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    I usually avoid taking girls from Fields and especially from far down Fields but Thursday night my mate and I wandered into Dragons Den to see how the talent was. I saw this cute girl with great smile and nice rack dancing away so I had to see if she was interested in having a chat. We chatted and I asked if she was interested in going LT and she said yea no problem so off we went. She is 21 and no babies from Mindanao. Once in the bed I asked her about working there and she gave me the complete 411 on her experiences with guys that have taken her out of the bar. She said most her customers are American, Australian or Japanese. She said Korean guys don't like her because she is very dark skin. She said the Japanese guys are the best because they are small and usually only go ST, they last 3-5 pumps and at most they are in the room for 30 minutes plus 500-1000 tip. I was able to get a few pics but she was very shy with taking pics.Attached Thumbnails
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    Good work on finding this cutie. I'll be in AC tomorrow night, for one night only on my way through to Patts.

    Drop me a line if you're in town and want to grab a beer.

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