Any News On Atms In Angeles And Barrio Barretto?

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  1. ThaiMax

    ThaiMax New Member

    I booked my flight from BKK to Clark and will spent 10 days in AC and Barretto.

    On my last trip there I would mostly get my cash from an ATM at SM shopping mall.
    Are there any ATMs closer to Field or Perimeter by now?
    I think on my trip I saw one, possibly at Kokomo's, that one I believe had some extra "service charge".
    Any updates?

    And what about Barretto, so for there was not a single ATM there and you would have to go to
    Olongapo to get cash from a machine, still the same?

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  3. bresdo

    bresdo New Member

    I just got back from AC and the only ATM's that worked for me was the ones at SM. There is one at ABC hotel but I was unable to withdraw funds for some reason or another.
  4. smegga

    smegga New Member

    Angeles - just used the ones at SM...
    Barretto - still no ATM.

    As of last week.
  5. ThaiMax

    ThaiMax New Member

    Thanks for the updates.

    Last time I was there I couldn't even withdraw money at the ATM at Clark airfield,
    always went to SM.

    So it's still all the same there, wonder how long it will still take until the PI arrive to the present.
    Best to bring a bit cash and change it right at the airport.

    @ smegga: How was Barretto, are the bars lively or is it all quite there?
    Do you possibly recall which bar had the best girls?
    Is Bar Barretto still a fine option?
  6. travelling_bob

    travelling_bob New Member

    hey max,

    in Subic, Only ATM to withdraw cash was in
    the taxfree shopping zones, several banks with
    international ATM's
    Forget about subic/baretto itself, nothing there :)

    Best looking girls,
    For my taste : AngelWitch and a bar very close by,
    on a corner Hotlips i think it was called (not 100% sure anymore)

    In angel witch, there was a girl working there called michelle,
    i call her tequila girl. Very hot body, incredible banana blowjob skills :)
    but only available i believe for at least 1 week or longer. lol
    I settled for a regular lady and she was outstanding :)
  7. Camray

    Camray New Member

    In AC I used the ATM at the ABC Hotel and there is one at the chicken place near Fields (Jollybees?). Also, there is a Citi bank across the street from the Balibago casino with ATMs.
  8. cmwkings33

    cmwkings33 New Member

    The ATM at the ABC Hotel notoriously runs out of pesos but is reliable during the day...
  9. eljefe

    eljefe New Member

    Yeah, Jollybees is the only one that I know of down on Fields. I know most have a $600 US limit, but some I've been successfully just pulling out 600 twice. What can I say, I was doing it REAL BIG that night.

    My usual routine was hitting the chicken joint to grab a bite and my funds for the night, then walking to Fields area, as it's extremely close.
  10. Xecros

    Xecros New Member

    I can't speak to if ATM's have a limit on how much you can pull out in a 24 hour period, i in fact find it hard to believe. it's been my experience that i can pull out the max my bank allows in a 24 hour period from a single ATM.

    Most ATM's you'll find will only let you pull out 10,000 pesos per transaction, but, they will let you do back-to-back transactions. My bank allows me to pull out 1,000 dollars in a 24 hour period. I can pull out 1,000 dollars from a single ATM with back-to-back transactions. I have yet to use an ATM that didn't allow me to do this.

    It's interesting to see that the jollibee by fields has an ATM that will let you pull out more than 10,000 pesos in a single transaction. I think i found my new ATM spot.
  11. kevlee

    kevlee New Member

    Maybe my post come in too late, but for future reference....I think Those money changer in AC, buying USD, EURO...OR Selling PESO in very good/cheap rate, even better than my own country. The one opposite to Fantasy club give the best rate.....
  12. ThaiMax

    ThaiMax New Member

    Too late, but I will come back to AC for sure, hopefully already this Autumn.

    I don't like the idea though to travel with a lot of cash on me.

    Thailand has the AEON bank that doesn't charge any additional fee when using foreign cards, Cambodia has the Canadia bank without extra fee. I was hoping that there was at least one bank in the PI as well which would not charge extra.
  13. kevlee

    kevlee New Member

    Max!!!It' nice that u can back to AC as soon....Cheers.....Normally I would bring extra cash with me, and change it as necessarily. IF the ATM machine is not functioning, It would be spoil to my day....In AC, no cash, no babe...
  14. Xecros

    Xecros New Member

    You all don't need to worry about bringing cash with you. While the philippines certainly isn't as modern as Europe or America, it does have reliable ATM's. I live in the philippines, going on 3 years now, and i can tell you with 100% certainty, i've never had problems pulling money out of an ATM on any day i needed to.
  15. Brian Hope

    Brian Hope New Member

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