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  1. wrangler

    wrangler New Member

    Hi fellow mongers iam heading off to a/c for a few days in aug and are yet to arrange accomm. I'd like a clean place that has in room safe, or some sort of safety deposit box for my passport, cash ect and has a pool that I can swim and lounge in. Would like it to be walking distance to the main strip and not too expensive...up to $70 or $80 dollars a nite, guest friendly....rather spend my hard earned on some pinay pussy. Flying in on 9th aug and leaving on the 11th aug. any help advice would be great.
  3. Fat_Jesus

    Fat_Jesus New Member

    Pacific Breeze, there are others but It is the most popular hotel that fits your criteria.

    If you still want advice/info ,

    Cons, fatter uglier women than Pattaya,shit food,Hotels are not the best, double lady drinks

    Pros,everyone spreken ze English, very friendly girls, slightly cheaper Ho's and alchohol than Pattaya.

    if you have specific questions , fire away.
  4. wrangler

    wrangler New Member

    Fat jesus thanks for being the only one to reply...gotta ask about walkabout hotel...good, shit? I'm just going over for a bit of a change of scenery and to get another 30days on the Thai visa. Also what is there to do during the day other than fuck some little ho?
  5. Fat_Jesus

    Fat_Jesus New Member

    The Walkabout is very popular ,smack bangin the middle of Fields Avenue , surrounded by bars, depends what you like, I think it is a bit noisy but you can sit on your balcony and watch all the girls going to work etc. I like the Clarkton , German run very efficient a bit far out from Fields ave but has a free shuttle every 30 mins and plenty of Perimeter road bars nearby.
    There is not much to do in the day in fact zero unless you want to walk around SM shopping mall.
    I believe there is some sort of amusement park opening in August but???

    AC is an easy place to navigate, It is basically one long road with a few off shoots, I think it is the easiest mongers hotspot to find your feet eveything is geared up to the monger , no toursts or families in this town.

    Briefly , good choices :

    1. Orchid Inn budget rooms and up (details below) ... location , location
    2. Pacific Breeze , convenient location like No.1. (details below)

    If arriving in high season , reservation advisable :
    1. Orchid Inn
    Convenient location for Fields Ave sex scene. Overnight girls no problem. Good Restaurant they say. I have yet to eat there. 109 Raymond St Balibago (Angeles) but I entered in Real Street (its on the corner of both streets). Standard P1600 , Superior 2750 , King Deluxe 3000 and F. Jacuzzi P4500. Folks seem to like the P3000 ones. Phone 63-45-322-0370. (045 if dialing within Phils). Book in advance to be sure of getting a room. Wif-fi in public areas , not rooms , so I am told. Swimming pool , yes. Very close to nightlife action. I stayed in cheapest P1600 room , cause I felt inferior : ) Carpet and furniture needed replenishing. Suggest spend at least P2750. Some complain about mosquito's , staff etc. Didnt happen to me : ) Check rooms before hand. Superior rooms P2750 and up , for superior people , and better of course. Poolside area nice. Good location for nightlife. Reservations : [email protected] Website : .
    Pacific Breeze , not far away is another good choice. Info below .....

    2. Wild Orchard Resort : A Santos St (Blow Row) and therefore also close to 1 and 2 above , and the action. Handy location , 2 min walk to Fields and girlie action. Looked nice , didnt check rooms. Nice pool. Popular with big spenders. P3900/4500 as a guide. If booked out , try Pacific Breeze located behind Wild Orchard.

    3. Kokomo's in Fields Ave on corner of A Santos St (Blow Row) and therefore close to all five (5) places of accommodation listed here. P1200 small number of rooms. Extremely convenient location. Right on the button/action. You'll need a reservation , google for Kokomo's. I stayed there one night , ok for me. Budget accom that some might not like.

    4. Oasis Hotel , at the end of Fields Avenue, P1500. P50/100 tricycle taxi to the action. Therefore not for me. I like convenience.

    5. Pacific Breeze (PB) U$50/60 and up , with pool , well regarded. Popular with Mongers. I stayed there one night , no probs , its quite good , prefer Orchid Inn location though. Rate PB as your 1st or 2nd choice. Short walk to action (Fields Ave). Some say 'noisy' , some say not so. Didnt happen to me. Website :

    6. Lewis Grand costs a bit and is popular. Costs a little less than ABC Hotel. Not close to the action , some distance away. P3500 and up , as a guide. Preferred over the ABC Hotel , by some , but location is a problem. Not walking distance to action. for map showing location in relation to others.

    7. Devera Hotel : Here stuff about it regular. Guys are using it.P1200-P3750. Enquire : [email protected] Most important info you want to know ... location ..... is it convenient for Fields Ave action ? Look at a map.

