Angeles City Guest Friendly Hotel Recommendations

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  1. 4q

    4q New Member

    I think he was talking about there being Korean customers in AC.
  2. kay

    kay New Member

    wrangler got it right forqalso, sorry my bad for the confusion
    never been to AC, was thinking that AC offers PRC i.e. koreans, china, etc in the menu like in indonesia.
  3. wrangler

    wrangler New Member

    So much better In a/c than pattaya. Just Fuck all to do in daytime
  4. kay

    kay New Member

    stayed at walkabout for day 1 in AC. decent room for only 1500php. wifi very good. still looking for a large family room with jacuzzi facility for myself, few pinoys and my guy frens.
  5. travelling_bob

    travelling_bob New Member

    Large Jaccuzi Rooms :
    ABC hotel )
    Royal Amsterdam
    Fields Plaza Hotel (huge suites with outdoor jaccuzi on balcony)
  6. Thesteban

    Thesteban Guest

    I have been in Cebu, A/C and Pattaya.
    In Cebu there are just about 12 bars, just a couple of them are worth a visit.
    The girls are similar to A/C so there is no point in going to Cebu unless you want to get to know another city and some tourist spots.
    Regarding A/C, I loved the gogos and some ladies but I hated the dump of city, nothing to do during daytime.
    You´d be better to get a hotel with swimming pool.

  7. matt

    matt New Member

    i am staying at the walkabout hotel 22 jan 15. have a vip suite but asked for pool side.. told on waiting list for pool side. anyone know which is best? also, can you smoke in rooms? and, if the vip suite has a baloney?
  8. matt

    matt New Member

    in AC for 9 days. want to visit other places. any recommendations for places to visit. into bj's and enjoy nude dancers which i understand AC does not allow.
  9. Brian Hope

    Brian Hope New Member

    I recently booked a Holiday to the Philippines with Gentlemen's Tours and at first i was bit concern as you would with any tour company you use for the first time. But I have to say the level of service was at the highest I ever experience.

    Gentlemen's Tours was very helpful in any request that i needed. I suffer from asthma and was having shortness of breath (asthma attack) i could not find my asthma pump and they managed to go to the pharmacy in the middle of the night and get me the ventolin pump that i needed and manage to call a local doctor to check up on me. They made my stay in the Philippines safe and that made the difference.

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