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    Hi everyone, thank you for taking the time to read this thread and thank you to 6traveler for having a forum for discussion.

    I run a sex tour company in Cameroon, I am expat not Cameroonian, we have around 40 models who are extremely sexual, most are bisexual, most do anal, most deepthroat, rest just pleasure all day. All women are adults and legal, we dont entertain any illegal behavior.

    We want people to come to Cameroon spend a week and just orgasm and party the whole time. we can do group packages, we can do discounts on long term stays.

    we hope that we can find serious travelers who want to visit Cameroon and spend sensual time with the most beautiful sexual cameroonian women.

    Http:// is our website, we have not added every lady yet we are doing it one at a time. We already have had clients from Middle East, Europe, Canada visit and they were so happy they reffered friends.

    Thank you for your time, if you have questions message reply on forum.



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    hello you have Escort in Germany

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