: Small room with big bed, a hanger for your clothes and small table.
    A/C: A bit cold but we made the ambient hot.

    Date of the service: 03/17/2018
    Hired rate (en €): 30 minutes 60 euros
    Other advertised rates: 45 minutes 90 euros and 110 euros 1 hour
    Duration of the service: 30 minutes
    Kisses/French Kisses?: Yes a lot, some kisses, some with deep tongue action and my favorites those which you can sabour the lips
    Oral sex (With/Without Condom)/ Deepthroat?: Yes without and with deepthroat
    Cunnilingus?: Yes in missionary position and 69
    Anal sex?: I didn’t asked her, I don’t think she does it
    CIF/CIM?: Dunno, It isn’t something that I ask them to do.

    One saturday I decide to go to Barcelona to check out this beauty, I was long looking forward to see her, but the last time she was here I couldn’t see her. Since lately I have an almost sick obsession for brazilian asses, I couldn’t let go of the opportunity to meet her. After some problems finding the right address I arrived a little late to our date, but she was nice to me and didn’t scolded me (point on her favour). We agreed on half an hour and after the shower (she was with me) french kisses and touching ourselves, we went to the room to start the party. I have to admit I was pretty nervous after seeing her for the first time, she’s hot. Watching her ass was almost a cardiac arrest and I knew It wouldn’t be long for me to cum, so I played with her with kisses, touching her and oral sex. She handed me the condom once she noticed I was ready, I put it on and with her laid down her belly, showing me her scandalous butt. I started fucking her and noticed that she wanted to play with her pussy and she was tightening it, I never have felt that before, nobody had done such a thing with so much strength, that excited me a whole lot and I came fast. I was pissed with myself for not lasting longer, but I had a great time, so I took the rest of the time to hug and kiss her, fast shower and went back home.

    Assessment of her involvement: 10
    Final Assesment: (The best/worst)
    The best:
    Her with her body and her nice and smiley persona.
    The worst: What you can imagine.

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    Originally written by Secrets

    "Artistic" name:
    Susana Gangbang
    Nationality (or probable origin): Catalonian
    Age (In appearance and/or advertised): 43 years old
    Fake photos or with too much post processing?: Natural photos.
    Face description: Really cute
    Body description: Awesome, I would love to have those legs
    Description of her personality: Extroverted, close, funny, attentive, in all she’s great.
    Clothing: Showing a lot without showing anything.
    Smoker: Yes

    Mobile phone:
    +34 677106906
    Address: near Sagrada Familia
    Hours of operation: Better ask her.


    Ambience/Ornamentation: Appropriate, to her taste. Nice.
    A/C: Yes but we didn’t need it, we were too hot.

    Date of the service:
    Hired rate (en €): 200
    Other advertised rates: better ask her.
    Duration of the service: what we needed, without any rush.
    Kisses/French Kisses?: Yes, really enjoyable.
    Oral sex (With/Without Condom)/ Deepthroat?: Yes to all.
    Cunnilingus?: Yeeeess
    Anal sex?: Yes with toys in my case
    After having other encounters with Susana with my husband, we proposed her to have a foursome, she proposed back to have someone she knew (a submissive) and later she told us about Lilly and we thought that could be an explosive afternoon, how can we say no this fantastic woman.

    I don’t know how to explain the enjoyment I had, I feel like I will be missing some details, there were a lot and feel there’s an empty moment in my memory thanks to the pleasure I experimented.

    First as a great host, Susana, the introductions and then the shower, we started wrapping our submissive in plastic, a whole new experience. With my partner we went to the shower where there was some action, while the party was starting on the bed at the same time.

    When we went out of the shower we joined the group, we had everything, dick and cunt eating, 69, penetrations, strap ons, champagne in glasses, on my body, strawberries with our pussy taste and when we felt like, the deserved punishment for the submissive, I felt and they made me felt a lot pleasure in many times of our time with Susana and the rest.

    I came many times and then relax, showersand relaxed conversations with laughs.
A bomb of a party.
    I am awaiting the next encounter a lot, I hope it will be sooner rather than later.

    Assessment of her involvement:Absolute and more.
    Final Assessment: (The best/worst) To share an excellent afternoon with excellent people.

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    they are so beautiful!
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