1. Prevail

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    Right. I'm heading to Cebu this weekend and so the initial purpose of this thread is to get your best bar recommendations, tips and local knowledge so I can waste no time in getting stuck in to some mischief.

    The secondary purpose of this thread will be a place for me to document some of what I get up to.

    By the time we're done, this may well be the 'go to' thread for all things Cebu.

    Who is going to go first?!
  3. Prevail

    Prevail New Member

    Alright, I started this post weeks ago and have shamefully been so busy with finding a place to live and getting myself settled (and laid) that I haven't been active on here at all, so my apologies.

    So, where to start.

    So far, I've been pretty unimpressed by the local mongering scene, as I have found it to be largely overpriced and overly professional in terms of the girls attitudes (The fact the the 4 weeks prior to my arrival were split between Patts and Angeles City which in that order are the two best mongering locations I've found so far doesn't help Cebu, asI was always going to have high expectations).

    After checking out some of the cluster or bars near Mango (Sisters, Viking, Viking next door) and finding average girls who gave pretty average lays (for more Peso than they deserved) I've actually found myself turning to the dark (or possibly light, depending on your definition) side these last couple of weeks and have been ploughing through as many of the local OGs as possible. It turns out that if, like me, you prefer less professional, more natural LBFMs that still know how to fuck like jackrabbits then all you need to do is head on down to a restaurant, bar, cafe, supermarket, department store, etc smile and say hello to the cutest member of staff in there. After a bit of chatting about the usual shit "where do you stay" "what do you do for fun" (when asked, every single Pinay girl will tell you some combination of singing, dancing, shopping, cooking or badminton), it's then time to find out when their shift ends, arrange to meet for coffee and then actually take them for a proper drink instead followed by a taxi back to your place.

    Good times.

    Don't worry though, this is not the end of my mongering here.

    In a subsequent post I'll tell you about the OG I met whose family owns a ridiculously expensive KTV (pronounced "Whorehouse full of Korean guys") which I got taken to a few days ago and now that I'm settled in and have something resembling a work schedule the general mongering activities will recommence.

    This is my first proper thread on here, so if I'm going into too much detail, or not enough or just getting somewhat off topic then don't hesitate with the constructive criticism, to ask questions or contribute your own tips and experiences!
  4. ThisGuy

    ThisGuy New Member

    You're doing great, Prevail. I am looking forward to your further adventures. Keep it up.

  5. bergrobgeil

    bergrobgeil New Member

    I must admit that I've been eagerly awaiting your tales of debauchery or (even better) some photos or videos of your filipino conquests, but alas... only a trickle-feed of information so far.

    I figured that you were somewhat pre-occupied so all is forgiven - for now! I know that you have a knack of breaking hearts (both BG and OG) - after all you left a trail of destruction behind in Pattaya, so I'm not surprised by this mini-report and I do look forward to some more detail once you catch your breath.

    I'm particularly interested in the KTV that you mentioned - not that I would necessarily want to go... but I'm curious.
  6. Prevail

    Prevail New Member

    Alright, alright! Here goes. So Friday night I went out on a date with an OG I'd met in the mall earlier in the week. She was pale skinned, dressed really smartly (kind of like a young western business woman) and had a kind of forced, faux-American accent Basically, she was different from the rest of the Pinay girls I've met so far and I like variety (it's the spice of life, after all). This one wasn't prepared to give it up for what I like to call a "same night lay" (SNL will be the acronym I use for this, going forward). Despite that, there was something about her and I agreed to a date a couple of days later. Fast forward to Friday and the date is setup, she's insisted on bringing a friend (like so many of them do), not a problem as I brought my trusty wingman and he knows how to handle the friends.

    I'm still plugging these chicks for information as much as anything else as I'm building a personal database of different bars/restaurants/venues/etc with different characteristics, layouts and vibes so that I know where to take who on a night out. Call it local knowledge. Anyhow, continuing in this spirit I told her to suggest somewhere to go and she picked Maya, a really high end mexican restaurant/cocktail bar that I was woefully underdressed for. Still, fuck it - my mistake for not getting the specifics before we met. We stuck around for one of their famed bloody marys (which by the way, was actually astonishingly good... an reassuringly expensive by PI standards, at close to $6 a pop). We then span the wheel again and let them suggest somewhere a bit more low key, I told her to take us somewhere dark and dingy, it didn't translate well and we ended up at Emerald, an Irish pub. Not what I was looking for either and also it was pub quiz night so we didn't go in.

    Anyway, to the meat of the story. She told us she knew somewhere we'd like - a KTV. I (half) jokingly told her I hate karaoke and anyone that sings it, but she assured me it'd be to my liking.

