Beware the green Slime in pattaya

Discussion in 'Pattaya' started by Patrick, Oct 17, 2014.

  1. SwanDan

    SwanDan Administrator Staff Member

  3. Anastacia

    Anastacia New Member

    They really are clueless, they seem to live in a cloud cuckoo land?!

    They can't even manage to resurface second road ffs!
  4. coyoteblue

    coyoteblue New Member

    From the title I thought this was a thread about Celtic, then realised it was about Wodger and his North Stand mates.
  5. SwanDan

    SwanDan Administrator Staff Member

    back in the 70s i used to beat up Skineads in the old goldstone ground north stand us greasy bikers were out -numbered but we had loads of fun ,

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