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Discussion in 'Pattaya' started by mui, Jul 9, 2014.

  1. mui

    mui New Member

    has any one use'd the devil's den,and if so can they recommend it and tell us about it.
  3. Robert

    Robert New Member

    My mate had a girl from there recently.

    Short time deal. All booked online. Girl turned up on time, was sexy and did what it said on the tin.

    Not a bad option DD if you fancy a certain thing and don't know where to get it.
  4. Casanova

    Casanova New Member

    I have been a few times.

    As mirky said you get what it says on the tin. I have never had a bad time there can sometimes be a bit mechanical.

    They will try and get you to spunk as much as you can in 90 minutes.

    I think you should give it a go.
  5. mui

    mui New Member

    i was looking at there web site, and under profiles it tells you exactly what the girls will do and not do,and its 3600thb for two girls for 90 min plus tip so probably 4000 all in
  6. 4river

    4river New Member

    You can take one girl, only if you ask for about half the price. They specialise in threesomes because they make more money.
  7. Cerberus

    Cerberus New Member

    Not 100% correct 4river. In-house service is a minimum of two ladies. Out-call, i.e. back to your hotel, you may take one lady only. We are delighted to provide either service subject to your needs and fantasies. ;)

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