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Discussion in 'NightLife Asia' started by highsurf, Mar 26, 2014.

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    Is there anyone who has ever been to Kuta in Bali?
    I know that there are many similar topics over here, but the thing I'm really interesting is the girl friendly hotels with a lot of nice girls to hang out. Are there too many people around in this region? What about the quality of the beaches and services people provide there? Is it an affordable stay in Kuta all in all?
    What can you say about best hotels and is the staff helpful and friendly? Pl
    ease, let me know if you have any particular suggestion about sightseeing tours, or the places I should go. What are the options for breakfasts and dinners?
    By the way, I would be thankful if anyone tells me how I could get to nearby towns and villages like Denpasar or Ujung ? What about public transport? Or do I have to use taxi instead?
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