Argentina as a sex destination

Discussion in 'NightLife South America' started by Hunter, Mar 25, 2012.

  1. Hunter

    Hunter New Member

    Guys i have some business opening in argentina, so have to move there for a while, any information about that country?
  3. Hunter

    Hunter New Member

    more on intimacy of possible:D
  4. Antonio

    Antonio New Member

    Nightlife in Argentina is well known. The metropolis city of Buenos Aires has many possibilities to party all night long. However, the other big cities have plenty to offer in this regard. There are endless things to do in the city centres with its cafes, restaurants, clubs etc. and most are open late at night, and full of people. It is still relatively safe to walk around at night. The sexy babes are all around with their Latina looking hot appearance thay are gonna blow your mind with beauty and charm, try to flirt for your own risk or luck ;)
  5. Johnny

    Johnny New Member

    Buenos Aires is full of fake SPA and Sauna saloons full of chicks to be paid for having some fun. All of them are real latina bombs u see in video clips and porns)) They might have a smaller tits and not as rounded butt as on screens, but the skin color and giving sexual satisfaction they do in the same way, if not even better. Don't hesitate to spend 50 USD for one shot adventure into Latina chick
  6. Johnny

    Johnny New Member

    p.s. this is just a price for simple missionary fucking and cumming. If you are willing some blowjob, doggy style fucking or even a facial u will be charged almost twice ;)
  7. Alejandro

    Alejandro New Member

    Quite cheap for such kind of Latin hottieso_O
  8. Macho

    Macho New Member

    Palacio de Aguas Corrientes building has several dance floors that play electronica, pop, and Latin music. It attracts a primarily gay male and transvestite clientele, but heterosexuals are welcome, too.
  9. Macho

    Macho New Member

    Address: Viamonte 2168, Onze, Buenos Aires
  10. Bill

    Bill Guest

    I heard cant get a business to much red tape

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