Erotic Adventures in Berlin

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    Hi there! As the Hospitality Agent of Germany’s Best Sex Party at the Erlebniswohnung, it is my pleasure to inform you of our new, unbeatable all-inclusive erotic holiday package in one of Europe’s most amazing cities, BERLIN!
    This all-inclusive offer includes
    - Lodging at a hotel in very close proximity to the Gangbang party
    - Free access to our buffet (warm and cold) as well as beverages, coffee, soft drinks and non-alcoholic drinks at all times during the party
    - Free wifi as well as the possibility to use our facilities to print any documents you need.
    - Participation in what was coined the Best Sex Party in Germany in 2016, with many different beautiful girls, all day long!
    - Since this offer is geared exclusively towards tourists, please be aware that you are free at any time to leave the party and come back as you please, should you want to view more of Berlin, than the beautiful ladies it has to offer at our parties.
    ALL of this for the price of only 149,-€ per person/day. The prices for longer durations can be seen here.
    Our Suites are situated in the Venus Palace, which you can view here.
    Please do not hesitate to contact me about this offer, or with any questions you may have, I look forward to hearing from you!

    Hospitality Agent – Erlebniswohnung Berlin. The best parties in town!
  3. luxor

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    i`ve never been in Berlin
  4. Catherine

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    I love Berlin.

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