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Discussion in 'Bangkok' started by VILenin, Nov 29, 2015.

  1. VILenin

    VILenin New Member

    Hi All

    I've been a member here for some time, but it's been bloody ages since Ive been to Thailand or such like that I've never had anything really useful to post. Hopefully, that may change shortly.

    I have a couple of stopovers in BKK of about 22 hours each. Im look for a good hotel. This is what Im looking for, in order of importance:

    1> Quiet. I do actually need to get some sleep, especially outbound.
    2> 24hr reception. I arrive quite late and would like a late checkout if I can get it.
    3> Value. Anything sub 2000Bt is good.
    4> Location. Close to Sukhumvit area, pref short walk to BTS.
    5> Breakfast. Somewhere that does a good breakfast, perhaps a buffet. Alternately, if someone can recommend somewhere to go for said good breakfast. (Im a man who loves his breakfast).
    6> Lady friendly. An odd criteria to put last, but I'm planning on sleeping alone! That may change as my mood dictates, so having that ability is nice, albeit not necessary.

    My first stopover I land about 9pm and depart 8pm the following day. So, I intend on getting to the hotel and engaging in some light frivolity before rest, then more frivolity the next day before my flight. Stopover 2, the return, I get in at 2am or something stupid, fly home around midnight the following day. That one I indent to just sleep off the flight

    I can't offer much in return at this stage, unless you want reports from Annies and Eden that are now...5 years old. So, Im hoping someone will take pity on me and throw me a bone in returned for reports on my frivolity.

    Hope this isn't too demanding of a noob.
  3. sukhuman

    sukhuman Member

    I just had my dad staying at this hotel:

    In Soi 19. Walking distance to BTS and Soi Cowboy..yet...very quiet. Pretty new and clean hotel. As a matter of fact I do recall my father mentioning the fantastic breakfast. You may get a better rate booking via
  4. melvin

    melvin New Member

    Nana Hotel, Sukhumvit soi 4, should have the lot

    they have 3 room types below 2000
    buffet breakfast
    girl friendly
    newspaper on door in morning
    24 hour reception

    have late checkout

    if you get room on high floor --> quiet

    The list below is intended as source of information about guest-friendly hotels in the Bangkok’s Sukhumvit area. Its purpose isn’t to review any of the hotels, but to note what’s available in various price classes.

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  5. confidential

    confidential New Member

    ... Also "Honey Hotel" in soi 19 is close to Cowboy as well as the BTS. 24hr coffee shop with quiet rooms and a nice pool. AB007 can confirm current prices but I'm pretty sure they are less than 2000baht/night.

    You just need to pre-book and inform them of your arrival times. The hotel is perfect got what you need.

    Mai Tai cocktails by the pool are very good also with your LBFM!

  6. VILenin

    VILenin New Member

    Cheers for the advice guys, I'll scope them out and see how I go!
  7. superdome1

    superdome1 New Member

    Got to agree with Melvin...NANA hotel seems to fit all your he says top floor best..request rooms 189/191/193..all overlook pool & Sukamvit...happy hunting
  8. Marc-ster

    Marc-ster New Member

  9. Marc-ster

    Marc-ster New Member

    The Nana is world famous for its mongering and mongerers
    Having stayed at the Nana several times here's my report


    Very girlfriend friendly
    Security guard takes i.d.'s at elevator,
    will call the room after if he thinks there's
    a problem.
    Lots of women around, their disco, their
    parking lot at nite, especially later,
    the Nana Entertainment Centre across the street,
    German beer garden Soie 7 near, nice outdoor
    restaurants across from it, Soie Cowboy
    about a nice 10 to 15 min. walk.
    Nice buffet breakfast included
    Nice pool
    Free morning paper & bottled water in fridge
    Nice view of Bangkok from upper floors
    Very reasonable last time I checked about 1300 b
    Late check in no problem I arrived once 2 am
    I forget check out
    Skytrain right by

    not as good...

