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Discussion in 'Bangkok' started by aprilman, Jul 9, 2014.

  1. aprilman

    aprilman New Member

    Just bought a ticket with Singapore Airlines for Feb-March from their website

    Outgoing Perth - Singapore - Bangkok
    Return Manila - Singapore - Perth


    Unbelievable. Never had them so cheap.

    Same dates
    Perth-Bangkok return with SIA is $569
    Perth-Manila return with SIA is $544

    Usual fares are around the $1150-1250 mark

    Of course there are conditions. No refunds, no changing dates, no Kris Flyer points but at that price who cares.

    In 1980 we used to fly same Perth-Bangkok via Singapore for about $575, Roughly the same going to Manila as well plus we had to have an overnight in Singapore which added to the costs.

    Cheapest we ever got was in Sept 1982 when Qantas started direct flights to Bangkok from Perth. This was the era of the Apex fares in Oz. We got an opening flight special of around $520. I have never flown internationally with Qantas since !!

    So now I have to book my flight from Bangkok to Manila. Kuwait Airways again $228. Plus my internal flights in Oz I used my frequent flyer points so only cost me $57 in taxes

    So Home-Perth-Singapore-Bangkok-Manila-Singapore-Perth-Home for a grand total of $860. I got 4 hour layovers in Perth and 2 -2 1/2 hour stopovers in Singapore.

    Even the poxy budget airlines (Air Asia, Tiger etc) can't do it for that price and even if they could I would never fly with them on long haul flights anyway.

    I'm a happy camper.
  3. mui

    mui New Member

    Baz, no really cheap flights about at the moment here in the UK, but when you look at what I used to pay in the 90's they are still cheaper now in real terms.
    However I would say one thing airline wise that reall has gone to pot recently are the frequent flyer programs. In the past I've had some great great benefits, free flights, upgrades both free and with miles plus biz lounge use. But now most airlines programs are way less attractive or beneficial to most flyers than they where?
  4. jame9247

    jame9247 New Member

    Air fares from the uk just keep rising main reason being the government keep increasing the taxes:bigf inger
  5. Peter

    Peter New Member

    Etihad in february 448 pounds is not to bad.
  6. mui

    mui New Member

    TL, you are correct in that the government does keep putting up the tax, but a lot of what people think is tax is actually "other charges" including fuel surcharge that the airline puts on. And certainly fewer bargains around now than say 6 or 8 years ago. But I still maintain they are cheaper in real terms compared to earnings than 10 or 20 years ago.
  7. mui

    mui New Member

    Yes forgot they've got a sale on at the moment!
  8. aprilman

    aprilman New Member

    Actually my total fare was even cheaper than I thought. It was $548.44 and that includes the poxy $25 they charge to use a credit card

    Tickets: Adult - AUD210.00
    Airport/Government Taxes: Adult - AUD76.44
    Carrier Surcharges: Adult - AUD262.00
    Total: - AUD548.44

    Which is broken down even further here

    Airport/Government Taxes
    Passenger Movement Charge(AU) - AUD47.00
    Safety and Security Charge (Domestic/International) - AUD6.05
    Passenger Services Charge - Intl(WY) -AUD23.39

    Total Airport/Government Taxes -AUD76.44

    Carrier Surcharges
    Airline Fuel and Insurance Surcharge(YR) -AUD25.00
    Airline Insurance(YQAD) -AUD20.80
    Airline Fuel Surcharge(YQAC) -AUD216.20

    Total Carrier Surcharges -AUD262.00

    With Singapore Airlines:

    I still can pick my seat for free in advance (cost extra on the budget airlines)

    The economy seat is large & comfy with plenty of legroom. (The budgets are too close together and too small for my fat arse. Murder on medium to long haul flights)

    All meals drinks are free plus choice of meal (cost extra on budgets $3 small bottle of water FFS)

    20kg baggage allowance but you can put in 25kgs no problems (15kg with the budgets. Any extra is charged for. Check Cebu Pacific's horrific costs if you want to take 25kgs)

    Bags checked all the way through plus I can use the magnificent Changi airport terminals while in transit in Singapore. With the budget airlines, you leave the plane on the outside of the separate budget terminal at Singapore and hope it is not raining. You have to go through Immigration, pick up your baggage, go through Customs, walk outside, turn right, walk 200 yards then back in the terminal, wait 3-4 hours, get in the lines to check in, back through Immigration and into the departure terminal. Then you line up (no seating) to board the plane.

    It is the same rigmarole at KL with Air Asia although they do have seats in the departure holding area.

    It is not too bad but I would rather pay the extra to get the full service airline.

    I have done the budget airline experience twice and do not plan on doing it again. I'm getting older and like a bit of comfort
  9. Pak2f

    Pak2f Member

    Jetstar is a budget carrier and has a free water fountain in each cabin, how generous!
  10. mui

    mui New Member

    Just found a cheap flight myself , Etihad from Manchester via Abu Dhabi 475
  11. Peter

    Peter New Member

    This is a nightmare. Those who remains single are just trying to have a simple live.

    I am trying to book, for what is actually 3 families, and it is just not working out.

    1. I am easy, just going out with them and returning in April.

    2. My mum who is ok with the dates but is anal trying to save the odd 50 pounds in a 4.000 pounds plus airfares, so she is in fact is not ok with dates.

    3. My brother who wants to see some MU game in UK and his wife who does not want to travel on the cheapest date as the inbound flight is on one of theirs daughters birthday plus she is worried about time of work.

    Sometimes free trips are just not worth it.
  12. Peter

    Peter New Member

    Hi Bazzap,wow that is a great fare alright,i checked their website and the cheapest flight from Melb to Bkk return end of feb was showing as $1012.85.
  13. aprilman

    aprilman New Member


    He who hesitates is lost LOL

    Yeah you have to grab them when you can. There one day gone the next with Singapore Airlines.

    Back to $1160 now and would be a lot more if the $AU wasn't so strong
  14. Peter

    Peter New Member

    You can say that again Bazzap. All gone up now.
  15. Nick

    Nick New Member

    Booked my standard CNS/SYD/BKK return last week with Qantas and it's still around the $1,350 mark, same as last June !!!
  16. Peter

    Peter New Member

    Ok, all done. 490 pounds with Etihad 5.2.for my ticket. Took us about 4 hours to book everybody from Iceland to Thailand and back but we saved 700 pounds in the process.
  17. Pak2f

    Pak2f Member

    Last trip in Nov/Dec managed to get TG from Auck-Bang return direct for A$650, available only for 1 day, and had to depart within 3 days. Luckily being retired no problem for me, so paid for ticket Friday flew out on Sunday!
    A couple of days ago got ticket Auck-Bang again for June/July for A$655 with RBI, once again though had to be quick as offer disappeared 48 hours later!
    There are still excellent deals out there, if you can "Up & GO" at a moment notice, or no set holidays.

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