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    Finally time to write my review about my experience with a Thai escort.
    Normally I take a bargirl but beside that most of them hardly speak English and not all are trustable, we all know the conditions where they have to work under so this time an escort.

    I took Kitty for 24 hours. We started with a nice lunch and there I saw already this girl is more then a hooker or any bargirl I did before. Back to the hotelroom showed that she was great in bed. After we showered together I got a great BJ and a long lapdancing. She is hot.

    Time for dinner. We went to a jazzbar/restaurant. You do not have to worry people will look at you and thinking again such an old guy with a hooker. Kitty was dressed as a high educated independent woman. A girl everyone would like to be on his side. Back to the hotel happened what is happening when you have an escort. Damned. But best of all was the morningfuck. Even I did not start at all she took me on her and moved as if she did not have sex for ages. After a nice shower together, breakfast and some great talking she had to leave but not before she got my trousers down again for a last BJ.

    After this experience I regret I took bargirls before. I can only advise for those who are looking for a great girl to be with to visit her page.

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    Link Of Her Page Please :)
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    i want it too

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