    We pulled up outside Arena KTV, it's hidden round the back of kind of an industrial estate near Radisson Blu and SM Mall and as soon as we pulled up outside, I knew exactly what was going on inside.

    As we entered we were greeted by I'd guess around 25-30 Pinays all dressed in nice, short, somewhat revealing dresses, set to the background of marble columns and staircases. To the right of me was a pair of couches, crammed full of yet more girls and to the left, the same. After greeting my date's aunt, who runs the place and saying hello the Filipino dwarf cigarette vendor we proceeded up the stairs to our private "karaoke room". I should point out, at this point, the entrance fee of 400 peso has been waived and so has the 5000 peso private room fee. I'm here with the owners family and not going to be doing any mongering tonight, sadly.

    In the room, there's a videoke machine, two large, long couches and a private CR (Comfort Room, which is what Filipinos call the WC/toilet/bathroom/restroom/whatever). There is also a large window looking down onto all of the main, well, Arena.

    The layout downstairs is very similar to alot of the table dancing clubs in London - lots of couches and comfy chairs spread out around the place, but unlike London, with the exception of two large, bald white guys with their mongering faces on, these seats are all filled with Korean gentlemen.

    The main stage takes the format of a catwalk, much like the kind I imagine you'd see at a fashion show. The shows they have on there consist of some sexy dancing, no real nudity, some pop-star-back-up-dancer-style choreographed dancing and one guy who was one half dressed like a man(beard and everything) and the other half as a woman(no beard on that side) and actually had a pretty decent singing voice. The entertainment here was actually genuinely entertaining, unlike the typical half-assed gyrating I'm used to in the go-go bars I frequent in Patts.

    Right, back to the room. I explored the menu to find the expected overpriced liquors, many of which sold only by the bottle and interestingly found the section on lady drinks. Unlike the establishments I'm used to, lady drinks are priced by the hour and will run you about $12, per lady.

    Now, as previously mentioned, I was here with the owners family and supposedly on a date so I had to be somewhat behaved. By despite that after seeing the 'line ups' that were happening in the few private karaoke rooms across from ours whose curtains were still open, I asked if we could have one.

    Sure enough, the crammed in at least 20 of what I'm told was the finest selection. At this point, were I on my own it'd be time to pick a very expensive host (or two) for the evening. But instead I just smiled and gave them all my mongering eyes for a while before they were all shuffled along to the next private room for the next line up.

    Overall, the standard of women was pretty decent, but only one or two stunners in the whole place.

    I never got a chance to get into the mechanics of exactly how you'll go about fucking one of the hostess girls once they're in your karaoke room and how much you'll end up paying, but I can tell you this. There's no way you'll get in this place, have a couple of drinks, get laid and get out for less than $200 and the chicks were quite professional acting and no hotter than the OGs you'll find at a regular bar. I'm pretty sure places like this in Cebu exist soley to serve the Korean market who seem content to pay well over the odds for the same (or even in some cases, lower standard of) service than the western crowd. Also, every single Pinay girl I've spoken to, without exception claims they would never, ever go with a Korean guy - so maybe the regular bars are out of the question for them? Who knows.

    Right, my air con broke earlier, it's hot as hell in here and I'm still waiting for the repairman, so right now I'm gonna go get in the pool and cool off while the OG I spent the night with finishes making me my damn breakfast. She doesn't know it yet, but later she's going to clean my bathroom too
  7. bergrobgeil

    bergrobgeil New Member

    Thanks Prevail for that excellent report. All that detail helped give a vivid mental picture. Worthy of a +1

    Must say that it didn't take you long to get your own "live-in" cleaning lady.
  8. Prevail

    Prevail New Member

    Haha, don't worry. When my bathroom floor has been mopped, she's hitting the bricks - got another date tonight.
  9. ThisGuy

    ThisGuy New Member

    I wish we had the opportunity to meet when you were in Pattaya. I like your style. A plus for sure on that post.

  10. Prevail

    Prevail New Member

    At the risk of turning this thread into a circle jerk, I've read many of your posts and threads in the past and I'm fairly certain we'll get along when we eventually do meet.
  11. Prevail

    Prevail New Member

    Brief update this morning, not so much about Cebu, but specifically my little corner of it. Got aforementioned 'KTV girl' or ("rich girl" as my wingman and I refer to her in conversation for simplicity) back to my place last night and had a hilarious breakdown in communication. Basically, before blowing me she neglected to tell me that she does not and has never let a guy cum in her mouth and I neglected to tell her beforehand that I'm an asshole and don't give any formal warning before I blow my load in a girl's mouth (besides some subtle twitching of my cock).

