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Discussion in 'NightLife South America' started by Loca, Mar 26, 2012.

  1. Loca

    Loca New Member

    Can you please share some information about cuba - nigh clubs, hotels, places to visit...chicks :)
  3. Casanova

    Casanova New Member

    I am always bewildered by the stereotype that Sex and Cuba is the same. Where I come from, Cuba is not famous for sex, the beauty of its men or its women. Having lived in Cuba for some time, my understanding is that their attitude to sex is no more different than the one we have at home. It's just people in a hot country having sex without too many inhibitions, quite normal. Things are a bit more liberal than in other L.American countries because the burden of religion is not so heavy, but I don't find Cuba to be any sort of sex paradise or sex hell. A normal place like all, if somewhat sleepier (in allsectors of life, except for music which is the one time all Cubans seem to suddenly become amazingly active) than your average country out there.
  4. Casanova

    Casanova New Member

    Talking about sex tourism, I am not sure there is a "current growth in sex tourism". Quite the opposite, sex trade in Cuba is much less prevalent than a few years ago, although far from eliminated or non-apparent. Many sex tourists seem to have discovered new destinations and are luckily leaving Cuba behind, as its "fashion" has passed and its government adopted laws that can deter (to some extent) sex tourists.
  5. Calvin

    Calvin New Member

    After the revolution, I think the following forces influenced the actual sexual practices in Cuba.

    1) Diminishment of influence of the Catholic Church
    2) Sexual revolution worldwide
    3) poverty
    4) Difficulties in excelling in other areas of life.

    When human beings are not able to dedicate ourselves to commerce, or religion, or other self directed activities, we are left with sexuality.
  6. Calvin

    Calvin New Member

    Let's talk about positive things anyway:

    Ah, the nightlife in Cuba ... it's legendary. There's just magic in the night. Something about the trade winds, the people, the sights, the smells, the sounds, ... it all makes for a truly unique place and experience. The Cubans, irregardless of their economic conditions, have never lost their passion for partying. I promise you, if you haven't danced the Salsa under a Habana moon, you haven't lived ...
  7. Alexander

    Alexander New Member

    Huh dude, totally agree....
    La Rumba in Varadero beach is a pretty wild and exciting bar on certain nights of the week. They have a bubble machine on the ceiling, and the dance floor was about a foot deep with bubbles while we were there. If you're okay with the concept of "anything goes" then you will probably have a fun time at La Rumba by finding some local chicks who with great pleasure will spend a night with for affordable price
  8. Alexander

    Alexander New Member

    The emphasis of Cuban tourism is on dancing, be it salsa and Latin dance styles, R&B, hip hop or rock. Most venues now feature matinées, aimed at young Cubans with entrance in pesos, which have a more authentic vibe. It's always worth checking out the cream of Havana's hotels, which provide the venue for big name bands. The Nacional usually has a great Saturday night line-up with home-grown Grammy winning favourites Los Van Van often taking time out from the global circuit.
    Prices start at 25 CUC, or including dinner 40 CUC

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