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Discussion in 'Pattaya' started by asgard636, Dec 14, 2014.

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    I'm hoping that some of the salty veterans on the forum can give me input regarding a woman in Pattaya:

    I. I met a woman that I'm attracted to on a Thai dating site. Been chatting, messaging, SKYPE-ing with her for about a month. She is VERY attractive; 40 years old; Says that she is originally from Chaiyaphum (I've seen pics of her on a farm of some type). Has one child, an adult college student. Has lots of male admirers.

    II. It concerns me that she lives in Pattaya. Says she works nights at the counter of a hotel. I have researched the hotel name she gave me and it looks to ME like a normal hotel- Nothing obviously connecting it to a prostitute-friendy spot....I've seen legitimate-looking online reviews of the place by former guests; it has a legitimate-looking website, etc. She lives in a room with 2 other women (Which I have seen in the background when I talk with her on SKYPE).

    III. She says that she has lived in Pattaya for one year and has worked at the hotel the entire time. Says that she moved to Pattaya to take the job she has. I asked her (Because of my concern that she lives in Pattaya) if she has ever worked in a bar or nightclub and her reply was: No.Really".

    IV. Her CLOSEST FRIEND (She is not aware that I have learned this from social media research) works at a well-established Go-Go bar in Pattaya. Through research I have seen pics of the friend (Who looks younger than the woman I'm interested in) taken inside the bar. I have seen pics of the woman I'm interested in taken inside the go-go bar, but clearly not as a dancer. The pics show her sitting at the bar drinking or standing next to her go-go dancer friend in facial closeups....I've also seen video footage she took of a birthday party being held inside the bar.

    V. Both she and her go-go dancer friend have a lot of pictures posted in social media, but it's of them together at bars and very ordinary social functions. She's a regular drinker, which seems quite common for Thai women from what I've seen. No sexually suggestive pics. No pics of this woman naked or wearing sexy lingerie, etc. She has a tattoo around her navel; says she got it 20 years ago.

    What's the reaction from vets here regarding her in relation to the sex industry or what she's doing in Pattaya? Any input would be greatly appreciated!

    I'm a novice at this who is sincerely looking for a good Thai lady.....I have never been to Thailand...
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    Mate what are you up to with this lady ?

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