Casinos Recommendations In Ac

Discussion in 'Philippines Nightlife. Manila, Angeles City ...' started by kay, May 15, 2013.

  1. kay

    kay New Member

    Anybody have experience visiting the casinos in AC? any recommendations?

    been browsing the net for info, but mostly found as basic gambling venue, somewhat like other countries (except vegas, never been there, but heard stories act it)

    Are there any lady action there other than sitting lonely playing the machines?

    i will be in AC this coming september 2012 for a gateway
  3. older_admirer

    older_admirer New Member

    most guys here are trying to get a cheap bottle of beer i dont think casinos is there thing . james hatyai
  4. kay

    kay New Member

    roger that!
    cheap beers, nice ladies...

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