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Discussion in 'NightLife Europe' started by Anthony Coopers, Jan 15, 2015.

  1. Anthony Coopers

    Anthony Coopers New Member

    Heading out to Barcelona in the coming weeks…does anyone have any recommendations for a discrete and clean escort agency that offers a good value service? Attractive women a must obviously!
  3. mrharixxx

    mrharixxx New Member

    I was in Barcelona not too long ago for work and went to Apricots near Camp Nou. Absolutely amazing experience with one of their Brazillian girls for a great price...definitely one of the best agencies I've been to
  4. KyleThompson

    KyleThompson New Member

    I went to Barcelona some time ago for the first time, so I did a little research (I do it every time I'm visiting a new city) about sex tourism in Barcelona before arriving in the city. I found an overwhelming amount of independents, stripclubs, massage parlours and brothels, too.
    I decided to visit a couple of brothels, since it is usually a safe bet. I called them before coming because I wanted to check the escort girls available and good news! Madams and some escorts speak English, good for me, I was afraid not to be able to communicate with them. The first brothel I visited is called La Vie en Rose, it is clean, stylish and very well-located, rigtht in the upper side in Barcelona. The line up wasn't bad, but I had booked beautiful Michelle (she has pictures on the website), so I didn't pay much attention to the other girls. She was pretty and confident, so I almost run after her to reach the room. She definitely knew how to treat me, I could feel her experience running through her skilled hands and mouth (seriously, best titjob in my life). Then, I went to Perla Negra. It is way smaller than La Vie en Rose, but it is also stylish and discrete. It is located near Sants station, so it was the last place I visited before taking a train to the airport, heheh. This time, I hadn't booked an escort, so I waited for the line up hoping I liked one of them at least. It was my lucky day, I found Martha, a brunette Spanish escort. I picked her up because of her great attitude. I wasn't hoping this experience was going to be better than dating Michelle, but I must say that Martha beat all my expectations since the first DFK she welcomed me with. I was happy to find she performed a-levels (I always have problems to find escorts who enjoy this service) for a little extra money I didn't mind paying. Total damage was 300 euros (150 Michelle and 150 Martha), but I think it was worthy ;)

    happy punting!
  5. Anthony Coopers

    Anthony Coopers New Member

    I have to thank you for this recommendation!

    I had a look at the Apricots website whilst in Barcelona and saw they had another location that's more I ended up going there and what a great time I had!

    I was spoilt for choice when it came to choosing a girl- a real nightmare for an indecisive person like me haha. I went with a gorgeous Dominican girl called Eliza with HUGE TITS and all-round great body. Take a look:

    I couldn't believe how good the prices were considering how good the facilities are and what a good time I had! I definitely left Apricots a happy man. Thanks Eliza x
  6. Henry

    Henry New Member

    Mrharixx and Anthony Coopers, thanks for your reviews. I went there a couple of days ago, and I must admit that it was a good experience. Maybe not the best of my life, but for sure a really good one! The girl I picked was really nice, and talkative, taking initiative. She was looking ok. But i have to say that I prefer when the girls come to my hotel instead of going there, because even if the agency was clean and i felt secure there, it's not "natural" enough for me seeing how everyone choose the girls as if they were buying food... but this is from my personal opinion. I could recommand this agency!
  7. Lucke

    Lucke New Member

    I went to Barcelona on a holiday trip and I went to Apricots. The place is very clean and the girls are very beautiful, nothing to deal with basic striper style. I had a very good time there, the environment helps you to relax and appreciate the moment. I really recomment you this place, the girls are just amazingly hot and beautiful.
  8. KyleThompson

    KyleThompson New Member

    What does "basic striper style" mean to you? I've met tons of gorgeous strippers! hahaha
  9. JackyJay

    JackyJay New Member

    I hooked up with a girl from No hustle and you get what you want. Plenty to choose from over there and all mostly incall/outcall options. Had a great time there!
  10. ianod

    ianod New Member

    Okay guys. Visited Apricots tonight. Both girls were great Isabella first but she couldn't make me cum, Then Wendy
    Both were good looking but no English.
    Apricots try to look like VIP but in reality they are just another knocking shop.
    Prices were great and no con attempts which is a real plus
    Would I go back ? Yes
    Why ? Price was great and the girls are beautiful but don't expect too much. I thought that it would be really a nice place but you walk in and placed straight into a room where the girls come in and introduce themselves. You pick one and its really just the normal... Hello baby etc. I would have paid double for more of a GFE from them
  11. ConnorLiam

