Bangkok (Sukhumvit) guest friendly hotels recomendation

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  1. melvin

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    at least the location is OK, close to the action

    there is a big FL joint in same soi, name Gullivers, on your left when walking
    towards Sukh
  2. brizz

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    I just returned from Bangkok from dec2010-jan2011, and I stayed in 3 spots, all girl-friendly.

    First, On8 hotel at Sukhumvit Soi 8. 1500 baht/night. You can't beat the location. Walk outside and you're right at the NANA BTS escalator. Walk across the street to Soi 7/1 or down to the beer garten at Soi 7. Easy-peasy. The hotel was nice, but it's an interior hotel, so my room did not have a window. This was a bummer. Food was good. The owner of this hotel once made me a suit around the corner on Soi 4, and I promised to check out his hotel sometime. You can't beat the location, but the window was a bummer.

    Second, Novotel Fenix Silom. This is a ways from the action of Sukhumvit, but it was a great 4-star hotel for the same price. I stayed on the 18th floor with a great view, and was a 5-minute ride from Patpong. The hotel gives free rides to the Sala Daeng BTS stop every hour, and this will get you to it's convenient. Great bed, comfy pillows, good shower, good internet, nice wall-safe. This is a great place to stay if you're trying to look respectable.

    Third, Boosabar on Sukhumvit Soi 7/1. 700 baht/night. It's a beer bar with two extra rooms. This was a huge room with a great air conditioner and a beautiful marble shower. Good bed, good safe, good lock on the door. Balcony with view of Soi 7/1. I'll stay here again, too. You're right in the middle of all the great action on Sukhumvit.
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  3. mardo

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    For everyone's info this is a Agoda hotel review of the Manhattan Hotel from only last month i.e. January 2011 by a New Zealand guy:-

    "The hotel was quiet and secure but even though I had paid for a double room I was charged 500 baht for taking guests to my room. This information should be on their website as it caused a couple of tense moments.When I tried to discuss this issue with hotel staff I was abruptly told "talk to Agoda". Because of this I won't be going back there.This hotel is more suited for guests who don't want to sample the nightlife of Bangkok. Cons - I was charged 500 baht every time I took a guest to my room .

    Nightlife Tip : If you want to party a bit and get involved in the Bangkok nightlife I would suggest staying at another hotel - not one where the staff have their heads buried in the sand."

    Based on the above it may pay to ask the question beforehand if you intend staying there.
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    Thanks for the update, Mardo. I know that will be very helpful to some of our members.

    It is ALWAYS important to check with a hotel when you check in concerning whether they are guest friendly. Even if you have been there before, check. Policy could have changed and you don't ever want a surprise after the fact.

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    The standard trick is to advise Hotel staff that you are checking in with your wife but "she will arrive later".

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    Planning a trip in Aug-Sept. A friend of mine wants me to stay closer to where he lives, so it'll be more convenient to catch up each day.
    Does anyone have any thoughts or experiences with these hotels? Are they "guest friendly?" Didn't want to ask him, as not to raise any questions...!!!
    Tried searching for info, but just found generic reviews....

    King Park ?
    Convenient Park ?

    Or any other recommendations around that area?
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    I highly recommend Majestic Grande, Majestic Suits, Ibis hotels, Phachara Suites and Dream Hotel.

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    I just stayed in the Royal President in Oktober for 3 weeks. Very girlfriendly, even the concierge start to talk with me about the service of the girls I brought to my room every night and gave me recommendations where to find better or cheaper ones :))
  9. Dan_slav

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    Stay in Le fenix hotel, nice, clean and girlfriendly, near soi arab with shisha, kebab and some ukrainian and uzbek girls.
    But need moto-taxi to go Nana
  10. perslu

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    Hey all,
    Anybody has update where the best find reviews of friendly hotels? I am looking for source to post about it.
  11. SwanDan

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  12. perslu

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    Thanks, I will look and might be use as resource for my upcoming post.
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    The hotel listed here seem to almost all match your requirements. I haven't tried them all but I'm working on it lol. Have a good time. :)

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