Best europe destinations for sex tourism

Discussion in 'Main Thailand forum.' started by Steve, Mar 20, 2012.

  1. Anastacia

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    For pussy collectors as for my information visit Hungary, Denmark and some other countries from that part of europe, horny chicks would be happy for a guys like u as they are treating themselves as COCK collectors. Collect each other bustards :D
  2. Pervert

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    I dont wanna hurt ur feelings, but i banged one Sophie girl after meeting her at Amnesia (42 rue Vielle du Temple): A vibrant gay bar mixing disco, funk, and soul. I really hope she is not the one u had a crush))
  3. Steve

    Steve New Member

    Hahha :D
  4. benijsbeer

    benijsbeer Guest

    Heey Steve,

    I am traveling throughout Europe quite a lot. If I visit a customer I try to find a decent sex club nearby. Last Year i Visiten about 100 Clubs, so I know a few of them ;)

    Germany, especially NRW (Nordrhein Westfalen) is to my opinion the best place for sex. Next would be Thailand, Vietnam and the like.

    Search the Internet for partytreff, Pauschalclub, Fkk sauna club.
    First two are Flatrate clubs, difference is partytreff you do not always have separate rooms, there is sex in public to see, Pauschalclub has rooms that can be closed.

    Most of them cost little money for a whole day. Eg. Partytreff Dorsten costs between €80 and €130 per day all in. No more worries about additional costs. Even Drinks and Food is included in the price

    If you go to an Fkk club also called sauna club, the girls want to be payed each time you go to a room with them. Costs to enter the club €30-65, each girl €30-50 Per 20 minutes of sex.

    Of course, The girls in Fkk clubs are more beautiful as the other ones, check forums to see the comments about such clubs. An active thread usually indicates a decent club. Using google translate you can have a first impression. Eg. Ijsberenforum, rheinforum, hookers could be used for such an quick scan. Make a wish list and then ask in such a forum if that would be the best option.

    Other favorites are: McSex in Hamm, heaven 7 in willich (close to Düsseldorf), cleopatra in Gelsenkirchen,

    Best saunaclub in NRW World be Golden Time in Brüggen, close to Düsseldorf.
    Berlin also has a Perfect, but expansive FKK Club. Frankfurt is also more expensive as NRW Region.
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  5. Steve

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  6. ruffneck

    ruffneck Guest

    Prague is the best. But don't go to the red light district. Visit the Show Park, its the 8th wonder of the world. Its the biggest sexual entertainment complex in the world. It makes Dam look so seedy. 81 rooms all recently refurbished with on suite bathrooms. The women are so clean they make you shower before sex. The service and the quality is incredible and its only 30 pounds a pop. Its a must do before you die.
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  7. kriss

    kriss Guest

    The best place for sex holidays is Poland. Why? Because it's cheap in here and polish women are beautiful. Prices vary from 20 euro to 35 per hour and they do whatever you want. They also render such services in their private apartments which I think is an advantage for those who are shy. If you're interested mail me at: [email protected]
  8. aklein88

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    Emailed you kriss . ;)
  9. The Tourist

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  10. Nederland

    Nederland New Member

    I believe the best sexclub in Europa is Club Diana located in the Netherlands. They have luxurious facilities with a sauna, swimming pool, whirlpool and a beautiful bar area. The girls there are truly beautiful and they even have a large park located behind their club. This unique park contains a VIP area and numerous luxurious spots for people who like to do it out door! This is truly one of the most luxurious sexclubs of whole Europa!
  11. Gottsy

    Gottsy New Member

    While fucking them. yeah right.

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