Cheap Sex with Quality Girls Prague or Budapest ?

Discussion in 'NightLife Europe' started by Dave, Apr 12, 2013.

  1. Dave

    Dave New Member

    Hey Guys,

    Someone from Personal/Past experience if can suggest me, If someone is looking for Cheap sex but with quality girls which means reasonably good looking young girls. What would be a better option Prague or Budapest ?

    Thanks !

  3. zah8

    zah8 New Member

    Have never been in Budapest but I would certainly recommend Prague. Its an awesome city. You have this nice mix of safe city with western comfort but with a wilder eastern spirit. In Prague, pretty much anything goes. Girls know how to have fun, aren't shy of pretty much anything and also loves to have some fun. Most of the time you even don't have to pay for an escort but you can pick up girl in some bar after few drinks. Maybe Budapest is even better in this but I have never been there. As paid sex goes, there is some forum to review these services that is called svetaci or you can browse trough some catalogs. Prague is also great scene for erotic massages. There are many great parlors. I would mark this one the best but depends on the taste. Certainly something you don't wanna miss out.
  4. HollyMolly55

    HollyMolly55 New Member

    There is always a place where you can find a girl for a sex, but have you ever tried for example a tantra massage? I believe all of us have tried sex in life, but I would say that a lot of people even do not know, what tantra massage is. If you ever visit Prague, I can recommend you this massage salon ( ). It is my the most favourite in Prague and it is worth it every penny.

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