    Never seen such a violent and hilariously over-dramatic response to taking a shot in the mouth before, she spat it everywhere and even had the nerve to give me a light-hearted telling off. It was classic.

    She still made us breakfast this morning and right now, is cleaning the condo like so many before her.

    Good times.
  12. bergrobgeil

    bergrobgeil New Member

    @ prevail - you are the man! Had me in stitches.

    I do hope you told her it had nutritional value:

    Fructose sugarWaterAscorbic acid (a.k.a., vitamin C)Citric acidEnzymesProteinPhosphate and bicarbonate buffers (bases)Zinc
    Next time hopefully it won't get wasted and she won't need to clean up.
  13. confidential

    confidential New Member


    You forgot to mention whether your wing-man got laid that night or did he just crash and burn? Does he get the same reactions from the Flippas as the Thais? I'll let you fill in the others on what I'm talking about.

    You have good muscle control. Just wait until you spray her hair with your man-yoghurt. Needless to say, my "resident cleaning lady" didn't cook me breakfast that morning. She refused to accept my claims of the benefits to hair and skin as well as the high protein content.

    Unlike you, I am the perfect gentleman in these situations - well, er... almost! I will always give a 10 second cuntdown warning and explode in 5!

  14. ThisGuy

    ThisGuy New Member

    I definitely like your style, Prevail. A plus again.

  15. Prevail

    Prevail New Member

    Thanks for this, I'm literally going to cut and paste that into an email to her after I finish this post!

    Wingman is doing fine actually. His handicap when we're in Asia, for those of you that don't know, is that whilst he's American, his parents are both Vietnamese. This means he is constantly mistaken for being Thai when we're in Thailand and Filipino when we're in the Philippines. In Thailand this is an especially big problem as none if the chicks in patts want anything to do with what they're sure is a Thai man. Sometimes it's hard even getting him into bars!

    In the Philippines there's not so much of that, mainly because they speak English and it's easy to explain and also because these are normal girls who have no objection (and often no other choice but) to date their own kind as there are nowhere near as many white people here as in Patts and most of them don't seem to be tourists.

    So far we've got a solid system whereby we tell any chick we meet to set the other one of us up with their hottest friend. We've even managed to daisy chain/leap frog ourselves into a position with the two girls in my condo right now where we're both fucking chicks twice removed from the original set (if that makes any sense?).

    These are girls we've fucked already and weren't planning to call again for a while but they offered to come cook for us if we let then frolic in the pool for a while. That's dinner, breakfast and my laundry taken care of then. My one knows Better than to spit, too.

  16. bergrobgeil

    bergrobgeil New Member

    Don't forget to tell her about the research conducted by North Carolina State University which suggested that women who ingested ejaculate one to two times per week on average over a ten year period actually had lower incidence of breast cancer.

    I do love those universities for their contribution to the betterment of humanity.
  17. Prevail

    Prevail New Member

    We should all put in to send those fine men and (probably no) women at North Carolina State a beer!
  18. Prevail

    Prevail New Member

    By the way, please excuse the numerous typos I'm spotting in my previous posts and the ones still to come - I write most of this on my phone while OGs are blissfully unaware just mere feet away. My phone likes to automatically replace what I type with what it thinks I want and the screen is sufficiently small that I simply miss stuff too.

    You're smart guys so you can no doubt figure out roughly what I mean.
  19. biggles

    biggles New Member

    Enjoying your posts on cebu, are you there permanently now? I go there a lot as I have a friend who lives there. I usually spend 2-3 months at a time in RP, travelling around and Cebu makes a good base. Agree with your comments about the bars down there, have you tried Date In Asia? Lots of cebu ladies on there and very friendly and eager to please. If you are going to be based in RP now, have a look at www.pra.gov.ph to see about the Resident Retirement Visa, not a bad deal.
  20. Prevail

    Prevail New Member

    Hey Biggles

    I'm here until at least May, but I have a suspicion it's going to become a permanent home for me.

    I have been using Date in Asia - the first week or two I was here I met a bunch of girls from there - some nice and some complete weirdos but since then I've had to get really picky as to which ones I even respond to - my inbox on there after just over one month on the site stands at 994 messages (just to clarify for everyone, that's not 994 different girls, some of that is from back-and-forth type correspondence and another big chunk is from ever-hopeful ladyboys. If I had to guess, I'd say there's about 250-300 unique 'real girls' in there).

    Thanks for the visa links, by the looks of things I've still got a few years before I'm eligible for one of the retirement visas which is a shame as it would likely save me a lot of money and visits to the visa office! Next visit I get my ACR I-card. Actually, you've just reminded me I need to get that done this week!!

    Let me know next time you're in town and we'll go for a beer and some mongering!
  21. Brian Hope

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