Any ideas for cheap good quality fun long weekend break?

Discussion in 'NightLife Europe' started by Tomtheman1234, Mar 24, 2016.

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    I am a young looking 40 year old male. I have a very mild learning difficulty which means I struggle a bit socialy. I am looking to go away for a few days by myself in Europe or near by and have some fun. I would like to go somewhere that understands Engkish really well and somewhere where the ugliest and un-coolest person in the world can chat up the locals and get lucky and have a holiday romance. Also coming from the UK I would like some sunny weather and maybe a beach. Also I don't want to fly to far and was looking for somewhere that is cheap and that the fight out is cheap. Also somewhere that has cheap escort girls just incase I don't get lucky in the bars or clubs. Or maybe as I have got just a few days maybe trying to set up a girl to hang out with on the net before I head out so I don't waste anytime on my trip.
    If I could find somewhere where it's so easy to get a girl to hang out with me like it is in Phuket that be good. It be good to find a place where I could just spend the whole time with the same girl where I just by her food and drink and she shows me a good time hangs with me and shows me around.
    I was thinking about maybe not going at the weekend and not going somewhere that's busy like London.
    I heard about Moldova or Prauge might be good but not sure.
    Any ideas would be great.
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    Go to the park

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