Bella Villa Prima, girl friendly hotel

Discussion in 'Pattaya' started by Pak2f, Jul 31, 2015.

  1. Pak2f

    Pak2f Member

    Any thoughts

    Great deal on at the mo on agoda
    Quite tempted for July
  3. Alexander

    Alexander New Member

    Which one is Prima? Is it behind Alcazar somewhere?

    I guess your needs are a little different to the rest of us. You'd want a shallow pool for the nipper and shopping mall for the missus?
  4. Pak2f

    Pak2f Member

    Soi 4 mate near the hospital she swims well mate obviously the shallower the better need a big bed too
    Also looking at flipper house lk royal suite and wing
  5. southman12

    southman12 New Member

    Stayed there a few times but not for a while now. Nice quiet location but you can walk to 6 or the soapies. Hotel itself used to be pretty nice but that was 6 or 7 years back so no idea these days.
  6. Pak2f

    Pak2f Member

    Jump on it mate. Less than 900 Baht a night. I have stayed there my last 3 trips and I am there with Martin 5 nights back end of June. The Agoda offer price includes next Christmas. I booked 9 nights for then. And I haven't got my flight for that trip yet.
  7. Pak2f

    Pak2f Member

    Just one question tho pal does the pool catch the sun?
  8. Pak2f

    Pak2f Member

    No idea mate I don't do pools. I do try get a room on that side of the building. I did see plenty of people on the loungers so I would assume so. It is a good hotel and at less than 900 Baht excellent value for money.

    One little niggle is there is a Thai venue on Soi 3 called Blah Blah Bar that can be a little bit noisy. I was in room 202 at Christmas which is the nearest room to the place. With the balcony door shut tight and the curtains drawn it was nothing but background noise. It might be an issue if you are trying to get Jasmine down. Try get an odd numbered room. They are on the pool side away from the noise. Or a high numbered room 12, 13 or 14. They are furthest away from Soi 3.

    High floor. High odd number is perfect.
  9. Pak2f

    Pak2f Member

    Tried booking on agoda on final stage of booking it said no rooms on requested dates so booked sabai empress instead and centara watergate in bangkok
  10. Troy

    Troy New Member

    Is Bella Villa Prima GF?
  11. Pak2f

    Pak2f Member

    Very much so.

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