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Discussion in 'Bangkok' started by revlisrtype, Apr 29, 2014.

  1. revlisrtype

    revlisrtype New Member

    Thanks ROLAND, the room looks very sharp.
  3. Alexander

    Alexander New Member

    ...looks to be a very upscale neighbourhood.Room looks great. Any joiner fees or problems with more than one guest etc....

    edit comes it seems that a similar room 5 minutes away from the action in Pattaya is a whole lot more per night? The quality hotel rooms in Bkk seem to be a much greater value than the ones in Pattaya.
  4. revlisrtype

    revlisrtype New Member

    Could be wrong tommie but I think ROLAND went to Bangkok for a male modeling gig , it wasn't a sex trip.
  5. Alexander

    Alexander New Member

    thanks mack....should have figured that out by the new look he's a sportin' in is avie.
  6. Pervert

    Pervert New Member

    Looks good to me. Will put it on my list for the next visit to the Capital.
  7. Hunter

    Hunter New Member

    Thanks, looks very nice for the money.
    Would it be walking distance to Gullivers
    or soi Cowboy?
    Sorry don`t know my way around Bangkok at all.
  8. Traveller

    Traveller Member

    I was thinking of the Omni this stay, but have been hearing that the rooms are getting a bit tired these days. The Aspen looks nice and shouldn't be too heavily soiled by November...any chance that you can catch a few rays by the pool, or is it for 'display purposes' only ?
  9. Traveller

    Traveller Member

    Thanks for the response. I was rather swayed by the 'newness' of Aspen Suites...not fussed about the gym and I suppose the 'hansum man tan' can wait until Patts.
  10. Kv8000

    Kv8000 New Member

    I stayed there for 12 nights. Got a slightly better rate than Roland but only because booked earlier. Was going to try somewhere else but for that money for that quality it would have been foolish.

    Out the door and along to the end of Soi 2 is 5 minutes. About the same and you are on Soi 4 a stones throw from Nana. 10 minutes if you walk slow, very slow. Daytime free tuk tuk to the end of Soi 2.

    Room service good and fairly priced. Bed and room great and all new as you can see. Sod the pool, some days raining so what use in Bangkok ? Gym ? Stay in bed.

    Perhaps one downside which requires some pre planning is a lack of a nearby 7/11. You have to go to the petrol station or Soi 4. No great shakes and the staff will happily run errands for small tips.

    At what price it loses its appeal I don't know. Certainly north of 2k a night for sure.

    As for leaving the aircon on, just get 2 cards on check in. I did. Not sure if you can just jam some paper down the switch these days like the old switches.

    Top hotel and I hope it stays good value as I can't really see me going anywhere else unles a bettre bargain can be found and I doubt that at anywhere near this price.

    5/5 for me.
  11. 1newbe

    1newbe New Member


    There's a Villa supermarket in the basement of Ploenchit Centre (the place that houses McDonalds opposite the Marriott) at the end of Soi 2.
  12. Traveller

    Traveller Member

    I think the value rates are only holding until the end of October and the onslaught of...High Season. However, in my quest to save a few s, I discovered that Expedia are doing some sort of special rate and 5 nights works out at about 1650 Baht per night in November (if my calculator isn't lying). Quite a result...unless someone knows anything I should know about Expedia.
  13. Kv8000

    Kv8000 New Member


    There's a Villa supermarket in the basement of Ploenchit Centre (the place that houses McDonalds opposite the Marriott) at the end of Soi 2.[/quote]Yeah, I know that one Tom. It's not a great deal but the minibar and hotel don't have any variety of snacks, you don't get a free newspaper, if you want some shampoo etc. Also, the free tuk tuk stops at 5pm and he tried to get Bt40 from me for going to Soi 4 when the short cut is only Bt20 for anyone at Annies.

    Nothing wrong with using expedia. Use the best source but note flexibility or costs to make amendments.
  14. Hunter

    Hunter New Member

    You`ll(probably) be alright but I`ll never use expedia again.
    Booked and paid for White Swan in Guangzhou,
    China through expedia only to have the booking dis-honoured by the hotel.
    Had proof of payment, email confirmation
    of booking but the hotel said I had to pay more money for the room.( Double the expedia rate and pay up front(yet I` d already paid) to get room)
    Took hours of phone calls to sort out the mess,
    I was tired,ill and just wanted my room to go
    sleep in.
    Friends in China helped sort it out but expedia
    were fxxking useless.
    3 other guests who had booked through
    expedia had similar problems.
    May well have been the hotel`s fault but the lack of support from expedia was alarming.
    Be a cold day in hell before I use them again.
  15. Kv8000

    Kv8000 New Member

    Not sure where you'd stand with that one Roamer. Personally, I think you've a case against Expedia as it is actually them you pay. With someone like Rates 2 go where you still pay the hotel and only the commission to R2G then you might have to go after the hotel.

    Never experienced this myself but I've seen lower quality stuff being offered through web agencies, due to reduced prices I presume. Paying at the hotel, the worst you're going to cop is one night I'd think before you can move on.
  16. Traveller

    Traveller Member

    And through your credit card company too, if you used that method of payment.

    Sorry about your experience...I've done a straw poll among friends and colleagues and Expedia seem to be generally trustworthy. Maybe it's a China 'thing' - it can't be the easiest country to deal with.
  17. Kv8000

    Kv8000 New Member

    I'd say a China thing as well as Expedia is too big to fuck about doing that. China on the other hand thinks everyone should kiss it's arse and they are a law unto themselves.
  18. Traveller

    Traveller Member

    Well, Expedia came good and I experienced no problems with my booking through them. A great place to stay as Roland noted. A huge room with cooking facilities, dining area, great bed, large LCD TV, dressing area and very nice bathroom...all for 1450 Baht a night. Nice touches in the room...a couple of sockets that take a full UK plug with no need for an adapter, dressing gowns and slippers for guest use. Not a lot else in the Soi, but 5 mins stroll gets you to amenities...7-11, restaurants, Guess Bar and a couple more mins sees you at Nana. If you're excessively weary, a hotel tuk-tuk will get you to the Sukhumvit end of the Soi. If I can find another deal next trip, this will replace Majestic Suites as base for operations. The staff were very friendly and efficient and the maid service was also unobtrusive. No problem with my Belle Du Jour and all-in-all a great experience.

    Nice one Roland.

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