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    Enough beating around the bush. Once in a while, I just love paying for sex. It's a completely different experience than normal sex. No games, no pretending, you pay what she demands and you have a gorgeous women who's sole intent is serving your every need, and when you're done you never have to see her again. I've tried multiple countries (mostly in Europe) but I could NEVER find a better experience than at the Vienna FKK Goldentime SaunaClub . This place is basically the peak of what I could imagine an erotic club house could be. You pay a admission fee (under $100 US) and you gain entrance to an extremely clean club filled with beautiful women you can choose from (some are just totally breath taking), you can take them to the rooms and have sex with a condom, and all of them in my experience were happy to provide oral services with no condom, last couple of times I went I brought 2 girls to the room with me and had a really nice party ;)

    My question is - is there ANYTHING else like this anywhere else in the world? and if so where? I know prostitution exists everywhere you go, but I'm talking about a place that's clean, organized (feels like a gym) and makes sure all the girls are tested and have medical coverage, serves food and drinks, and the girls give head without protection and are beautiful. My personal taste leans more towards white / European / American girls and not Black / Asian, I've been to many countries in Europe, I live in the US and I've also looked in Canada but I have yet to find anything like this place.

    I would love some specific recommendations to clubs you've visited that you felt had this level of service.

    Thank you in advance!


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