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    I stay at the Vong Tong Buri:

    Vong Tong Buri Hotel. Location : 512/1 Chira Rd., Tumbon Naimuang, Amphoe Mueang Buri Ram, Changwat Buri Ram 31000. Phone : 0 4461 2540

    650 Baht per night, the usual thing, surely ok to stay here, breakfast for 2 is included.

    Opposite the entrance is a laundry, 2 internet shops and a place which has Car Rental written on it's windows, seems to be more of a barber shop, but they do rent away bikes. Automatic scooter at 200 Baht per day.

    Buriram has a soapy massage at the Thep Nakorn hotel. Went there yesterday afternoon, only 4 girls to choose from, none of them really attractive, 1,5 hours incl. everything at 2500 Baht, must be kidding, left again.

    Near the Thep Nakhorn is a RAD complex. All new place but closed already again. A local told me that they charged 300 Baht per drink, so no one went there, so the damn place is closed.

    There is a place called the square with several discos or karaokes, close to a farang place called the Bambo bar ( 14/13 Romburi Rd., Buri Ram ). At the square there is a Speed disco ( there seems to be a RAD and a Speed in every Isaan town ). Had a great time in there on a previous stay in Buriram, yesterday evening around 11 p.m is was almost empty. Sipped a quick beer and went to another place in the square called Buriram city cafe. Packed with locals, live bands playing, collected several phone numbers, but no closer contacts.

    Went to a local karaoke in Bulamduan Rd, had a couple of beers ( 80 Baht for a large Leo, 80 Baht for a Spy for a girl, 40 Baht per glas of something for another girl ). Took one them with me when the place closed, 1000 Baht for ST. Had the most beautiful face a girl can have with a wonderful smile and perfect full lips. Additionally had big boops. I"m not sure if it was her smile or her boobs which made me not see her big belly Anyway, some good sucking and the I fucked her, fine first eve hear.

    This afternoon I checked out the Thai massage at the Vong Tong, elderly lady, good Thai massage but no interrest from my side in extras. When I left I saw that a beautiful young girl was going to give a massage to a Thai guy, maybe I'll ask for her tomorrow.
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    Had a great dinner at a restaurant near the Thep Nakorn hotel, on the same side of the road just about 300 meters towards Buriram ( the Thep Nakorn hotel is a bit outside of town ). After dinner I went to a place almost opposite the restaurant, again a bit more towards the Buriram city center ( both places on Thanon Chira if it's still called that outside of town ). They serve food too but mostly people go there to listen to some live music and drink with friends.

    I had planned to go there with a girl who I had met the night before in a place I described as Buriram city cafe, but I believe it's really called Tawandang. We had talked for a while and finally we exchanged cell numbers. However she had no time and I'm gonna meet her this evening, so I was there on my own.

    I got a bit bored with it, so I left and went to a Karaoke in Bulamduan Rd. almost opposite the bus station. Found some attractive company there, we had plenty drinks and were playing around a bit. Finally I wanted to take her to the hotel, however the bitch wanted to charge me 2000 Baht for ST and was not willing to cut it half to the usual 1000, that was what I offered her. Well drinks were cheap in there, had spent an ok time with her so I just left her there.

    Checked into the Speed disco around midnight and the place was so packed that it was almost impossible to get inside. Too full for me on that evening, so I left again and checked into Tawandang. Same procedure, can't get in, all tables overpacked with locals, Thai live band, left again.

    Drove by Karaokes in Thannon Inchan Narong which had just closed down ( if you drive down Bulamduan Rd. and turn right as it ends into a T-junction ). Several girls in front waving me down, before I can take off my helmet one of them climbs the back of my bike and says: " 500 Baht short time ". She is not a stunner but a nice isan honey so off we drive. Take her back to her karaoke shop after ST, some of her collegues still standing in front of the shop.
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    Concerning the bike rental barber shop near the Vong Tong:

    leave the Vong Tong car parking and turn left and walk about 100 meters, then it's on the right hand side.

    Another alternative for accomodation might be the Lek Lek Mansion.

    The usual ammenities, little balcony, large parking, fridge etc for 400 Baht/night.

    phone: 044 625000 or 086 2595 000 or 085 0177 881

    I got myself a business card from that place, howver it's al written Thai letters...

    For directions either have someone who speaks Thai call them or go like this:

    leave the Vong Thong car parking and turn right. Walk the road down until it ends into another road ( about 400-500 meters?) and there turn left. It's another about 200 meters on the left side. From the card I can read that the house number is 444/44. Good value for 400 Baht.
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    Good info, Max

    With the economy in the dumps, you would think it would be a lot easier than it turns out to be....maybe need to find out who their financial advisor is and get some pointers
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    Great report! sound like you had a great time in Buriram.

    Buriram is kind of a peacfull place to be and not much to do on every day there but few days in Buriram to get a different culture and away from the tourist areas is highly recommended.

    From experience and few others in buriram, The place of the beauty saloon is not a reccomended place to rent a bike or any other thing..

    They are lieing about insurance issues to Farangs and other details in the contract which you may believe are true and in real are completly different..

    Don't let fake smiles fool you.
    Eventually, you'll be the one paying the price.

    I use a trustable place run by a foreigner to rent cars in Buriram:

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    Great posts Max ! Respect! Cheers mate!
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    PS When will you publish your travel guide? When will it be on the shelfs?
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    Whenever you rent a little bike in LOS it's always completely without insurance, you always go on your own risk. Made me feel quite uncomfy in the beginning, but that's just the it is over there. They make a copy of your passport and if you damage the bike you have to pay. If you damage a third parties property it's always the farang's fault anyway. However all of that won't keep me from renting littles bikes, I don't rent big ones 'cause I have no driving experience...but the little ones a fine enough to explore a city like Buriram and around the city.

    What a shame I never started writing it, except for on this board. 2 month to go until I can write some new chapters .
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    That doesn't prevent them from renting you one though
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    I know, and that's one of the wonderful things about LOS .
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    A note to Max. I have edited the phone numbers of the barber shop and bike rental place because a fellow member has informed me that they are now out of business and the phone numbers are no longer correct.

    Thank you for your understanding and also thanks for the great reports that you have been sharing with us here on 6traveler.
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    Thanks for updating.
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    Hey there. Just had the pleasure of visiting Buriram and if you are looking for an excellent Thai massage, Oil massage or Foot massage in Buriram, then this is the place to go! It is only a small shop and you need to make a booking to get in, but it's well worth the effort. The place is called Neung Massage (which in Thai means No. 1).They are very experienced and provide a wonderful service. They also have a sauna room if you like. I got the Thai massage and also the foot massage. They are set up top do couples Thai massages as well if that's what you are after.
    Can definitely recommend it to anyone travelling to Buriram, looking for an authentic (and cheap!) Thai massage :)

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