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  1. biggun

    biggun New Member

    I'm planning on flying to AC Dec 15 2009 to Jan 17 2011 during that month I may hop over to Thailand for a week (depends on how much fun I'm having in PI).... Do you guys have any input on Clark AFB now taking commercial flights (airport code etc...) from US, I'm not looking for dirt cheap but for comfort and economy for the long flight. I'm coming from the east coast Atlanta region. BTW I'm so ready to tear up some LBFM ass!!!! I promise A LOT of pictures!!!!!
  3. ThaiMax

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    Hi biggun,

    there are no commercial flights to Clark from the US, you will have to go to Manila and from there take a taxi to AC. The only international flights to/from Clark go to Bangkok, Singapore, Malaysia, Korea, Hong Kong, Taiwan + maybe to other places in Asia...but not Europe, US, Australia. Airport code is DMIA ( Diosdado Macapagal International Airport ) and according to the airports homepage they are trying to build up DMIA as the future No. 1 gateway of the Philippines.

    Check out their homepage if you want to:

    or their flight schedule for this month:

    If you decide to take a sidetrip to Thailand, Cebupacific offers direct flights from Clark to Bangkok, it's a night flight though.

    Looking forward to your reports, Max.
  4. biggun

    biggun New Member

    Thanks and yes I can't wait to have some reports to post!!!!!
  5. NotoriousBoB

    NotoriousBoB New Member

    Biggun, I have flown from the East coast to the PI a few times. The best way I worked it out, flying in to CRK (Clark,) was to fly to Los Angles, CA on a separate flight and then book through Asiana Air round-trip from LA to Clark Field. It connects through Seoul Korea. The one big draw back I found was a long layover on the trip back, about 7 hours last year. I ended up getting a room at the airport hotel for 6 hours for about $60. Booking this way was actually cheaper then flying directly in to Manila. Hope that helps.
  6. RichieRich66

    RichieRich66 New Member

    If you book well in advance you can get a great deal with Cebu Pacific ex Bangkok to Clark, it flies Tuesdays Thursdays and Saturdays only at 23.30 and gets in at 3.55am local time in Clark. I paid $180 round trip. Some good bars still cooking at 5am. I am back again for another week from this Saturday staying at the fabulous Wild Orchid Resort. Love AC!!
  7. Brian Hope

    Brian Hope New Member

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