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Discussion in 'NightLife Asia' started by CowBoy, Mar 25, 2012.

  1. CowBoy

    CowBoy New Member

    Anyone know of cultures and traditions of sexual life in Central Asian countries like Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan?
  3. Steve

    Steve New Member

    There are many great irish pubs in Almata, Kazakhstan where you can chat with friends & have your favourite drinks. They're called: Dublin, Mad Murphey's, Dyken's, Guiness, etc. In Mad Murphey's there's billiards on the second floor. Nobody cares if u flirtwith a girl and take her to ur place after that. Dating and sexual affairs are quite opened and won't lead to any problem except if u flirt with a girl whose bf will be the part of some gang :)
  4. Steve

    Steve New Member

    what's more there are also a wide range of bars, cafes and clubs all over Kazakhstan. Astana and tourist resorts in Kazakhstan have some of the most popular clubs in the country. Whatever type of bar or club you are looking for, you will find it in Kazakhstan which are full of beautiful local, russian and ukrainian chicks who will get acquaintance with a great pleasure
  5. Hunter

    Hunter New Member

    Hey, I havent been partying in Almaty too much but I talked to quite a few young people about where do locals go to and here are the places they mentioned: "Copacabana" (Mametova Str.) with latin music, salsa etc., "Da Freak" with techno and such (in Panfilov Park, near the war memorial), "Cinema" club - not far from Da Freak, and finally "Up and Down" near the stadion at Shevchenko Street. All those clubs, i was told, open Friday and Sat, and some on Thu. That places are full of chicks that you can easily flirt with and go on with ur further dreams :) i am quite sure that places are intented to be for foreigners and if local girls visit those places it means they are ready for you and ur plans:p
  6. Hunter

    Hunter New Member

    but telling you the truth, it's hard to say about a really night life in KZ, moreover it's not so common to spend a whole evening or night drinking beer or coctail as it is in Germany, UK or Japan. People visiting bars for a short period of time just to rest and have a fun after work.
  7. Antonio

    Antonio New Member

    I had a russian girlfriend named Valeria, but she is from Kazakhstan. Eastern blood is so innocent and soft that makes her sexy owners more delicious and tasty. I felt in love from the first sight i saw her and i met her in a night club in Almaty, not quite sure about the name. Here i just wanna point on a thing that u really can meet a girl of your dream in any place in Kazakhstan. Sex is in each and every mind of there's population. Deffinitely it is not something public, but no one will refuse if u do the things right
  8. Robert

    Robert New Member

    Just stayed 1 night in hotel Uzbekistan for a stopover in Tashkent. Before I booked, I was already quite aware that this would be just an average big-scale hotel, and it turned out to be true. For short stay like this, you never expect much and indeed this hotel offers central location and affordable rate, the bar that is available there is full of high-class prostitutes for the bus man that doesn;t want to spend a time to flirt and chat with girls in night club. Just take them to ur hotel room for an affordable price and fulfill ur dirty dreams and fantasies expected from central-asian babes
  9. Alejandro

    Alejandro New Member

    "Da Freak" is a best place to meet some energetic young ladies looking for some free aclohol and sweet continuity of the night ;)
  10. Macho

    Macho New Member

    That's a sad story :( Central Asian countries even being the part of old USSR, could'n preserve the russian traditions of drinking Vodka till death)) They are more conservative, probably because most of the population are muslims
  11. Macho

    Macho New Member

    Uzbekistan as for my opinion is more closed towards tourist and especially sex tourism compared to kazakhstan. Kazakh people are more open-minded, or modernized in a sexual and intimacy matters
  12. Loca

    Loca New Member

    About Vodka u r totally right dude, russian people are machines, they seem to be never getting drunk or we cant see that because our head is always spinning before their do :) trying to fuck a russian chick be making her drunk is a bad idea...in the best case u will be the one fucked up first
  13. Coralee

    Coralee Guest

    Stay with this guys, you're helinpg a lot of people.
  14. Samptt

    Samptt Active Member

    At Bangkok soi 3 Sukhumvit u can find manny russian, Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan hookers :)
  15. The Nice Guest

    The Nice Guest New Member

    How I know, today they steal many traditions or positions from Indian culture and European. However, Asian's prefer to vary their sexual life. I know that, because one of my girlfriends lived in Bangkok and I haven't seen something really Asian in our sex :)
  16. Sir Thomas

    Sir Thomas New Member

    If you want to discover something new in Asian sex, then just search for a well-known pornstar Asa Akira. This babe is very cool and in her videos and mixes Asian and other cultures.
  17. Arthur

    Arthur Guest

    Well, living in Kazakhstan I think all of these comments are either lies or perhaps some guys get all the breaks. The Kazakh method is very discrete and secretive, and you have to know now to play games. Me, not being a game player, I strike out each and every time. In this part of the world if you look European you may do well. Otherwise, forget it!
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