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  1. bondibrummie

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    shall be staying in the chalong area any good bars girls good times to be had.
  3. smellyman

    smellyman New Member

    G'day howzitgoing, wrong side if the island mate. I don't think you'll see much action there unless you know some Thai. Good trendy restaurants and romantic spots by the water. Apart from that i'm not too sure if the night scene. Thats my take in Chalong.
  4. sukhuman

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    There are plenty of beer bars stocked with old hags along the main road to Rawai. I doubt you will find any talent there worth writing home about.
  5. boudda

    boudda New Member

    You will find a small street, from the chalong pier to the harbour, with more 25 bars. Well known by the sailors.
    You have a small police shelter at the street entry. Try the three small streets on the right inside.
    Difficult not to find one here....
    Only karaoke bars in other chalong area. I do not recommend you
  6. Livinthedream

    Livinthedream New Member

    Change your hotel and get over the other side.
    Patong, Karon, Kata.
    Otherwise you have got a 20-30 minute motorcycle ride back and forth.
  7. NOM1S

    NOM1S New Member

    Laguna night club, along the main road to Rawai. After 2am it got quite a few girls looking for business and the odd ladyboy.
  8. SanukMahk

    SanukMahk New Member

    Sawadee Krap
    The above posts are missing the mark.. Now, I live in Rawai about 1.5KM south of the HaYek (boys, that IS the name of what you call Chalong Circle (means 5 corners and if you count them there are five. Are you ready Comming from the south you are on Vises (has about 4 names) at HaYek you have to the left Patek Rd to Kata, Chafa West to Central and Wat Chalong, ChaoFah East to Phuket Town and lastly Sunrise(often called Soi Ao Chalong or pier road) Point Well Taken. I trust!

    Day time Soi Ao chalong opens at 1pm or so with about 40 places ready to serve you. Massage/Bar etc. includiong the Sub Sois,
    Heading south on Vises ( I chose that name cause my addres is $%^ Vises Road) you'll not see some action a bit after SaiYuan 7/11 mostly when you hit the corner with Jasamine, Asia Bar (good to go all day and night, mai pang), and a new place then round the corner to OK Bar. Proceding down Vises to the Beach you'll find some daytime action but mostly at night. Turn right at the beach and many many more bars, Nioght action except Rainbow.... From the beach go to the end and head up Nai Harn to see many more bars Some LB action there, they start in the late afternoon. Many Many bars into Nai Harn and back to Rawai... Even on SaiYuan at night the place opens up. OK one more thing. There is an abvious glitch in the op's info.... You forgot Icon Night Club. The biggest skin joynt for Bar girls,Free Lancer farang, and Kateoy I prefer that to Laguna..... Take the road out the back way to Kata and it is the last action on you left... I love Patong... likely I've been there the most of the ops in this thread. But to say there is no action on the SE side HaYek, Rawai, NaiHarn is really doing a disservice to the board. But, what the heck it is Bull-A-Rama Land.. If any of you really visit this side and follow my directions you'll see.. Pleanty of action Enough typing as I have extolled about hasip hasip for the acion. Hoochie massage abounds...
  9. John_LIP

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    True most bars along Sunrise are filled with old hags but there are a few talented ones in between. You will need to look closely and things usually don't start till later in the evening. Last time I was there I met a younger lady, probably mid-20's. I'm pretty hard on grading looks but I would give her at least a 7, if not 8. Very pretty girl with a dancers body. Yes, the bars in Chalong pale in comparison to Patong but if you are in the area, look closely in the bars on Sunrise and you might find a nugget.

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