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    I have gone to the Dominican Republic several times and really like it. The women are hot very sexy. They are around the same price as Thailand from what I read about Thailand. $45 st $80 all night. I have did the all inculusive meals drinks room and chica for 24 hours. And I have did the hotels like Black beards and Field Of Dreams both of the are on the north coast. On the south coast I have stayed at Tropical Adult Vacations. I have stayed with TAV 4 times this is my favorite place americans own it and they have a manger in Boca Chica Named Paco all I can say is if you want something tell Paco and it will happen. The word is Paco can make pussy fall out of the sky. you are in a 6 room hotel 20 feet from the beach the chicas are getting you your drink or your ciggerett or if you want something to eat they this great reasurant that is like 40 yards down the beach you can go and order anything off there meune. Or if you don't fell like walking to the reasurant they delever it to you. the have a great deck thats 20feet from the oscean with tables chairs and beach lounges. no matter what body style or light or dark they got them they have spinners they got the ones with the tits and ass you just want to bite on an pray for lock jaw. Just about every night I was going into the oscean with ether 1 or 2 skinny dipping and fooling around in the sea. Last time I was there I was there for 5nights 6 days it was $400 a night NOW BEFORE you all start sayimg wow that a lot of money let me tell you what I got for that first off Paco is at the airport to pick you up takes you to the resort where you will have a line up of any where of 10 to 16 chicas. You pick the one that is hot as hell to you and you go up to your room to say hi to each ehether. Oh I for got you are drinking Presentenedt beer from the time he picks you up at the airport and at the resort. Now I was also doing shots of tokilyou. Mario who is the bartender will and can make any drink you might like. As you are there for the day they have stuff for you to do beside the chicas. they have a pool table there for you and a ping pong table. Plus they have a jet ski for you to ride, a boat they can take you out for a ride or fishing if you like. Plus Paco will take you to a strip club and a nice diner. There is a whole lot I am leaving out mostly because the booz has kick in. But when you leave Paco take you and your chica to the airport One thing I will say is if you go once you will want to go again. Now it is a lot easyer for me beause I live on the east coast so it is like a 4 hour trip for me. But there are guests from the UK Spain India really all over. Once you go there you want to go back. I am sorry I did not mean to write a novel. But any questons pleas ask.
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    Thanks for sharing. Any pics ?
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    No I got to many people at home to keep any.
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    Been to Tropical Adult Vacations, for me it wasn't wroth it, for one Boca Chica is one of the worst places to be the service is horrible, the sellers/vendors constantly harass you, you have to sleep with one eye open check out some of the reviews for Boca Chica on Tripadvisor. TAV wasn't too bad and their service is great for Boca Chica but the girls are not all that I mean their 5-6s you may get a 7 if your lucky and forget about having a conversation with any of the girls, for the money I spend at TAV I would had rather gone with another company with better location and higher quality girls.
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    they shut down TAV in cape coral, i live in ft myers. iS there a way we can connect with PACO in Boca Chica whereby he can arrange for us to setup with some girls and a place to stay, i believe the alberta hotel we stayed at is owned by the people in us that have been indited for human trafficing. So if got contact info for paco please pass it on to my email [email protected]
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    can you pass info on how i can contact paco to make arrangements since the shut tav down. paco still has connections.

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