Brazilian carnaval season

Discussion in 'Sex Tourism in Brazil' started by Patrick, Mar 20, 2012.

  1. Patrick

    Patrick New Member

    Dudes, the Brazilian carnaval season is the hottest one in term of invovling into sex tourism, i have heard many chicks go there just to have some random sexual fun. Should i trust that info and go to Rio searching for those hornies woth my friends?
  3. CowBoy

    CowBoy New Member

    Not pretty sure about exact sex affairs, but i know that Brazilian carnival is the most famous holiday in Brazil and has become an event of huge proportions. Excepted the industries, malls and the carnival related workers, the country stops completely for almost a week and festivities are intense, day and night, mainly in coastal cities. I'm sure you can find huge variety of horny babes wishing to have a pleasure with some random sexy guys with no further responsibility
  4. Patrick

    Patrick New Member

    Brazil is a best place to have astonishing exotic lation-american sex, not only the carnival season allows you to do that. Any time or season of the year Brazil is welcoming you to have their local pussies to be drilled. Brazil is number one country in condom usage, the rest u can guess my friend :)
  5. CowBoy

    CowBoy New Member

    Owh damn carnival, i dont even need to fuck a girl during a sexy carnival. Astonishing chicks with huge shaking boobs and damn attractive ass move around and performing stunning dances - all of that makes me cum on the place immediately :D But being realistic, finding out a girl for one night stand is the least problem in the brasil, especially during carnival
  6. Steve

    Steve New Member

    People over here, if in all your fucking life you have never visited the Brazilian Carnival, so there is no meaning to live... Sex is the least pleasure u can get there, dont even bother urself with it
  7. CowBoy

    CowBoy New Member

    Thumbs up buddy!:cool:
  8. Peter

    Peter New Member

    I have visited this beautiful country twice. Both times during the Carnival. It was really awesome! During the Carnival people in Rio goes wild, especially girls. I will never forget latin girl named Delia. She was dancing about four meters away from me when I made eye contact. She noticed me looking and I beckoned her and she came to me trough a crowd. She was hot like fire and it was such a great night!
  9. Nick

    Nick New Member

    Sounds good… too good to be true...
  10. Peter

    Peter New Member

    It was a dream, buddy. It was a dream come true:cool:
  11. Nick

    Nick New Member

    Lucky you!!;)
  12. Leo

    Leo Member

    Carnaval season actually is a SEX season buddies)) they just hide the real name and real purpose of helding that freaking carnival)) its a way to gather money and grow up country's economy by attracting horny and pervert bustards like us o_O
  13. Anastacia

    Anastacia New Member

    I wanna go to Brazziiiiilll guyys...I dont need sex, i dont need fucking, i just wanna see those parade of joy and fun that will deffinitely change my point of view about real party performing :(
  14. Pervert

    Pervert New Member

    Listen to Andreea Banica - Love in Brasil song, and u will understand why you need to visit Brasil, that's number 1 priority country for me to visit and have fun, even sexual :)

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