Couldn't Reel Them In

Discussion in 'Main Thailand forum.' started by long9john, May 17, 2013.

  1. long9john

    long9john New Member

    My trip to Oz last week reminded me of the mortality of the non-SEA world.

    I was in Perth last week on business and knowing it was not a mongering paradise, ended up at the Universal Bar just for a drink after dinner. I was neither expecting nor prepared for anything.

    By chance found 2 birds in late 20 early 30's who were out for a good time. One was visiting lecturer in from the UK and the other was a local nurse. Neither was a working girl, but just letting it loose. Ended up chatting them up and sharing a cab to the casino area to a bar (forgot the name, but at the Hilton?) for more drinks. Once there and after a few more rounds, discovered both had nipple piercings, but on opposite nipples. I am sure those closest enjoyed the short but sweet mini-show. Conversation turned to going home which ended up with them propositioning me for the both to my hotel room. I thought I had hit the jackpot without even going to the casino!

    Had a very enjoyable night with lots of fun, right up until the hotel room entry and on the bed with the skirt pulled up and piling my face into some bush when they both decided to call it off...none of us had condoms!!!!!!!

    Talk about a let down and and change of scenery..they both apologized profusely and buggered off, leaving me with a very hard problem to solve.

    Surely, everyone else has had a similar experience or am I the only one left with my pants around my ankles ...
  3. sukhuman

    sukhuman Member

    Did you check the pockets of your pants?
  4. long9john

    long9john New Member

    I believe, at least this is what I am telling myself with as much positive affirmation that I can, is that being nurses, the no condom issue was a deal breaker. Like I said, I really wasn't prepared and obviously meither were they for a night of enlightenment LOS style.

    The only positive note from this all was that I ended up taking a taxi back to the casino and won enough cash at the blackjack table to replace the entertainment and bar tab cost
  5. agentbond007

    agentbond007 New Member

    But what did you do about the raging hard on ????

    Or do we need ask.
  6. long9john

    long9john New Member

    I will pass along those wise words of the old Chinese philosopher who once said "He who go to bed with sex on his mind wake up with solution in his hand"
  7. linje11

    linje11 New Member

    kind of true there long9john!!

    Cheers, Tman
  8. squilla

    squilla New Member

    Ah dude.
    Why didnt you pop down to the reception and get one from there?
  9. bresdo

    bresdo New Member

    At least in LOS or at least the hotel I stayed in there was a condom on top of the mini bar.
  10. mikS

    mikS New Member

    The Hotel is Burswood Hotel. I grew up in Perth. Still got nothing going for it unless you want a large country town that closes at 5pm daily...... Theres a few escort agencies/brothels nearby. One within walking distance unless it's closed down.
    Nice hotel you stayed at.
  11. kmcgrath10

    kmcgrath10 New Member

    well you could still have gotten a BJ and let the girls go down on each other

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