1. hoopster

    hoopster New Member

    anybody have any info on boracay?

    Have read about the various boat stations 1.2.3.

    What are the bars like and more to the point do they get a lot of FLs working in them?

    Have a week off work and want to sample the beautiful white sand and a quiet hotel during the day, but action come nightfall
  3. ThaiMax

    ThaiMax New Member

    My information and knowledge of Boracay is anything but up to date.
    I've been there once and that was many moons ago.

    Don't expect to find a big p4p scene there although there are a couple of freelancers.
    Won't be difficult to find them 'cause that island is tiny.

    Boracay gets mostly couple vacationers, chances might be good to score on a farang tourist if you care for that.

    When I was there is was overfilled with tourists, not my cup of tea.
  4. southeastkent

    southeastkent New Member

    I spent 10 days there in 2005 on a watersports trip (that's my hobby other than mongering) and you really need to take a "companion" with you coz 1) there are few FLs 2) the place is crawling with Japanese and Koreans and they get all the attention. But its a great place to totally chill, dive, go boating, jet ski all that stuff. I stopped in Johnnys Beach resort which is at least 3 star standard, very comforable, right on the beach, about USD 40 per night (no charge for the girl). This was really the top end of the market and there plenty of other places to choose to suit all pockets.Some good restaurants and one or two bars worth visiting. Try to avoid mixing with the local Pinoy lads who think they are hard and will cause trouble if you have a real honey (which I did). Fortunately, I am a fuck-off HUGE ugly mo-fo so not many mess with me but when they got hatchets and machetes it dont matter how big you are. Deffo worth a visit if you got a nice girl and wanna total chill coz it is blissful peace
  5. ThaiMax

    ThaiMax New Member

    Hey southeastkent, get in contact with Grubert, he's totally into watersports as well .

    Interesting that Boracay was filled with Japanese/Korean tourists when you were there. On my three trips to the PI I noticed plenty of tourists from those countries as well, but not on my first trip when I went to Boracay. Seems like they didn't just invade Manila, Subic and other Monger places since then but also have spread to the islands.

    Korean and Japanes girls can be very beautiful, but I'm afraid that the p4p counterparts there are very expensive. No surprise that the gents from there hope on a quick flight to the PI for some fun...

    Else it was pretty much like southeastkent described. There are some FL around, but not many and you better bring your own.
  6. Grubert

    Grubert New Member

  7. Grubert

    Grubert New Member

    Bangkok - Angeles City - Boracay - Pattaya
  8. southeastkent

    southeastkent New Member

    Thanks for that Major G

    great memories
  9. hoopster

    hoopster New Member

    Lined up a sweetie from A/C.

    Meeting her at NAIA, night in hotel near asia mall then 4 days in boracay....cant wait
  10. southeastkent

    southeastkent New Member

    awesome dude, enjoy!

    expecting a full report with photos ok!
  11. cnswaz

    cnswaz New Member

    nice place guys for a chill out.Attached Thumbnails
  12. sillyboy

    sillyboy New Member

    Just returned from 3 days/nights in Boracay, hitting peak tourist season in the next few weeks, the place is overrun with Koreans, Taiwanese, Japanese and Europeans, very few Americans. On the weekend, also lot of Philippinos come in for the weekend, those that can afford it that is. They are expecting a MILLION visitors this year, to an island about 3 miles long, so you can imagine it gets very crowded, especially in the center of White Sands Beach.

    I would definitely bring my own girl there, but if you want specifics, here's a quick summary, feel free to ask me if you have any questions:

    Freelancers come out around 9:00 p.m. each evening, usually in pairs, easy to spot from the tourists. They hang out at many of the bars along White Sands Beach, especially Cocomangas (100% P4P) and Club Paraw (about 50% P4P, mixed in with local girls out for a good time), much older, harsher (tatoos, smoking) then the girls in Angeles City, also some quiete agressive, especially if you are by yourself. Summers Place also had a few, but I did not ask for prices or terms.

    One thing to watch for are the resort restrictions on "guests", two I saw posted in the lobbies stated would be charged 1,000 pesos if you guest stayed after midnight, the other would charge a fee if guest not registered after 10 p.m.Attached Thumbnails
  13. Jan999

    Jan999 New Member

    "What are the bars like and more to the point do they get a lot of FLs working in them?"

    There are many bars in boracay but if you're looking for girls mainly to get laid then go to Cocomangas.

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