    Accommodation info generally : Suggest you have a look at the information and reservation facility offered on : They are residents of Angeles and therefore are in a better position to advise you re accommodation. They will charge a small commission for organising your accom. Money well spent.
  6. Fat_Jesus

    Fat_Jesus New Member

    I just remembered ,you could go for a daytrip to Mt. Pinatubo a local volcano ,see some of the countryside maybe fly a microlight around the crater if you feel adventurous, the hotels and T.A's can arrange it for you.
  7. kay

    kay New Member

    just a noob question, are most of the hotels in AC lady-friendly? are there any charges?
    how about hotel recommendation for a "like bachelor party' study trip

    also, how hard is it to find 'medicine herbs' to smoke in AC?
  8. kay

    kay New Member

    bump for advice
  9. Fat_Jesus

    Fat_Jesus New Member

    No charges , AC is only there because of mongers , no Mongers , no AC.

    Dont want to sound like an old boring cunt but you dont want to be fucking around with drugs there or Thailand.
  10. kay

    kay New Member

    thanks for the heads up Fat Jesus
    AC sounds like a nice playground can't wait to enjoy and report my stay there.
  11. kay

    kay New Member

    been browsing for hotels and found
    Rumi Apartelle Hotel

    anyone stayed here before? how convenient is it the nightlife action?
    good? bad?
  12. wrangler

    wrangler New Member

    I stayed at the walkabout hotel, it's right on fields ave in the middle of the action. Very clean, professional, reasonably priced place to stay.
    I had an absolute ball. A/c in my opinion is a lot better than pattaya. Ok fuck all to do during the daytime but better looking girls, cheaper, and they actually can speak English....not just ur monkey english like the bar whores of Thailand do..u pay me, I go loom u. I lub u too mutt to mutt, me no haaavvvve money.
    Overall more bang for ur buck in a/c and a lot younger girls with fuck all clapped out old trolls that scumm drinks off u. And the majority of the girls have a lot better bodies than the Thais.
  13. Fat_Jesus

    Fat_Jesus New Member

    Glad to hear you had a good time, I would have described AC in the way you described Pattaya in your last two sentences though.

    There is no accounting for taste

    Maybe it is a time for a return visit , those pinays know how to treat( flatter) a guy.
  14. bergrobgeil

    bergrobgeil New Member

    wrangler, I gave you a +1 for coming back with a field report after the event.

    Good or bad; any extra information helps others. And like Fat Jesus, it is a side-trip I might consider at a future time.
  15. wrangler

    wrangler New Member

    It's definitely a wrangler recommended mongering side trip..... Well worth the 4000 baht return airfairs. Gotta love the little pinnays and the little sayings they have like " see who u are"
  16. greo

    greo New Member

    Hi Wrangler, sounds like it would be worth a trip. Is that cost of fare from Swampy? where would I get a visa?
    I am in Pattaya October and have a week at the end free. Really fancy a trip to Phils..
    Is AC better than Cebu? Which is easiest to get to?
    Any info. much appreciated, thanks in advance
    regards, greo
  17. Fat_Jesus

    Fat_Jesus New Member

    It is really cheap at the moment,if you are flexible with your dates you can get a return BKK - CRK B 2500 . The only thing stopping me going in October is the weather , I dont like flying into typhoons.

    Believe me though the "girls " are not younger or better looking, but they do have a way of making you feel good moreso than their Thai counterparts.

    AC is the easiest place to get to , step off the plane straight into the bars almost.
  18. wrangler

    wrangler New Member

    No probs with visas as its same as Thailand..they give u one free upon arrival at airport. The plane tickets were from bkk to Clark via tiger air. So cheap and plane was only half full so I was able to stretch out over the three seats and sleep for the 3hr flight.
    I've never been to Cebu but a/c is better for the monger from what I have read...just fuck all to do in the daytime but sleep, eat and fuck. I guess Cebu has a nice beach but if it's wet season then that cancels that out.
    Clark its the name of the airport base that u fly into at angels city then it's just a 300 peso taxi ride into town where there are a shit load of hotels...same as pattaya for u to choose from. Plenty of bars and go, go,s stacked with hundreds of willing pussy. Only downfall is they dance with bikinis on and they wear underpants under the bikinis, wtf? Cheap drinks and a lot of laughs with no need to use monkey English ass they understand every word u say.
    The flights are from swampy direct to a/c. If u want to go to Cebu u gotta book a connecting flight and probably cheaper to travel with Cebu air via Manila....more expensive and that leaves u with less mongering cash.
    Trust me book to go for a few days and u will not be disappointed.
    Also there is no Russians of big fat female Falangs like what u will find in pattaya or Phuket.
    U do get Koreans...who sick to themselfs and a few Indians from Singapore...who the girls hate on account of they smell like shit, they are tight arses and well they are just plane fat smelly ugly cunts.
  19. travelling_bob

    travelling_bob New Member

    i do agree with your point of view. :)
    did quite some trips to Thailand,, patts and phuket,.. but AC does beat it untill now.
    The girls are more fun, less expensive and more into a good LT.
    thailand has its own charm, and the girls as well, but for now, AC scores better :)
  20. kay

    kay New Member

    u can find korean girls for ST / LT in AC? can name me the bars?
    looking for a mix GB session in AC
  21. wrangler

    wrangler New Member

    No Koreans that I know off selling their cunts in a/c, just the local girls.....but come to think of it I never went looking for anything but local girls

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