    Old rooms need refurbishing
    Old bathrooms & showers so so ( hot & cold )

    So for a short stay and if you don't expect
    luxury, I would recommend
  10. Marc-ster

    Marc-ster New Member

    Forgot to mention, no room safes,
    you need to use the lobby safe
    I forget the hours available
  11. VILenin

    VILenin New Member

    How does the Majestic Suites rate? The price is good, the reviews seem a little better than Nana. Sure, the breakfast isn't soooo crash hot, but I can always find somewhere else to eat!

    The God's smile upon me, looks like I'll have closer to 48 hours on my return leg!
  12. ThisGuy

    ThisGuy New Member

    The Majestic Suites have had excellent reports from many of our members who have stayed there. I haven't so I can't give you a personal report. The one thing is that area is noisy and busy. The Majestic Suites also is usually well booked so an advance booking is imperative.

    I have stayed at the Honey Hotel on Soi 19. It meets every one of your expectations. Quiet, clean rooms, lady friendly and close to action. Good cafe right out the front door that has extensive menu. It is a favorite of Agent Bond and is a good value for the money.

  13. agentbond007

    agentbond007 New Member

    There is also Luxury Hotel on Soi 19 for around 1200 baht per night. There is the Key Suites on Soi 19 very nice for around 2500 per night. On the Corner of Soi 19 and Sukhumvit os City Lodge for around 2000 baht per night, but take a room that is not close to the Sky Train Rail or it will wake you up at 6 AM. If you want to get even closer to the action try Miami Hotel for 800 up per night. Old but functional with swimming pool and cafe downstairs. Food is mediocre, but edible. Miami is on the corner of Sukhumvit and Soi 13.
  14. melvin

    melvin New Member

    over the past 2-3 years close to all rooms have been refurbished
    equipped with safes

    normal checkout time is 1400
    you can check out at 8 pm for half dayrate

    standard rooms 1490
    superior rooms 1690
    de luxe rooms 1890

    some different prices for suites, depending on jacuzzi or not

    24 hours room service
    24 hours restaurant

    excellent laundry service
  15. Marc-ster

    Marc-ster New Member


    last visit was 2 years ago, didn't realize so much was done since
  16. m66hrod

    m66hrod New Member

    I only stay at one hotel when I come to BKK...a few times a year for the past few years...and that's Royal President on Soi 15. Quiet, clean, great buffet breakfast, walk to BTS & Soi CB (a bit of a walk). The lobby is open 24 hours too. They never hassle you about anything. Girl friendly at no extra charge. Promotional offers ranging from THB 1,599 - 1,839.

    also full list guest friendly hotels at Bangkok read here
  17. VILenin

    VILenin New Member

    Yep, that looks good. Royal President it is.

    My plans have had a change for the good, extending the second stopover from 20 hours to nearly 48 (same shit arrival time though), but have also changed for the not so good, as my boss has decided he'll fly on the same flight I do on the outbound leg and will stay at the same hotel: "book a decent hotel Vlad...nothing crappy and nothing seedy". I think he suspects Im up to no good, lol.
  18. m66hrod

    m66hrod New Member

    Glad you liked the idea. Let us know what you thought after you stayed.

    As far as your arrival times, that's never a real problem. 8:00 pm is early...plenty of time to head over to Soi Cowboy as they're open to 2:00 am..or even Soi 4 Nana. For the 2:00 a.m. arrival, there's some after hours clubs, like Spicey, still Freelancers around, and the taxi drivers know some other places, as well as your friends here on BL.

    Be sure to give us a report after the trip.

    Have a great time!
  19. agentbond007

    agentbond007 New Member

    The word has been given that during high season, many of the bars and clubs will be permitted to stay open till 3 AM in Bangkok. In pattaya they have given permission in certain entertainment areas 24/7. Will give a report on this in the next few days.
  20. ThisGuy

    ThisGuy New Member

    I wonder how much it cost the owners to convince the BIBs?

  21. kim

    kim New Member


    I just booked Royal Benja at soi 5 in Bangkok. Do you know something about it?
    Would you recommend it? Is it a guest friendly hotel?

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