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  1. Fordtech

    Fordtech New Member

    Had a great time last night at Trivia night even thou once again I did very bad on the trivia questions. I did have to bring home a very cute little dancer and see if I could do a better job with her than I did at the trivia questions. Great girl, lots of fun. She loves to have her pic taken and wanted to have some pics with my flag from the US, I hope I didn't disgrace the flag to much.Attached Thumbnails
  3. bergrobgeil

    bergrobgeil New Member

    Excellent find, Fordtech!

    I don't think you disgraced the flag at all. Matter of fact, I'm feeling all patriotic and considering switching allegiances.....

    I'm particularly impressed with Pic #8 (with the tongue hanging out) which captures the moment nicely. Gave you a +1 for that alone.
  4. tylor

    tylor New Member

    long as she didn't burn it, I think you're okay. not much different from one of those flag bikinis except that it comes off a little easier.
  5. ThaiMax

    ThaiMax New Member

    I had great times at Det5 as well. Never had her, but did have other girls from that place. Perimeter road clubs are cool.

    Did you go to that new one not far from Det5, it's called Banana bar or Banana Peel or Banana something?
    Got to see quite some nudity in there...
  6. older_admirer

    older_admirer New Member

    nice . james hat yai
  7. travelling_bob

    travelling_bob New Member

    she is cute and i love her smile :)
    Det5, i'll have to pass by that bar in november i think ;-)

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