    ConnorLiam New Member

    Once I visited Apricots brothels and always came out quite satisfied. Also I was in Felina, a recommendable local too. In both places the deal has always been nice and discreet, a very important point for me. Now, I always visit locals because one time I didn’t have a good experience with an independent girl.
  12. Georgexxx

    Georgexxx New Member

    I've come to share my latest experience in Barcelona.
    At the beginning of April, I was with some mates from work and we went to a club ( after reading some recommendations on forums. A few girls introduced themselves and I chose an Italian that seemed very attractive to have a good time with. I started by getting my head in her tits and then I had a little bit of titfuck. My great moment arrived when she got down on me and started a great BBBJ with DT included, but no BBBJTCIM. Neither I had anal sex, but I liked how she fucked me cowgirl style. Although we spoke different languages and English wasn't her mother tongue, she tried to talk to me and be friendly.
    That's the only night club I can recommend you, good luck my friend!
  13. Mikel Gimenez

    Mikel Gimenez New Member

    Hot threesome with hot and young latin escorts, I had a great time enjoying them and letting them enjoy me!!! Come on in and don't let this opportunity escape from your hands.

    "Artistic" name:
    Caty Catalina and Dani Daniela 18
    Nationality (or probable origin): Both from Colombia
    Age (In appearance and/or advertised): Caty is 22 years old and Dani 18 years old
    Fake photos or with too much post processing?: What you see is what you get
    Face description: Both are pretty, Caty with a lustful gaze that hooks you, Dani with a bad girl face, both with kissy lips
    Body description: Dani is small with a round butt and hard small breasts, natural and teen like hard too, you may find a tattoo on her body, Caty is taller with a hard ass, enticing natural breasts
    Description of her personality: Both are kinky, they like to tease.
    Clothing: School uniform with a touch of a rebel attitude.
    Smoker: --

    Mobile phone: Dani´s +34 651457283 and Caty´s +34 603533314
    Address: Provença street crossing with Marina street.
    Hours of operation: All week long.
    Ambience/Ornamentation: Gigantic room, its more like a living room with a sofa and a bar, a lot of mirrors in every place of the room which allow you to see every part of the action. I give it an 8.

    Date of the service: Thursday, last week.
    Hired rate (en €): 100 euros half an hour with the two of them
    Other advertised rates: 160 euros with the two of them.
    Duration of the service: 30 minutes without any rush to kick me out, I was able to find the timeslot because they have a lot of demand.
    Kisses/French Kisses?: Yes both of them
    Oral sex (With/Without Condom)/ Deepthroat?: Yes, really well performed, I haven´t felt Caty's BJ before, and I have to say it is excellent and there are no words to describe the two of them doing it at the same time.
    Cunnilingus?: Yes to both of them
    Anal sex?: No, if their little cunt is tight, her little asshole it is even more tight.

    I have been looking forward to be with them together for a long time, I have been with Dani before a lot of times and I knew Caty because Dani introduced her to me before.
    I was near the zone where they work and I thought maybe I could arrange a date with her, I received confirmation from Dani and she warned me to be on time because they managed to squeeze a date with me in between two other services (that's the reason for being only 30 minutes) so I hurried to be on time.
    When I arrived Caty was the one who opened the door, Dani was still busy, she took me to the little room where I took off my clothes and went to the shower, when I was back in the room and to take advantage of the time hired Caty started kissing me, she did a BJ while I was standing up and then Dani appeared, which told us to go tho the big room which will be better for us, she was preparing it for us.
    So they helped me moving my stuff and both Caty and Me naked we went to the room, I continued doing what I was doing with Caty on the bed, until Dani joined us, both kissing me, then Dani doing a bj while Caty kisses me, she kisses really well.
    Caty lifted the situation up quickly, I was sat down on the sofa while she was on her knees performing a great BJ, While I was masturbating Dani which was sat down next to me with her legs open to me, she was touching her breasts and she looked me with a gaze of desire.
    I asked both of them to do a BJ to me it was pure apotheosis, and I came on Caty's mouth, fantastic.
    Relaxed and with no time to spare, I told them that I needed a shower and continue working, me and them.
    While I was dressing up a bit of a chit-chat with Dani since I hadn't seen her in a good while and talk to Caty a bit to tell her I will be looking forward to have a date with her alone.
    Assessment of her involvement:Excellent, both of them.
    Final Assesment: (The best/worst) Really positive, although I would recommend to be with them no less than hour, I knew 30 minutes wouldn't be enough time to enjoy, this week I didn't had more time available and the didn't had more time which stressed me a bit.


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